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The first five minutes holds the key to survival in OOHCA – how can we build a community system to maximise positive survival outcomes?

Let There be Light

shift work sleep

Sleep is a little bit like sepsis. Both start with S and the importance of proper management has been underestimated for years – so lets find a solution

Mini-Sims for Critical Care


LITFL reviews ‘Mini-Sims for Critical Care’, a book by Corke, Simpson & Samuel with “80 user-friendly, easy-to assemble scenarios for medical simulation”.

TechTool Thursday 057 iNIV


iNIV is designed to guide acute care staff in managing non-invasive ventilation effectively, and to provide practical education around NIV use in general

Antidote and Gothic Doctor review


Review of two recent Kickstarter medical based games currently undergoing their proliferative phase prior to general distribution and consumption – Antidote and Gothic Doctor.