R is for

  • Rack off
    • Push off! Get out of here!
  • Rapt
    • Pleased, delighted
  • Ripper
    • Great, fantastic
    • * You little ripper [Exclamation of delight or as a reaction to good news]
    • ‘We’ve finally cleared the waiting room – you little ripper!’
  • right
    • * you right? [Do you need my help?]
    • * she’ll be right [everything will be OK]
  • roo
  • ridgie didge
    • Genuine article – the real thing
  • ropable
    • Extremely angry

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  1. Brian says

    If I left something in the trunk of my car and went to look for it -- in Ireland, I would be safe saying I was going for a root in the boot…..