In beards we trust

In 2010 the Journal of Marketing Communications published a study that suggests that men with facial hair were perceived as more credible than men who were clean shaven when endorsing products. Apparently, bearded men were seen to have “more expertise” and to be “more trustworthy” than the un-bearded men.

Maybe this is something that my male colleagues should consider when engaging in emergency management of patients. Would you prefer your laryngoscope wielding (male) physician to be of a clean-shaven disposition or be sporting a neatly trimmed merkin?

facial hair beard trust

Image Source: Online PhD

Featured Image: Ameritus Professor Steve Dunjey

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  1. Amanda Lavis says

    I dont wish to generalise. But every man in the non-prehistoric world with a beard is either pushing some form of extremist ideology or attempting to hide a difficult airway. Give me one non-imaginary counter example and Ill reconsider my entire worldview.

    • Daniel says

      Amanda L,
      Id rather talk about grown men with ponytails. Why is it that all the grown men with ponytails i met have an agenda that is the opposite of mine? FFS, why do they even have an agenda? They are signalling how rebellious and alternative they are and then, in reality, they have sinister agendas. False marketing is what it is.

  2. Amanda Lavis says

    Thanks Woozy, great clips. I was initially bothered by the depiction in ‘two mums’ of our bearded heros first grooming (anti-grooming?) and then abducting, a 14 year old boy. But then I realised I was being a pedantic killjoy and went on to watch ‘sex with a bearded man’ in the spirit in which it was intended. I do think the message would have been conveyed more effectively via the medium of radio.