Radiological cacophony

Going through the database of images to upload to GMEP Media Gallery I am stumbling across all sorts of interesting cases and images from yesteryear.

Found this radiological¬†cacophony and asked the trainees to define the pathological conditions…best response was 6 specific abnormalities – but I am sure you can do better…

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  1. Reza Akhavan says

    Left sided pleural effusion
    Hiatal hernia with air-fluid level
    Pleural thickening and calcified pleural plaques, also involving diaphragmatic pleura
    Pleural apical cap
    Bilateral pulmonary reticular pattern
    Consolidation in the lower zone of left lung
    Prominent aortic arch

  2. Shelly Gill says

    Some additional findings --
    Lumbar spinal scoliosis
    T6-7 compression fractures
    Oesophageal dilatation
    Is it an Xray of someone with systemic sclerosis ?

  3. Michael says

    My list was:
    1. Pleural plaques (?due to asbestosis)
    2. Hiatus hernia
    3. Oesophageal dilatation with thickened walls, and a ?pouch above the thoracic inlet in the neck
    4. Left sided rib fractures -- likely 8th-9th
    5. Small left sided effusion and lower lobe opacity (likely related to the rib fractures)
    6. Crush fracture in the lower thoracic ?T11 and generalised osteopaenia
    7. ?Lung field opacity in the base of the left upper lobe laterally
    8. Large bowel gas overlay under the diaphragm