Quiz ECG 008


A 78 year old man is brought to your emergency department after collapsing at the local shopping centre that morning. He is now alert with no memory of the event. His observations are normal.


a. Describe and interpret his ECG (50%)
b. Outline the investigations prompted by his ECG (50%)



FACEM VAQ Exam 2008.1 – Question 1

  • ECG showing showing intermittently paced rhythm with underlying complete heart block.
  • The overall pass rate for this question was 49/62 (79.0%).
  • The examiners felt that this was an excellent question and prop which tested appropriate knowledge.
  • Good answers in part a) described the presence of a pacemaker, underlying high level heart block and intermittent pacemaker failure.
  • Satisfactory answers to part b) had to include a discussion of the investigation of a failing pacemaker.
  • Poor answers failed to identify the presence of a pacemaker and its intermittent failure.

ACEM Fellowship Visual Aid Questions


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