What is possible, what is reasonable, what is best?

If there was one session at smaccGOLD that blew everyone away it was this (OK, SonoWars was mind-blowingly awesome as well…). On day 2 of the conference, Victoria Brazil (@SocraticEM) facilitated a discussion of some of the most difficult intangibles in critical care. What happens at the end of life? What is possible, what is reasonable, what is best?

The panel involved a fantastic line up including intensivists, emergency physicians, palliative care specialists, paediatricians, trainees, and — last but definitely not least — a social worker:

  • Ray Raper
  • Steve Philpot
  • John Hinds
  • Rachael Pery-Johnston
  • Bill Lukin
  • David Anderson
  • Greg Kelly
  • Liz Crowe

Make sure everyone you know listens to this!

The audio (mp3 download here):

The video:

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  1. says

    One of my favourite plenary sessions at #SmaccGOLD
    Diverse, multi-disciplinary and something we can be proud of -- cutting edge of ethical healthcare!

  2. Luke Regan says

    Thanks for getting this up and accessible Chris. Of all the amazing sessions at SMACC, this was the one I most wished my amazing geriatrician wife could have come along to see. A stand alone exposition of all the meaningful themes you can explore when you convince a bunch of brilliant clinicians that they really are in a room surrounded by (1200) people who all care about good care just as much as they do. Might have suffered from the limited use of ultrasound and could have perhaps been improved by a few more helicopter pics…but for me this session WAS SMACC.

    Thanks to yourself and the rest of @smaccteam for creating an environment where something this special could get a run!