So, you wanna know about SMACC CLUB?

FOAM is sometimes considered frivolous or lacking in rigour by those in the dark (ages). Here is our chance to show that FOAMers are as interested in the evidence (or lack thereof) underlying the things we do as much as the next emergency medicine or critical care practitioner.

It’s called SMACC CLUB!

Image by @squartadoc - click image for source.

Image by @squartadoc – click image for source.

Here are the 8 rules of SMACC CLUB (they may seem strangely familiar to Chuck Palahniuk fans):

  1. The first rule of SMACC CLUB is that you MUST talk about SMACC CLUB!
  2. Yeah, you know the second rule …
  3. If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the critical appraisal is over.
  4. Only 2 to 5 people to a team.
  5. One day to remember: 1st March 2013. You have 24 hours to submit the online video or audio file of your SMACC CLUB critical appraisal.
  6. No nakedness above the waist, no nakedness below the waist (even if only your top half is on camera — pay attention Cliff!). Actually no nakedness full stop (unless you’re submitting an audio recording, then that’s OK). Fancy dress is allowed.
  7. Video or audio recordings will go on as long as they have to (ideally 20-30 minutes max), but they are only allowed to cover 3 to 5 articles.
  8. If this is your first time at a journal club, you HAVE to lay down the SMACC! (…on the methodology, validity and clinical significance of the EM/CC articles you’re discussing.)

Now you know the rules, here’s how to enroll:

  • enter your team and country/ countries in the form at the bottom of this page
  • enter the names of the 2 to 5 team members along with their positions and specialties (this can be amended at anytime)
  • enter the name and email address of the contact person for your team
  • choose 3 to 5 papers to critically appraise. They can be classics or ‘hot off the press’, they can be of global importance or simply important to your part of the world or your practice.
  • enter the 3 to 5 articles you plan to critically appraise along with the relevant pubmed link.

Then what?

  • Enrolled teams will be given access to the spreadsheet coordinating the round the world SMACC CLUB, so that you can see what papers other teams are going to discuss and contact them if necessary.
  • On Friday March 1st 2013 you have 24 hours to submit a link to a video of your team, or an audio file,  critically appraising the articles submitted.
  • The video must be able to be embedded in a web page (e.g. upload the video to GMEP, Youtube, or Vimeo). If you’re recording an audio file you can upload to sites like GMEP or SoundCloud or submit the audio file directly. These videos will be publicised on and partner websites as the SMACC conference approaches.

How should you make your SMACC CLUB video or audio recording?

  • A few people on a couch or around a table will work just fine. Feel free to use notes. If you have a better way, do that!
  • A simple way is to record it live on video as a Google Hangout using the option to export directly to Youtube. No editing is required. You can then simply submit the Youtube link as your SMACC CLUB entry. IF you use Google Hangout, your team members won’t even have to be in the same physical location!
  • Alternatively, you can record and edit a video as you like, then upload to GMEP, Youtube or Vimeo – then submit the link.
  • If you’re recording audio you can record directly from a microphone, or use something like Audio Hijack Pro (I’m not sure what the PC equivalent is) to record from Skype or anything else running on your computer. You can edit sound using the free software Audacity if necessary.

This is how the master does it, watch Jerry Hoffman in action!

So, far we have teams lined up from Australia, Turkey, the United States, the Netherlands and Virchester among other far flung medical meccas… Get involved and help bring hardcore evidence to FOAM using the power of social media in the round the world 24 hour SMACC CLUB.

This is the first SMACC CLUB entry, from the UltraSMACC team, created using Google Hangout:

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  1. says

    Here’s the short version of how to do SMACC CLUB:
    1. get a few people together
    2. imagine you’re all Jerry Hoffman
    3. talk about a few papers that you think are worth talking about for whatever reason
    4. make sure it all goes on video (say 3-5 papers, 20-30 min -- but if it’s longer and good discussion that’s fine)
    5. submit the video to SMACC on March 1st 2013