Quiz ECG 012


A 54 year old man presents with one hour of severe central chest pain.

His observations are:

His 12 lead ECG is shown, with three additional right-sided praecordial leads.


a. Describe and interpret her ECG (50%)
b. Outline your treatment of his hypotension. (50%)



FACEM VAQ Exam 2007.1 – Question 1

  • The overall pass rate for this question was 38/55 (69.1%).
  • ECG showed changes of Infero-postero-lateral AMI
  • This question was regarded as highly discriminative by the examiners.
  • Good answers provided a systematic approach to the ECG and a good discussion of fluid loading and re-perfusion strategies.
  • Failed responses to adequately interpret the ECG and /or mention re-perfusion.

ACEM Fellowship Visual Aid Questions


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