Prepare to be SMACCed!

Ok, FOAMaholics you’ve waited long enough. I know, it’s been even worse for those of you that attended SMACC in person and have been suffering from SMACC withdrawal. The good news is, the wait is almost over. If you weren’t there and you’re still kicking yourself, you’re about to get a taste of SMACC. And if you were there, but found attending three concurrent sessions at once difficult (!), you get to see what people were raving about from the sessions you missed.

From next week all the edited video and audio recordings from the mind-boggling SMACC conference held in Sydney a month-and-a-half ago will become FOAM.

Image by @squartadoc - click image for source.

Image by @squartadoc – click image for source.

SMACC speakers will quite rightly get to to release their own talks first on their own websites, together with whatever supporting information and links they desire. But regardless of where they appear first, all the talks from SMACC are free to use and reuse for non-commercial educational purposes (with appropriate attribution of course) by one and all. That’s right, it’s all FOAM.

SMACC emcrit mind of resus

Scott Weingart from talking SMACC

You’ll be able to follow the SMACCination of the FOAM world as new talks are released via The LITFL Review, the LITFL SMACC page, the SMACC website or other SMACC-affiliated blogs and podcasts. Alternatively follow me (@precordialthump), @I_C_N or @smacc2013 on Twitter for the latest news on SMACC.


Addendum 6th May 2013

If you want the unofficial inside scoop on SMACC2, check out the ICN post ‘SMACC2: The smacc talk has already begun…‘ by Oli and Roger — See you in the Gold Coast March 2014!

SMACC SimWars TeamGB

Team GB leading the way in SimWars

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    Hey man
    Yes sorry for the delay but the video editing has been more difficult and costly than expected, but all fixed now! More importantly you didn’t mention smacc2 which is being held at the Gold Coast Convention centre in Broad Beach March 19-21… More information shortly :)