RAGE is coming…

Finally, the launch of the RAGE podcast is almost a reality…

6.2 Rage.tif

Recording is underway, featuring a core team of ‘FOAM all stars’ from the prehospital, emergency medicine and intensive care arenas. It will feature no-holds-barred panel discussions on topics we — and, more importantly, you — think are worth talking about in critical care. There will also be interviews with experts, case-based discussions and plenty of quirky segments on medical history, trivia, and more.

My colleagues as regular RAGE resusciteers are:

  • Cliff Reid (@cliffreid), emergency physician and retrievalist, from Resus.ME
  • Haney Mallemat (@criticalcarenow), emergency physician and intensivist based in Balitmore
  • Michelle Johnston (@eleytherius), emergency physician, from LITFL
  • Michaela Cartner (@mjcartner), intensivist
  • Karel Habig (@karelhabig), emergency physician and retrievalist

The RAGE website will be launched in the next month, follow @RAGEpodcast for updates.

RAGE head

Finally, a big thanks to LITFL’s amazing physician artist Tor Ercleve (@torercleve) who created the insanely great RAGE logos you see on this page. Tor, you da man! If you’re interested in getting Tor to help you with a graphics design project let us know via the LITFL contact page.

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