SMACC SimWars and SonoGames

The provisional program for SMACC is on the verge of losing it’s ‘highly confidential’ tag as the finishing touches are being made and it gets readied for public release. I’m biased of course, but it is honestly exceeding all my expectations and should appeal to critical care folks of all colours and stripes, including social media laggards who can’t tell BookFace from Twatter. Also, registrations will be opening soon…

While you patiently wait for the program, there is major news on the SMACC SimWars and SonoGames front.

First, The SMACC SimWars Rules of Engagement (note that one of the original creators of SimWars — Scott Weingart — will be one of the judges!):

The main aim of simwars at smacc2013 is to deliver educational messages about team work through short simulated resuscitation role-plays.

  • Teams will be asked to perform short prepared simulation scenarios, which demonstrate important resuscitation team skills (Technical or non-Technical). Such as “Hands-off time” during defibrillation (Technical skill) or “closed-loop” communication (Non-Technical skill).
  • Teams can have 3-6 members.
  • Team members can change up until the commencement of the conference
  • Teams must submit an entry video of between 60-120 seconds duration, (Low fidelity). This video must demonstrate the team training in a team skill and the skill demonstrated is listed on the accompanying entry form.
  • Videos submitted will be loaded onto Vimeo as part of the smacc website.
  • Visitors to the smacc site will be encouraged to view the simulation videos and then vote on videos they like (audience voting).
  • The videos will also be judged for the educational message they deliver by a panel of smacc2013 judges.
  • The best team videos as judged by audience voting and the judging panel will enter the live play-offs at smacc2013
  • The best team performances at the live playoffs will progress to the grand-final on stage live at smacc2013.
  • In the grand-finals teams will need to perform a 5 minute demonstration of technical and non-technical skills (disguises permitted?)
  • Final decision will be with judging panel guided by live audience participation.
  • Teams will be notified at smacc2013 of the equipment provided in the play-off and finals.

… and this is how SMACC SonoGames is going to work:

The main objective for sono-games will be to challenge the sono-graphic capabilities of teams. The Finals will be played-off live on stage at smacc2013.


  • Teams must register at the smacc website prior to the conference
  • Teams can have up to 3 members (all conference delegates)
  • Team members must be practising clinicians (Medical /nursing etc)
  • Teams will initially complete a timed challenge where accuracy and technique are also assessed. The challenge will be available at the smacc2013 trade exhibition on Days 1 – 2 of the conference.
  • Team rankings will be displayed
  • The 4 highest ranked teams will then progress to the finals.
  • The finals will be conducted live on stage at smacc2013
  • The winning team will be judged by a panel of smacc experts

You enter your teams for the respective events via these links:

Finally, we’ve been getting some fascinating and innovative projects being submitted as abstracts for SMACC. But remember, your abstract doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with social media, so long as it falls in the emergency medicine/ critical care spectrum. There are three categories to enter in: (1) scientific, (2) educational and (3) social media/ online resource. Just over a month to go until the closing date for abstract submissions: 30 November 2012.

Submit your abstracts here.

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