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There is a plethora of great medical information on the web. We have tried to organise the content into tables to make it easier to find the correct information. Many resources try to list Top 10 clinical medicine blogs…but it is an onerous task, so here is our favorite reading blogs

ED/Critical Care MedBlogs

Emergency Medicine Bloggers – The COMPLETE list

Dr Smith’s ECG Blog EMCrit Academic Life The Poison Review
SCANCRIT ER Cast iTeachEM Teach MD
EM Blog Billy Rubin Blog Blogborygmi PHARM: PreHospital Med
thoracotomie EM Pills EM Basic The Short Coat
The Central Line EM Literature of note StEmlyns Blog EM PA Blog
EM CHATTER Emergucate My EM Blog ED Trauma Critical Care
Broome Docs tjdogma White Coat Medicine GCS 14
Story Tell ER Doc Movin’ Meat Dr Edwin Leap Grunt Doc
Learn EM EM Resource Center Residing in the ER Sinai EM Ultrasound
ER Stories Neurointensive Care Keeweedoc HNE ED Educator Blog
medicina d’urgenza EMERGPA ECG of the week Ultrasound Podcast
News Akut Medizin Teach MD EM Education Wing of Zock
LipheLong LurnerDok WikEM Living on the EDge EMBER Project
Klinische Notfallmedizin Emergency WebNotes EMA News
EM Lyceum ED Exam Emergency Medicine Ireland The Sharp End
ImpactEDnurse ER Jedi Better in EM A life at risk
PEM ED Traumacast BroadComplex EM Dose
Receiving: The place for EM EB Medicine CLIC-EM Dr GDH
EM Updates Procedurettes Emergency Medicine Forum White Coat’s Call Room
Emergency Medicine Cases EM-Blog ED Radiology Cases Edwin Leap Blog
MacaSTAT HQ Med ED EM Guidelines Emergency Medicine News
Priceless Electrical Activity It’s a Zoo out there Medgadget: EM Archives Glorfindel of Gondolin
Tales from Serenity Now Resus ME Pediatric EM Morsels Mr Hassle’s Long Underpants
ER Tards Takeokun Dr Sam Ko EM Blog My Emergency Medicine Blog
Emergiblog The Acute Care Blog EM Bouncebacks The Knife Man
Crass Pollination Asystole Those Emergency Blues Trauma professionals blog
ER Nurses Blog Call Bells make me nervous Guitar Girl RN Your ER Doc
Residing in the ER  tales of an ER nurse EDnurseauras ER RN
PEMTweets  PulmCCM Adventure Medicine iClickEM

Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care

SinaiEM.US EM Ultrasonography Ultrasound Podcast SUSME learning
ICU Sonography Vimeo US Group The Sono Cave Bedside Ultrasound
SonoGuide SAEM lectures EMsono Exam 123sonography

Classic MedBlogs

Clinical Cases Blog 33 charts Suture for a Living Docs on the Web
Medical Museion Notes of an Anesthesioboist other things amanzi Happy Hospitalist
MicroGnome Blogborygmi Science-Based Medicine Healthcare Collaboration
Biting the Dust Musings of a Distractible mind DB’s Medical Rants Good, Bad and Bogus
Glorfindel of Gondolin Clinical Correlations Doctor Anonymous Scepticemia
Kevin MD Blog Medical Lessons Dr Wes Dr Pullen
Dr Charles Examining Room Dr Shock ZDoggMD ZBlog Dr GRUMPY
Dundee Chest Dr Ottematic Dr John M In White Ink
Morbid Anatomy A country doctor writes petereliasMD

ANZ Emergency Department Sites and ED Bloggers

Aussie and Kiwi Health, Science, Nursing, Midwifery and Medical Blogs and Twits

BroadComplex Wellington ED Cairns ED ED Teaching
Emergency Web NSW Fellowship Education Adrian Bonsall’s ED

Nursing, Medical Student and Paramedics

Impacted Nurse Random Acts of Reality The Dragonfly Initiative Taz the Ambo
My Strong Medicine TraumaQueen Emergiblog
FloBach Republic Rogue Medic Red Dirt Nurse


The Sono Cave Ultrasound Podcast  

eLearning Resource and Health IT

Clinical Images Online Clinical Videos Online Podcast Database

eLearning Resources

Wiki EM MD Calc Oz E Medicine Wiki Medical Media review
ECG Wave Maven   EMprocedures ER PocketBooks
Acute medicine Laika’s MedLibLog Lucacept Technology in MedEd
Quiz EM

Medical Multimedia

GMEP HQ Med Ed MedicalMediaKits MedicalPix

Medical News

Croakey 6 Minutes Australian Doctor Research Blogging
Aussie e-Health HIIRC [NZ] EP Monthly

Best of British

Northern Doctor Northern Doc Bad Medicine Doctor Zorro
The Jobbing Doctor The POD delusion Dr Grumble Margaret McCartney
Frontier Psychiatrist Hospital Dr The Brown Stuff The Fuddled Medic

Healthy and Alternative Thinking

Evolution + Medicine Healthy Thinking Foundation 49 Balanced Existence
The Color of Dreams Overcoming MS Body in Mind Allmedic
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