SMACC PK Round-Up 4

As promised last week, here’s a round up of the next battery of PK SMACC-talks gunning for the prize of an iPad Mini at the increasingly imminent SMACC conference.

Alan Williams gives the 400 second run down on Non-Invasive Ventilation we all wished we’d been given before we first slapped it on a patient.

Something’s got to give is Becky Szekely‘s enlightening overview of organ transplantation from an intensive care perspective in Australia. (NB. The sound is a little shaky at the start but gets better).

I’ve been looking forward to Emergency Medicine Ireland‘s Andy Neill (@andyneill) joining in on the PK SMACC-talk fiesta, and he doesn’t disappoint. Basic Neuroanatomy for the Critically Ill is a must see:

Natalie May (@_nmay), one of the authors of preeminent UK EM blog StEmlyns, gives a top notch talk on Emergencies in Palliative Care — no, that’s not a misnomer.

Simon Morton (@mortonsimon) presents HELLP I’m seeing stars!, a lucid overview of one of the most puzzling, feared and sometimes lethal disorders affecting women: pre-eclampsia and it’s complications.

Finally, Karen Butler has submitted 3 (!) entries covering Infant Feeding and NutritionMultidisciplinary Teamwork for Bariatric Retrievals and The Utility of Bousignacc CPAP in Prehospital Care.

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