Sick of hearing about SMACC?

Well, that’s too bad…

‘Cos some people can’t stop talking about it!

[Starring @cliffreid and a few of his bored to death colleagues]

Don’t forget that early bird registration closes the end of January (register here), and that there is still time to submit a 400 second PK SMACC-talk online and win an awesome iPad Mini.

Get a move on!

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  1. Minh Le Cong says

    Cliff, almost perfect!
    You missed the SCAT paramedic helmet label…should have been emblazoned SMACC!

  2. says

    I got so excited about seeing the Cliff all day, every day that I rushed straight to the registration page to sign up for SMACC. I can only assume that the vast number of people trying to register to see Cliff has crashed the system as the page is down. I hope I won’t miss out on seeing my idol!