Quiz ECG 010


A 70 year old man presents to the emergency department with presyncopal symptoms and central chest pain for the first time.


a. Describe and interpret her ECG (50%)
b. Outline your management (50%)



FACEM VAQ Exam 2007.2 – Question 1

  • The overall pass rate for this question was 32/77 (41.6%).
  • ECG showed Atrial Fibrillation with ST/T changes and a non specific interventricular conduction defect.
  • The examiners felt that this was an appropriate standard ECG with multiple abnormalities.
  • The management question was also thought relevant. Time may have been an issue with the interpretation of a complex ECG plus a number of management options.
  • Candidates who did not pass this question erroneously or incompletely analysed the ECG or suggested inappropriate management strategies such as cardioversion or use of Beta Blockers or Nitrates.

ACEM Fellowship Visual Aid Questions


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