Six phases of exam study

The 6 phases of Study…

You are listening to jazz.

  • Your first day of exam study rocks.
  • Textbooks are amazing – packed with knowledge, facts and insight
  • This is going to be a breeze
You are listening to Pop Music.

  • Still excited
  • Like a kitten with it’s first ball of wool
  • Books are brilliant!
You are listening to Heavy Metal

  • Now we’re getting somewhere
  • Information Rulz
  • Throwing the horns at the devil
You are listening to Gangsta Rap

  • Disjointed words juxtapose with the rhythm of learning
  • You relentlessly chant the mantra of dogma
You are listening to Soul

  • Gazing at the pixelated screen
  • Bloated with information overload
  • Burdened with unfettered access to the information mothership…detached from the world
  • Words blur as sleep calls
You are listening to the voices in your head

  • You have built a defensive wall of boxes around your desk
  • Sudden movements stimulate a hyper-reflexic response
  • All that has been read is now forgotten
  • Blind panic consumes…
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  1. Naomi D says

    With 7 weeks to go I am somewhere between the soul and the psychotic. My family think the latter!! At least my procrastination in reading this demonstrates I was on at least educationally relevant websites! Love it, thank you.