SMACCtastic PK talks!

The first crop of PK SMACC-talks have been uploaded to the SMACC website.

I’m blown away by how good they are. Well done to all those that have taken part so far for providing such fabulous contributions to FOAM.

The talks are uniformly excellent, engaging and edutaining. The 400 second format with 20 slides of 20 seconds each makes for a punchy, high impact and high yield presentation.  Those of you thinking about submitting a PK SMACC-talk, get it in here ASAP as the deadline is approaching and there are 3 iPad minis to be won (I’m hoping the deadline will be extended, but there’s no guarantee…).

Here are the entries so far, in no particular order:

John MacKenzie gets all procedural in his great talk on Chest Decompression featuring the different approaches the EMCC doc needs to know:

Valerio Pisano Brasco (website: submitted a talk imaginatively titled Everybody has a nose (The Intranasal way) on the undervalued intranasal route of drug administration in emergency medicine (complete with truly awesome Italian accent!):

A great team effort from a bunch of British docs in Broome, James Wright, Laura Smith and Laura Castle. In Snakebite: What would Samuel do? they tackle Aussie snakebite in a practical and enlightening way that is ideal for junior doctors and those new to the sunburnt land.

Utah-base Kiwi EM doc Rob Bryant has a must see talk for anyone contemplating the intubation of a child. It’s called Pediatric Preoxygenation & DSI — Kids are not little adults, they are worse. Turn up for the volume for this one, because although a Kiwi (and therefore perfect in every other way) Rob is by his own admission a little computarded and recorded the sound a little on the quiet side.

Tamara Hills ( takes on Newborn Resuscitation with a slick, succinct and personal view of the approach to one of the ultimate emergency scenarios:

And last, but never least, the keenest man in FOAM, remote retrieval doc extraordinaire Minh Le Cong presents MacGyver Noninvasive Capnography with Adam Pritchard:

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  1. [...] A simple way to get started is to have a go at making your own PK SMACC talk — a 400 second video featuring 20 slides, at an average of 20 seconds each, is all that’s needed. What’s more there are 3 iPad Mini’s on offer for the best of the bunch. You might even get an invite to give your presentation live, in person, at SMACC 2013. Check out the first 6 edutaining entries here. [...]