Mini-Sims for Critical Care


LITFL reviews ‘Mini-Sims for Critical Care’, a book by Corke, Simpson & Samuel with “80 user-friendly, easy-to assemble scenarios for medical simulation”.

Anaesthetic Crisis Manual

ACM 150

LITFL review of the Anaesthetic Crisis Manual (The ACM) – highly functional, robust, consise and fluid resistant, ideal for the emergency room environment

Kloss and Bruce Toxicology

kloss and bruce

I am always on the look out for new and innovative ways to learn and share medical education such as Pocket Toxicology Flashcards by Kloss and Bruce.

Free Stuff


Get your FREE STUFF – two free copies of the ultra-awesome Bedside Ultrasound Volume 2 by @UltrasoundPod

Evidence-Based Emergency Care


Evidence based Emergency Care (2013) is a paperback handbook providing a concise overview of evidence-based information pertaining to diagnostic tests and decision rules for emergency physicians and emergency medicine trainees

Anterior Eye Disease

Anterior Eye Disease

It is sometimes with trepidation that I tear away the anonymous brown cover concealing a furtive tome sent for review…however, having read this awesome text (twice), I attest that in this case…my fears were unjust.