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As you well know, the internet era gives clinicians unprecedented access to clinical images for learning and teaching purposes. But there are incredibly useful videos and flash-enabled resources out there as well (not to mention this collection of podcasts for emergency and critical care physicians).

Here are some useful clinical video collections for use primarily by doctors and trainees in emergency medicine and intensive care medicine. Of course, being disciples of the ‘Open Source Messiah’, we place the emphasis firmly on free-to-use resources. Finally, don’t forget to search Life in the Fast Lane for videos… there are plenty to see.

Emergency Medicine Lectures and Teaching

All LA Conference — The All LA Conference is a combined conference of the Emergency Medicine residencies in Los Angeles County. The talks are of exceptional quality, are free to watch and are updated after every conference. The conference features some of the best speakers in emergency medicine. It is an absolute gold mine for trainees in the specialty.

  • EM:RAP TV — If you’re an emergency doctor @melherbert‘s EM:RAP needs no introduction… its what happens when an emergency physician dedicated to edu-ma-cation grows up in Tooleybuck and moves to California. Even better, EM:RAP TV is free!
  • Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine — The emergency medicine team at Vanderbilt do some great stuff (like Keeping Up in Emergency Medicine). Vanderbilt has free-to-view videos on a range of emergency medicine topics.


Emergent Procedures Instructional Collaboration (EPIC) — A superb set of free-to-watch instructional videos created by Ernest Wang, as published in Academic Emergency Medicine.

NEJM Videos in Clinical Medicine [subscription required] — High-quality instructional videos on the following procedures:

Medical Imaging

Vanderbilt Emergency Bedside Ultrasound Training Series — Fantastic instructional videos for bedside ultrasonography in the Emergency Department. The videos use split screen views of the patient and the ultrasound images.

  • Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Physicians — obviously this is much more than just ultrasound videos (reviewed here on LitFL), but it does have great video clips and is the definitive web-based guide to ultrasound for emergency physicians.
  • Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine and Critical care Vimeo group — Superb ultrasound and echocardiography videos from the folks at
  • EchoJournal — Imagine if Youtube consisted only of people sharing their best echocardiography videos?… No need, it already exists. Reviewed here on LitFL.
  • 123sonography — A slick video based elearning video-based blog from Vienna covering the basics, as well as advanced aspects, of the art and science of echocardiography. The blog is free, but the full online course will require paid subscription. Highly recommended.

Clinical Examination

NEJM Videos in Clinical Medicine [subscription required] — High-quality instructional videos on the following clinical examination skills:

Basic sciences

Interactive Clinical Pharmacology – even better than video, this website from New Zealand is a collection of interactive flash-enabled tutorials covering the important concepts and principles of clinical pharmacology.

  • Anatomy dissection videos — To be honest these leave me speechless… Check out dissection videos from the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin.
  • HEAL — Health Education Assets Library (HEAL) is a hugely impressive digital repository that allows medical educators to discover, download, and re-use over 22,000 medical education resources, including images and videos. Registration is free.
  • Learner’s TV Medicine — A collection of videos encompassing many of the basic sciences as well as physical examination skills.
  • Microbiology and Immunology at the University of South Carolina Medical School – includes comprehensive lectures on Immunology, Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Mycology and Infectious Disease.

TED Talks

OK, TED isn’t really about emergency medicine or intensive care. However, it is probably the best thing on the Web, and you’d have to be a fool not to subscribe to the TED podcast (TED iTunes link). Don’t be a fool, let TED blow your mind wide open.

If you know of other video-based web resources that deserve to be on this list please leave a comment below!

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