SMART EM is a new free podcast out on the market, put together by two seasoned and respected Emergency Physicians David H Newman MD and Ashley Shreves MD. SMART EM is based around the concept of evidence based medicine, with both authors also behind the site The NNT.  Each month the authors take a particular topic and examine thoroughly all the evidence and research literature thats surrounds that topic from the diagnosis, through to management and treatment, they then summarise and translate all of the evidence into a podcast for you to download and listen to.

Previous Topics have included:

SMART EM is part of a network of communication tools designed to offer unbiased translation and summaries of medical evidence mainly pertaining to emergency medicine.

Also check out the SMART EM review by Graham Walker MD  of the blog The Central Line and a fellow contributor to The NNT and creator of

How to follow SMART EM:

  • Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.
  • Check out the blog here.
  • Follow their RSS feed.
  • Join their Facebook page.

Having listened to all the episodes of SMART EM myself, although in it’s infancy this podcast already delivers you a high standard of quality  information in each episode, and I’m sure it is only going to get better with time. Each podcast is around an hour long perfect for you to download onto your iPod and listen to on your way to work, or when your exercising.This podcast is a must add to your iTunes library for anyone with an interest in evidence based medicine and emergency medicine.

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