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PresenterTitleHTML LINKSummary/Keywords
Steve CarrollRivers Sepsis Study NEJMEM BASIC EE1sepsis,NEJM,Rivers,infection,EGDT
Andy Sloas, Amit ShahKetofol and ShahPEM ED 09I had the privilege to sit down with one of Canada‰Ûªs finest, Dr. Amit Shah, and discuss his blinded randomized prospective study concerning one of my favorite procedural medications: Ketofol.
Scott Weingart, Paul MarikMaybe Groin Lines Are Not So BadEMCrit 80central line, femoral, SCL, infection,
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesSMART Thrombolytics for Acute StrokeSMART EM 19This week The Lancet published the largest ever randomized trial of thrombolytics for acute stroke. Hands are wringing, teeth are gnashing, and department heads are fighting
Steve CarrollHyponatremiaEM BASIC 25hyponatremia,hypertonic saline,water restriction,seizures
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonSonogames Part 2EUPodcast 34Depressed the olympics are over? Well, chin up, because you‰Ûªve only seen half of the Sonogames. There hasn‰Ûªt been a finale this exciting since MASH went off the air (we were actually 2 years old, but we heard it was great!). We know the suspense has been killing you, but the wait will be worth it when you see how Boston University pulls it out in the end. Oh, crap! Did we give it away? To be honest we can‰Ûªt really remember who won (it‰Ûªs been over 3 months ago now), but we do remember it was AMAZING! Check it out.
Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind,Ted Setla, Jamie DavisCode STEMI Web SeriesEMS 12 lead 06Code STEMI. We just got back from AHA Scientific Sessions 2011 in Orlando which was our first location. We met some incredibly passionate people and had some amazing experiences!
Dan Horner, Ian StiellClinical decision rules: a meeting with Professor Ian StiellEMJ 07They discuss implementation of decision rules in emergency medicine, current projects in Ottawa, the benefits of aggressive emergency department management of atrial fibrillation, and the unpublished findings from the recent Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium investigators about compression depth in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Andy NeillScaphoid Fractures - Anatomy for EMEM Ireland 19anatomy, scaphoid, wrist, fracture, BSCC
Steve CarrollStroke and Transient Ischemia Attack (TIA)EM Tutorials 24stroke,CVA,TIA,neuro,neurology,ICH,AMS,TPA
Howard Greller, Dan RusyniakOedema of the BrisketACMT 04Brisket, toxicology, June 2012, atropinization, snake bites, twinkies
Steve CarrollTrauma Resuscitation Part 2- InterventionsEMbasic 21For the second part of trauma resuscitation, we‰Ûªll discuss the various interventions that you may have to accomplish in the trauma bay. The first part is a continuation from the first episode and talks about the EFAST exam- a vital part of the secondary survey. The second part discusses the control of massive extremity hemorrhage and how to intervene on any airway, breathing, or circulation issue in the trauma bay.
Gemma C. MorabitoRadioUrgenza - La ScialolitiasiMedEmIt 04Il punto sulla gestione in Pronto Soccorso della Scialolitiasi. Focus on ED management of the Scialolitiasis
Mike Blaivas, Mike Stone, Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonInterview with Mike Blaivas - Ultrasound KingEU Stone 01Lucky to have Mike Blaivas as the inaugural guest on Stone‰Ûªs Side. We covered advice for setting up a point-of-care ultrasound program, how to deal with opposition from other departments and to plan in advance for obstacles. Also got to talk about his group‰Ûªs use of TEE (transesophageal echocardiography) in the ED and more‰Û_
Nivenne SaadInterpretation of MRI in critical careICN POD 25This podcast features Nivene Saad, a radiologist from Queensland, who gives an excellent explanation on how to approach this tricky topic.
John MyburghFluid TherapyICN POD 24Professor John Myburgh gave this fantastic lecture on one of the hottest topics in critical care right now: Fluid Therapy
Minh Le Cong, Natalie MayRecognising life threatening paediatric illness with Dr Natalie MayPHARM 034Natalie discusses her approach to recognising critically ill children
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesSMART Testing: Back to basicsSMART EM 18In medicine we love us a good diagnostic test; we're always looking for the next one. It is strange, then, that we should be so aloof to the basics of diagnostic testing. This month's audio is a primer on testing‰ÛÓand it changes everything. We're going back to basics: if you learn the four axioms of diagnostic testing you'll know more about how to choose and how to interpret diagnostic tests than just about everyone. Weird thing is that it turns out you knew it all already... you just needed a reminder.
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesSMART EM smart updatesSMART EM 17
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesStress Testing: A Moment of ClaritySMART EM 16The 'stress test' is a part of our cultural lexicon, whether it's for banks or the human heart, and the concept is elegant: take a machine to its limits, and when you find the cracks shore them up.
Chris CresswellNZ Law and Ethics 2012EM Tutorials 23New Zealand, law, ethics
Andy NeillScapholunate injuriesAFEM 18wrist, Terry Thomas, scaphoid
Andy NeillColles FracturesAFEM 17Colles, wrist, fracture, orthopaedic, bones
Andy NeillThe LMA as a murder weaponAFEM 16Intubation, LMA, airway
Andy NeillSMA SyndromeAFEM 15superior mesenteric, bowel obstruction, aorta
Andy NeillCavernous sinusAFEM 14Venous sinus thrombosis, diplopia, carotid cavernous fistula, cranial nerve
Andy NeillPosterior Communicating ArteryAFEM 13PCA aneurysm, circle of willis, oculomotor palsy
Rob OrmanWhooping coughERCAST 46Pertussis is bad cough, really bad for babies, extremely contagious and happens in epidemics. We can partially prevent it with vaccination but not completely. So the next question is, can we treat it?
Rob OrmanPulmonary Embolus Outpatient TreatmentERCAST 45The question: Do we need to hospitalize all patients diagnosed with pulmonary embolism in the ED? Can some be discharged and managed as outpatients?
Rob Rogers, Mike Abraham, Sorabh KhandelwalEmergency Medicine in the Developing World conferenceEMRAP EE 28Excellent talks at the Emergency Medicine in the Developing World conference-held in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2011
Amal mattuHypokalaemiaEMRAP TV 127Amal goes over a series of hypokalemia ECG cases just for you.
Amal mattuWellens SyndromeEMRAP TV 126Amal takes us through a series of Wellens ECG cases.
Amal mattuST Depression and the Cath LabEMRAP TV 125Listener and Paramedic Tom Bouthillet sent in a couple of ECG's to share with Amal Mattu and the EMRAP.TV fans
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonSonogames Part 1EUPodcast 33Are you enjoying the Olympics but find yourself longing for competitors that are just more fit than Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Missy Franklin? Do you think dressage could definitely be improved if Andrew Liteplo was announcing it? Ever wonder how great Romolo Gaspari would look in a speedo? If you‰Ûªre like us and have found yourself thinking all these things at one time or another, then we‰Ûªve got the ultimate competition for you‰Û_Sonogames 2012!!!!
Vicki Noble, Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonLung Ultrasound with Vicki Noble Part 2EUPodcast 32Vicki Noble talks at Castlefest 2012 about lung ultrasound and how to diagnose pneumothorax, pleural effusions, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, and more!
Vicki Noble, Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonLung Ultrasound with Vicki NobleEUPodcast 31Vicki Noble talks at Castlefest 2012 about lung ultrasound and how to diagnose pneumothorax, pleural effusions, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, and more!
Mike Stone, Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonUS Guided Nerve Blocks with Mike Stone Part 2EUPodcast 30If you get all warm inside when listening to Mike and Matt make fools of themselves on international sonovison, but you wish there was more‰Û_well now there IS more. What am I talking about? Tune in and turn up for this special edition of Ultrasound Podcast.
Minh Le Cong, Amit Maini,Matt MacPartlinAugust 2012 EM and CC perspective with Amit and MattPHARM 033August edition of the Australian EM perspective with Amit and Matt
Mike Stone, Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonUS Guided Nerve Blocks with Mike Stone Part 1EUPodcast 29Mike Stone, ‰ÛÏThe Block Boss‰Û joins us in this episode to chat about ultrasound guided nerve blocks. Mike has done somewhere around a gagillion ultrasound guided blocks, so we basically just pick his brain and try to extract as many morsels for you good people as we can. Enjoy!!
Jim DuCanto, Scott WeingartAirway Tips and TricksEMCrit 73Recently, Minh had some questions for James DuCanto on fiberoptics and airway management in general. Here we listen to the questions
Scott WeingartSevere Pelvic TraumaEMCrit 73Hemodynamically unstable pelvic fractures are a talk-and-die situation. These folks require aggressive, rapid treatment if they are going to survive the injury. Inspired by my mentor, Thomas Scalea, I discuss the management of the unstable pelvic trauma patient.
Minh Le Cong, Brian BurnsDr Brian Burns and a pitlane DSI casePHARM 032Brian is back and discussing an emergency retrieval case requiring DSI
Colin Parker, Rachel RowlandsKiddy toxEMPEM 46The principles of Clinical Toxicology are similar in kids and adults, but there are a few additional aspects to consider.
Minh Le Cong, Seth TruegerED chronic pain managementPHARM 031Seth and Minh discuss managing chronic pain presentations in the ED
Gemma C. MorabitoRadioUrgenza - AHA 2010 LINEE GUIDA RIANIMAZIONE - 1 EpisodioMedEmIt 03Commento sulle LG del 2010 dell'AHA sulla rianimazione cardiopolmonare (con la collaborazione di EMedHome e Amal Mattu). Comment on the LG 2010 AHA CPR (with the collaboration of EMedHome and Amal Mattu).
Minh Le Cong, Casey ParkerBenzos and Back Pain debate with Dr Casey ParkerPHARM 027Casey and Minh debate giving benzos to acute back pain
Gemma C. MorabitoRadioUrgenza - Dissecazione AorticaMedEmIt 02Commento di una Review sulla Dissecazione aortica. Comment on a recent review on Aortic Dissection
Minh Le Cong, Amit Maini, Andy BuckAustralian Emergency Perspective July 2012 with Dr Amit Maini and Dr Andy BuckPHARM 026Amit is back along with Andy Buck of EDEXAM blog, talking Australian EM issues and airway cases.
Gemma C. MorabitoRadioUrgenza - Numero ZeroMedEmIt 01Introduzione al progetto RadioUrgenza, costruiti come se fossero delle puntate di una trasmissione radio. Introduction to the project "RadioUrgenza" (EmergencyRadio), built as if they were episodes of a radio transmission.
Minh Le Cong, Jim DuCantoThe Oxylator -supercharge your oxygenation strategy with Dr DuCantoPHARM 025Jim demonstrates the Oxylator and tells why he thinks it will advance your preoxygenation strategy
Janos P Baombe, Nick CrombieCrew resource management with Nick CrombieEMJ 06Errors in medicine and the emerging field of crew resource management.
Minh Le Cong, Gordon GiesbrechtSurviving the cold with Professor Gordon GiesbrechtPHARM 024Professor Giesbrecht discusses surviving cold water immersion
Janos P Baombe, John HeyworthThe College of Emergency MedicineEMJ 05They discuss the issues around consultant-delivered clinical care, the acquisition of a new HQ, the bid for royal appellation and the issues faced by the specialty.
Minh Le Cong, Scott WeingartMr EmCrit and the DSI chroniclesPHARM 023Scott and Minh discuss DSI
Janos P Baombe, Meng Aw-YongThe future of career grade doctors in emergency medicineEMJ 04future of career grade doctors within emergency medicine, their worryingly declining numbers, opportunities for development and the difficulties faced by the ‰ÛÏlost tribe‰Û.
Minh Le Cong, Mathew MacPartlinRollCage Medic and MotorSports medicine with Dr Mathew MacPartlinPHARM 022Mathew and Minh discuss motor sports medicine and prehospital issues
Janos P Baombe, Abdelouahab Belloul‰Ûªexpansion de la mÌ©decine d‰Ûªurgences en EuropeEMJ 03Expansion of Emergency Medicine across Europe
Minh Le Cong, Amit MainiAustralian Emergency Perspective June 2012 with Dr Amit MainiPHARM 021First of a monthly series on Australian EM perspectives Amit Maini from EDTCC blog
Andy NeillPosterior Cerebral ArteryAFEM 12Artery, vascular, brain, cerebrum, circle of willis
Andy NeillAnterior and Middle Cerebral ArteriesAFEM 11Artery, vascular, brain, cerebrum, circle of willis
Andy NeillInternal CapsuleAFEM 10stroke, lacunar infarct, circle of willis
Andy NeillBrain HerniationAFEM 09brain herniation syndrome, TBI, coning
Andy NeillCerebral Venous SinusesAFEM 08Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, stroke,
Andy NeillCricothyroidotomyAFEM 07Airway, cricothyroidotomy, pneumomediastinum
Minh Le Cong, Mathew PirotteFemoral Vein Access the root of all EVIL? with Dr Mathew PirottePHARM 020Mathew and Minh debate the controversy of femoral vein access
Scott WeingartReducing Door to tPA Time in Ischemic StrokeEMCrit 79Emergency Neurological Life Support, ENLS
Scott WeingartIncreased Intra-Cranial Pressure (ICP) and HerniationEMCrit 78brain code, Emergency Neurological Life Support, ENLS
Scott WeingartLeft Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADS)EMCrit 77LVAD, LVAD's
Scott Weingart, Michael McGonigalSevere Pediatric TraumaEMCrit 77Pediatric Glasgow Score
Scott WeingartEMCrit 74
Minh Le Cong, Ben HoffmanPrehospital RSI and lessons from aviation PT2 with Ben HoffmannPHARM 019RSI
Minh Le Cong, Chris WatfordPrehospital cardiac arrest management with Paramedic Chris WatfordPHARM 018Minh and Chris talk about OHCA management
Minh Le Cong, Ben HoffmanPrehospital RSI and lessons from aviation by Ben Hoffman PART 1PHARM 017Minh and Ben talk about lessons from aviation and how this can improve prehospital airway management
Minh Le Cong, Ben MeadleyMICA Service of Victoria with Flight Paramedic Ben MeadleyPHARM 015Ben is a flight paramedic with MICA
Minh Le Cong, Richard JohnsonRetrieval medicine in the Red Centre with Dr Richard JohnsonPHARM 014Richard discussed retrieval medicine in Central Australia
Minh le Cong, Casey ParkerAcute agitation management in Retrieval medicinePHARM 013Casey and Minh discuss remote hospital management of acute agitation
Minh le Cong, Tim NoonanEpinephrine and OHCA with Paramedic Tim NoonanPHARM 012Tim and Minh debate epinephrine use in OHCA
Minh le Cong, Darren BraudeRapid Sequence AirwayPHARM 011Darren explains the RSA approach
Minh le Cong, Jim Du CantoEmergency Airway 101PHARM 010A special treat for those passionate about emergency airway management! Dr James Du Canto is an anaesthesiologist with a keen interest bordering on obsession with management of the difficult airway
Janos P Baombe, Jasmeet SoarAdvances in resuscitationEMJ 02Minimising hands-off time, the role of capnography, the importance of therapeutic hypothermia and the future of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesSMART Testing: Back to basicsSMART EM 18if you learn the four axioms of diagnostic testing you'll know more about how to choose and how to interpret diagnostic tests than just about everyone. Weird thing is that it turns out you knew it all already... you just needed a reminder
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesSMART EM smart updatesSMART EM 17This is a month for reflection, so we're reflecting on some of our previous podcasts. In fact we're updating earlier material based on the latest literature
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesStress Testing: A Moment of ClaritySMART EM 16stress test, research, EMB, cardiac testing
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesCardiac Arrest pharmacologySMART EM 15pharmacotherapy, cardiac arrest, adrenaline, epinephrine, what drugs shoudl we use in cardiac arrest - according to the evidence
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesUpper GI Bleed antibioticsSMART EM 14
Steve CarrollProcedural sedation II MedicationsEM BASIC 24Medications. For each drug, the drug class, dosing, duration of action, and adverse effects will be discussed with the overall theme of patient safety. Emergency ventilation
Steve CarrollProcedural sedation I PreparationEM BASIC 23Procedural sedation, ACEP guideline,
Steve CarrollDizzinessEM BASIC 225 minute ED neuro exam, dizzy, vertigo, dizziness, syncope
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesUpper GI Bleed 2SMART EM 13
Minh le Cong, Brian BurnsPrehospital airway literature updatesPHARM 014Brian reviews two prehospital papers
Minh le Cong, Tom PahlEmergency medicine physician assistantsPHARM 07interview Dr Bill Hinckley, an emergency physician in Cincinnati, Ohio who also is a flight physician on the Helicopter Emergency Service(HEMS),Air Care & Mobile Care, UC Health ‰ÛÒ University Hospital
Bill HinckleyHelicopter vs. Ground RetrievalPHARM 06interview Thomas Pahl, PA-C (physician assistant, emergency medicine), Mille Lacs Health System, Onamia, Minnesota.
Minh le Cong, Sean KeoghInterview with Dr. Sean KeoghPHARM 05Dr Sean Keogh, an emergency and retrieval physician from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He is I believe the first prehospital doctor to ever have a reported case of a successful prehospital thoracotomy in which the patient survived in 1993
Minh le Cong,Own the AirwayPHARM 04Airway Registries & Checklists
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesThe Placebo ParadoxSMART EM 12
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesUpper GI Bleed: PPIsSMART EM 11
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesThreatened Abortion: Knowledge is PowerSMART EM 10
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesCT ConsentSMART EM 9
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesChest Pain RiskSMART EM 8
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesAntibiotics for Otitis Media: Feel Better?SMART EM 7
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesPediatric UTI: It's About the FutureSMART EM 6
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesSubarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Rational ApproachSMART EM 5
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesMinor Head Injury: Who Has Badness?SMART EM 4
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesPulmonary Embolism: Diagnosis and TreatmentSMART EM 3
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesHeparin for Coronary SyndromesSMART EM 2
David H. Newman, Ashley ShrevesTreatment of Acute PharyngitisSMART EM 1
Janos P Baombe, Jean-Louis VincentA propos du retrait de soins th̩rapeutiquesEMJ 01Withdrawing therapeutic intervention
Minh le Cong, Karel HabigInterview with Dr. Karel HabigPHARM 03Minh interviews Dr. Karel Habig, Medical Director, Greater Sydney Area HEMS, New South Wales, Australia
Minh le Cong,Seeing the LightPHARM 02In the prehospital setting, personal equipment should be light, portable, small, cheap , easily replaceable and serve multiple functions
Minh le Cong, Cliff ReidPHARM 01
Andy SloasPediatric Airway - The Advanced CoursePEM ED 08This is the second part of a two part series in pediatric airway management. Here we focus on how to use the "Airway Algorithm" that we have created and how to manage the more difficult airways we encounter in the emergency department. The "Airway Algorithm" is designed to be used in both adults and children.
Andy SloasPaediatric Airway 101PEM ED 07Whether it is pediatric or adult emergency medicine, the most important thing that we do as ‰ÛÏemergentologists and resusitologists‰Û is control the airway
Andy Sloasclearing the pediatric c-spinePEM ED 06Developing a good rule to clinically clear the pediatric cervical spine would be difficult. Very few kids suffer injuries to that region of the body making it nearly impossible to create a well-powered decision instrument. Like with many other attempts in pediatrics you would most likely end up with a guideline that would be fairly sensitive, but horribly specific
Andy Sloas, David DelemosAn Easy LP TechniquePEM ED 05Dr. David Delemos has a simple recipe for LP success. It is one of my favorite procedures and hopefully after hearing this podcast it will be one of yours as well.
Andy Sloas, Andrea CruzFever of Unknown Source - Part 2PEM ED 04In this episode we complete our discussion on ‰ÛÏFever Without a Source‰Û in the 2-3 month old population and also cover the 3-month plus age group
Andy Sloas, Andrea CruzFever of Unknown Source - Part 1PEM ED 03Have you seen a bunch of snot-nose kids with fever recently? Do you want to put a needle in their back? Better yet, do you not want to put a needle in their back, but feel really guilty about it?
Andy SloasUndifferentiated Hypotension and the Modified RUSH ExamPEM ED 02This is my simplistic take on hypotension (ie. shock) in pediatric patients. All you need is an ultrasound, fluids and a basic understanding of the physiology.
Andy SloasIntroductions are in order....PEM ED 01Welcome to PEM ED Podcast. Pediatric Emergency Medicine; an Educational and Directional Podcast for the general emergency medicine provider.
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonYet Another LifesaverEUPodcast 13Ready for yet another way to save lives using ultrasound? Then behold
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonDiastology Ultrasound ‰ÛÒ Part 1EUPodcast 12Click here and get your PhD in Diastology! When was the last time you diagnosed a patient with diastolic heart failure?
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonCastleFest 2012EUPodcast 11UltrasoundPodcast.com is proud to announce our groundbreaking event, CastleFest 2012. This exclusive ultrasound festival will include a custom structure, education in several modalities, and 4 unique signature experiences.
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonDVT How-toEUPodcast 10Ready to see some awesome DVT scanning? Check out this quick DVT How-to that‰Ûªs sure to get you more capable and confident in scanning for DVTs
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonScanning the scaphoidEUPodcast 09The scaphoid is a little crazy, though, right. A non-long bone, and in the hand. Crazy, you may say, but‰Û_‰Û_ what if you could avoid the CT, MRI or a long wait in an unnecessary thumb SPICA. Well, maybe you can
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonA Song for A ScanEUPodcast 08A rap about eFast. This was created by Ultranoize who is apparently ‰ÛÏSo Loud it Hertz‰ÛÏ. Now this is a new feature here, and hopefully there will be some more dope rhymes soon for yo‰Ûª funky ears.
Rob Rogers, Chris Nickson, Scott Weingart, Rob OrmanPodcasting in emergency medicineEMRAP EE 27
Rob RogersEducators Edition is Back!!EMRAP EE 26
Rob Rogers, Amal MattuHow to get Promoted in Academic Emergency MedicineEMRAP EE 25After a short break, EMRAP Educators Edition is back with a bang! This episode focuses on how to get promoted in academic emergency medicine. Our guest, Amal Mattu, discusses what you need to know in order to advance your career
Lee WallisEmergency Medicine in South AfriciaEMRAP EE 24Guest speaker Lee Wallis tells us all about emergency medicine in South Africa. Lee is an amazing individual who has made a huge impact in Africa.
Andy NeillSpinal Cord InjuryAFEM 06.3brown-seqard, horner's syndrome
Andy NeillSpinal Cord InjuryAFEM 06.2central cord syndrome, cauda equina
Andy NeillSpinal Cord InjuryAFEM 06.1anterior cord syndrome, vertebral column
Andy NeillCSF circulationAFEM 05hydrocephalus, sub-arachnoid
Andy NeillLisFranc InjuriesAFEM 04lisfranc, mid-foot
Andy NeillAnkle injuriesAFEM 03weber classification, ATFL, ankle joint
Sean Fox, Rob RogersWhat i have learned in residency and beyondEMRAP EE 23Sean Fox walks us through what he learned in residency and during his first few years as an attending and what he recommends residents do now to prepare for the future
Stella Yiu, David Carr, Rob RogersPatient signout in the EDEMRAP EE 22In this episode I interview two medical educators in Canada. Stella Yiu and David Carr discuss important aspects of patient signout, or ‰ÛÏhandover.‰Û What are some of the pitfalls involved in patient sign out?
Rob RogersEducational Resources in Emergency MedicineEMRAP EE 21discussing a potpourri of resources that are out there in emergency medicine education. We‰Ûªll talk about blogs, podcasts, websites, books, and some upcoming 2011 conferences
Diane BirnbaumerBedside teaching microskillsEMRAP EE 20Dr. Diane Birnbaumer discusses the microskills of clinical teaching
Ryan A StantonThin Blooded Head InjuriesEveryday EM 12Head injuries are an all too common presentation to the ER. The vast majority of these are minor and will do just fine without any significant evaluation or intervention. One subset that requires increased attention are patients on chronic anticoagulation that are at increased risk for initial and delayed intracranial hemorrhage
Ryan A StantonForeign Body IngestionsEveryday EM 11In this episode, we talk about foreign body ingestions, how to evaluate them, and which ones need a little faster action and higher concern
Ryan A StantonHypertension in the EREveryday EM 10In this episode, we talk about hypertension and how to stratify which patients need treatment and which ones can be discharged for follow-up
Ryan A StantonDrunk or DyingEveryday EM 9Being able to differentiate between your run of the mill intoxication versus the potentially deadly mimicker can be tricky. In this episode, we talk about some of the common masqueraders and what signs they may tell.
Ryan A Stanton, Philip OverallTornado Disaster PreparednessEveryday EM 8I had planned on an episode in preparation for sever spring weather, then an outbreak of tornadoes hit Kentucky, destroying entire cities and leaving hundreds injured or dead. I sat down with one of the physicians on the front line that night. Dr. Philip Overall was working at St. Claire Medical Center in Morehead Kentucky and saw the worst that these tornadoes had to offer
Ryan A StantonRattling Their SkullEveryday EM 7One of the biggest fears of many ER physicians is evaluating and treating pediatric head injuries. The questions of whether to watch, image, or discharge home in a population that most likely is fine, but a miss can be catastrophic. In this episode, we talk about pediatric head injuries and the rules that can make evaluation a little easier.
Ryan A StantonClot BustersEveryday EM 6The D-dimer was touted as the cure for unnecessary chest CT scans for PE's. I think we all have realized that falsly positive tests have led to a surge in CT's for this diagnosis. So what is currently out there and how can we safely evaluate for DVT's, PE's and yet decrease exposure to radiation, contrast and the cost of these studies? There are many opinions, but little consensus. So here it is, the current data I my angle on DVT's and PE's.
Ryan A StantonCold Weather ConcernsEveryday EM 5Well, it's winter again, so we need to be on our toes for emergencies that tend to be more specific to cold weather months. Two of the most common are hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning. In this episode, we talk about what they are, what we need to look for, and how we fix it.
Ryan A StantonNo Pain Like Chest PainEveryday EM 4Chest pain gives emergency physicians chest pain because it is a high risk diagnosis with huge implications if one "slips through the cracks." Finally, there appears to be 3 chest pain studies which establish rules that at least allow us to whittle away some of the low risk chest pains that we can evaluate and disposition quickly.
Ryan A StantonSound Information on UltrasoundEveryday EM 3Ultrasounds have revolutionized emergency care and should be an important tool in every emergency physicians arsenal. There are many potential utilizations and with modern machines that are portable, fast, and clear, more and more facilities are investing in this tool that improves care, efficiency, and safety.
Ryan A StantonDealing with MRSAEveryday EM 2One of the most common day to day disease processes we see in the ER is MRSA soft tissue skin infections. With the rate of which this pathogen has taken over, standardization of treatment has been very difficult. From incision and drainage, to antibiotics, to warm compresses, treatments vary based on practitioner experience and preference. In 2011, the infectious disease community released their recommendation for how we approach this disease.
Ryan A StantonLidocaine ToxicityEveryday EM 1A recent death of a 5 year old after a lidocaine injection brings to light something we burry deep in our minds in medicine...lidicaine(anesthetic) toxicity. Though we rarely us sufficient doses in acute care situations to cause toxicity, it is worth consideration, especially with children or larger injections. In this episode, I review the doses, the causes, and the physiology.
Gloria KuhnThe Educators PortfolioEMRAP EE 19The Educators Portfolio
Amal MattuHow to speak like a proEMRAP EE 18How to speak like a pro
Susan PromesSuccessful didactic educationEMRAP EE 17The most important things to consider when putting together a successful didactic session
Rob Rogers, Amal MattuHow to deliver an insanely great talkEMRAP EE 16How to deliver an insanely great talk. The dangers of Power Point, how to effectively eliminate bullet points and produce beautiful slides that folks will actually remember
Rob Rogers, Mel Herbert, Scott WeingartHow to make a podcastEMRAP EE 14The nuts and bolts of how to make a podcast
Rob RogersHow to make a medical podcastEMRAP EE 13Ever wonder how to make a podcast? Have a great idea for an educational podcast but don‰Ûªt know how to get started?
Mak MoayediHow to teach procedures in emergency medicineEMRAP EE 12Ever wonder what the best way to teach procedures is? Well, you will have to listen to find out
Rob Rogers, Chad Kessler, Leslie OyamaTeaching residents and medical students how to communicate with consultantsEMRAP EE 11This fantastic episode is a great resource for those of us who teach medical students and residents how to deal with consultants on the phone
Andy NeillVertebral ArteryAFEM 02vertebral artery dissection
Andy NeillCervical SpineAFEM 01Atlas, axis, transverse ligament axis, anterior longitudinal ligament, vertebral column, peg fracture
Andy NeillNasal CavityAFEM Cepistaxis, nasal fractures, septal haematoma
Andy NeillCervical SpineAFEM BAtlas, axis, transverse ligament axis, anterior longitudinal ligament, vertebral column, peg fracture
Andy NeillShoulderAFEM A2Shoulder, AC Joint, SC Joint
Andy NeillShoulderAFEM A1Shoulder, shoulder dislocation
Joe LexHow to give an excellent presentationEMRAP EE 10Joe Lex discusses how to give an excellent presentation.
Terry MulliganHow to Teach Emergency MedicineEMRAP EE 9Pearls and pitfalls of teaching the specialty of EM in other countries. How to give a lecture in another country and how to approach teaching abroad
Rob Rogers, Amal MattuHow to climb the academic ladder in emergency medicineEMRAP EE 8How to climb the academic ladder in emergency medicine. Habits of Effective Medical Educators
Satty Vashi, Rob Rogers, Amal Mattu, Gus GarmelPimping and MentoringEMRAP EE 7Pimping, climbing the medical ladder and how to be a good mentor
Borat, George Willis, Adam Friedlander, Rob RogersMedical Student PresentationsEMRAP EE 6Medical Student Presentations
Michelle Lin, Phil Shayne, Rob Rogers, Dave MantheThe effect of the overcrowded ED on Medical educationEMRAP EE 5the effect of overcrowding on ED education and how to teach medical students in that difficult environment
Amal Mattu, Rob RogersTeaching in the EDEMRAP EE 4pivotal information on teaching practices as they pertain to the ED. Amal Mattu‰Ûªs talk about some Pearls and Pitfalls of informal teaching in the ED
Mel Herbert, Amal Mattu, Greg Henry, Joe LexHow to give a great talk (Part 2)EMRAP EE 3The art of public speaking and what a great talk sounds like to help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls of public speaking
Mel Herbert, Amal Mattu, Greg HenryHow to give a great talk (Part 1)EMRAP EE 2The art of public speaking and what a great talk sounds like to help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls of public speaking
Michelle Lin, Amal MattuTeaching residents from other servicesEMRAP EE 1How to teach off-service residents. Dr. Michelle Lin, author of a chapter on teaching off-service residents in the book ‰ÛÏPractical Teaching in Emergency Medicine,‰Û provides some helpful advice on how to educate learners from other services.
Pierre JaninTranscranial DopplerICN POD 23Pierre Janin is a French Intensivist with an interest in all things ultra sound. Listen to his marvellous talk on the use of transcranial doppler in critical care. Please excuse the fantastic but racially stereotyping Serge Gainsbourg backing track!
Paul GoldrickProne ventilation & Pulmonary vasodilatorsICN POD 22Paul Goldrick discusses prone ventilation and pulmonary vasodilators
Priya NairLung Transplants in ICUICN POD 21Priya Nair talks about lung transplants from the ICU perspective
Heather LowAn introduction to cardiothoracic ICUICN POD 20Heather Low's overview of cardiothoracic ICU, packed with hints and tips
Oliver FlowerBlood glucose in ICU, a reviewICN POD 19Oliver Flower reviews glucose control in the crtically ill
Marianne ChapmanNutritionICN POD 18Marianne Chapman talks about nutrition in the critically ill
Oliver FlowerALISAH II, Albumen in subarachnoid haemorrhageICN POD 17Oliver Flower talks about ALISAH II - the trial investigating alubmen in subarachnoid hemorrhage
Michael O'LearyTPNICN POD 16Michael O'Leary discusses TPN in intensive care
Hergen BuscherRight Heart FailureICN POD 15Hergen Buscher discusses right heart failure from an ICU perspective
Celia BradfordContrast induced nephropathyICN POD 14Celia Bradford talks about contrast induced nephropathy in the critically ill
Anthony HolleyGoal directed therapyICN POD 13Anthony Holley talks about goal directed therapy
Craig HoreEmergency pacingICN POD 12Craig Hore uses a case to frame a discussion about emergency pacing with both transcutaneous and transvenous methods covered.
Ray RaperPEEP & pressure volume loopsICN POD 11Ray Raper talks about PEEP and pressure volume loops
Roger HarrisIntroduction to Bedside Critical CareICN POD 10Roger Harris explains what Kingscliff is all about, who it is for, why it's so good and about his love of disco and the didgeridoo.
David CollinsHFOVICN POD 9By popular request David Collins' excellent talk on high frequency oscillatory ventilation
Oliver FlowerAn interesting caseICN POD 8Oliver Flower presents an interesting case
Oliver FlowerShockICN POD 7What is shock? How do you work out what kind of shock you're dealing with and how to treat it?
Oliver FlowerESICM review 2ICN POD 6Oliver Flower reviews ESICM
Oliver FlowerESICM review 1ICN POD 5Oliver Flower reviews ESICM
Richard LeeIntensivist of the futureICN POD 4Richard Lee discussing the role of an Intensive Care specialist now and going into the future....
Oliver FlowerAcute management of cervical spine injuryICN POD 3Oliver FLower discusses the acute management of cervical spine injury
Oliver FlowerWeaning from mechanical ventilationICN POD 2Oliver Flower discusses strategies to wean patients from mechanical ventilation
Oliver FlowerAcute management of intracerebral haemorrhageICN POD 1Oli Flower reviews the acute management of intracerebral haemorrhage
Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind, Rob Theriault, Jamie DavisProduct Review from EMS World Expo 2011EMS 12 lead 05We discuss Physio-Control's CODE STAT Suite software and ZOLL Medical Corp's CPR Dashboard and See Thru CPR
Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind, Rob Theriault, Jamie DavisProduct Review from EMS World Expo 2011EMS 12 lead 04We discuss the ReadyLink 12-Lead ECG by Physio-Control, the RescueNet 12-Lead by ZOLL Medical Corp, 12-lead ECG interpretation, regional STEMI care and ECG transmission in general.
Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind, Christopher Watford, Monica KleinmanSyncope and Sudden Death in Student AthletesEMS 12 lead 03AEDs and Emergency Response Plans in Schools
Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind, Trudie LobbanSyncope and sudden death in student athletesEMS 12 lead 02STARS (Syncope Trust And Reflex anoxic Seizures) ‰ÛÓ a not-for-profit organization that works together with individuals, families and medical professionals to offer support and information about unexplained loss of consciousness
Tom Bouthillet, David Baumrind, Christopher Watford, John MandrolaSyncope and sudden death in student athletesEMS 12 lead 01We discuss sudden death in student athletes, the controversy surounding the prescreening of student athletes, the need for AEDs in the schools, abnormal ECG findings that indicate higher risk, and the EMS evaluation of syncope patients in general.
Steve CarrollTrauma Resuscitation Part 1- the evaluationEMbasic 20We‰Ûªll go over how to prepare for the patient‰Ûªs arrival, how to perform the primary and secondary surveys, how to make sure we get a good report from the EMS crew, and how to avoid the pitfalls during these first few crucial minutes in the care of a trauma patient.
Steve CarrollAirway update podcastEMbasic 19A week ago, I posted an airway review paper by Scott Weingart and Richard Levitan that I think is a must read. Today I decided to do a podcast reviewing the paper in order to really get it out there and talk about the major points.
Steve CarrollHow to give a good ED patient presentationEMbasic 18Being able to give a good ED patient presentation will not only help you get a good grade on your EM rotation, it will also make sure that nothing is missed in the patient‰Ûªs care
Steve CarrollShortness of breathEMbasic 17Shortness of breath is a chief complaint that we encounter each day in the ED. This chief complaint encompasses a huge differential and this is a long podcast.
Steve CarrollThe prehospital episodeEMbasic 16How the ED staff can better interact with our EMS colleagues so we can both work together to deliver optimal care to our patients
Steve CarrollSepsisEMbasic 15Ever since the Rivers sepsis article emergency department physicians, nurses, techs, and even prehospital providers have played a much larger role in instituting early aggressive therapy for patients with sepsis
Steve CarrollSyncopeEMbasic 14Syncope is a chief complaint that we deal with a lot in the emergency department. While most causes of syncope are benign and need nothing more than reassurance, we need to be on the lookout for the serious causes of syncope
Steve CarrollDiabetic KetoacidosisEMbasic 13We‰Ûªll discuss the diagnosis and treatment of this complex disease process and how to avoid pitfalls that can harm the patient. There will also be tons of clinical pearls including treatment of DKA‰Ûªs cousin Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar State (HHS) and pediatric DKA considerations.
Steve CarrollAltered Mental StatusEMbasic 12These patient present a special challenge because there are a ton of reasons why a patient may be altered. As always, we‰Ûªll review the major points in the history and exam, the differential diagnosis, and a few points on management.
Steve CarrollMI and ACSEMbasic 11There is a lot more to managing ACS then just recgonizing who has tombstone ST elevations on their EKG and activating the cath lab.
Steve CarrollBack painEMbasic 10Back pain is not usually the most exciting chart in the rack but there are many serious diagnoses lurking out there that we have to look out for. In this episode, we‰Ûªll go over how to do a good back pain history and physical, catch the red flags, form a broad differential, order the right tests (not everyone need labs and films!), and treat the patient‰Ûªs pain effectively.
Steve CarrollEM Education Podcasts and WebsitesEMbasic 09This is a short episode on the EM podcasts and websites that I recommend to further your education. Since I take no money from anyone, these are my unbiased opinions of the best podcasts and websites out there.
Steve CarrollFebrile infantsEMbasic 08Infants with fever present a special challenge in the emergency department. Most of these children require large workups and admission to be sure that we aren‰Ûªt missing serious bacterial infections or meningitis.
Steve CarrollHeadacheEMbasic 07In this episode we‰Ûªll go through how to take a good headache history, how to catch the red flags, the workup, and treatment of headache in the ED.
Steve CarrollAirwayEMbasic 06This podcast will go over why we intubate patients, how to prepare for an intubation, the commonly used medications for RSI, tricks of the trade (and maybe a war story or two), and post-intubation management.
Steve CarrollFirst trimester vaginal bleedingEMbasic 05First trimester vaginal bleeding may not be as exciting as a GSW to the chest but it‰Ûªs something that we see a lot in the ED and we have the chance to make a positive impact even if the news isn‰Ûªt good.
Steve CarrollFemale abdominal painEMbasic 04A female with abdominal pain can turn into a very complicated patient, thus this chief complaint needs its very own podcast. We‰Ûªll review the bread and butter basics and go over some practical tips on how to avoid all the pitfalls with these patients
Steve CarrollAbdominal painEMbasic 03Abdominal pain is one of the most common complaints in the ED. In this podcast we will review how to get a good history, how to do a solid abdominal exam, and a systematic method for figuring out how to effectively use imaging with to make a diagnosis or, at the very least, rule out ‰ÛÏthe badness‰Û.
Steve CarrollChest painEMbasic 02Chest pain is one of the most common chief complaints in the ED and we need to be the experts on this.
Steve CarrollIntroductionEMbasic 01This is the first post of the EMbasic blog and podcast.
Ed BoyerJournal of Medical ToxicologyACMT 03medical toxicology, April 2012
Pocket toxicologyACMT 02medical toxicology, pocket toxicology
Sibilants & DisfluenciesACMT 01medical toxicology,
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonWall MotionEUPodcast 07Have you ever had a patient with chest pain and a non-diagnostic EKG, but you
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonHernia USSEUPodcast 06were sure they were having an MI?? Did you know 80-90% of those
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonHernia UltrasoundEUPodcast 05patients may have a wall motion abnormality?
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonDVTEUPodcast 04Hop on the DVT train and learn how to effectively master this technique in less than ten minutes and perform the scan in less than five. Yes, it‰Ûªs that awesome. With supporting literature and a ton of sample photos and vids, you can walk away from this podcast understanding more about effective use of the ultrasound in scanning for DVT
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonDyspnoeaEUPodcast 03Roll out the ultrasound machine in the ER and learn to use ultrasound to find pneumothorax, pericardial effusion, pulmonary edema, and more. This episode features the popular 2 minute cardiac exam.
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonAppendixEUPodcast 02Get with the program and learn why and how to ultrasound for appendicitis. If this isn‰Ûªt a skill you have, why not? Maybe you don‰Ûªt see patients with abdominal pain, but if you do, check out this podcast.
Mike Mallin, Matt DawsonHello WorldEUPodcast 01Emergency Ultrasound Podcast. In this introductory podcast, you‰Ûªll learn who we are, what we plan to do, and how we‰Ûªre going to make you a better doctor using the power of the ultrasound.
Kenji Inaba, Scott WeingartCritical Questions on Massive Transfusion ProtocolsEMCrit 71Today, I got to interview Kenji Inaba; an incredibly prolific trauma surgeon from USC/LA County, California. He is the SICU director and surgical critical care fellowship director.
Rich Levitan, Scott WeingartAirway ManagementEMCrit 70Rich Levitan is one of the best teachers on the skills of laryngoscopy‰ÛÒor as he would probably put it, epiglottoscopy. Here is an hour long lecture he delivered last month at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. It is surely one of the best airway lectures I have ever heard.
Keith Lurie, Demetris Yannopoulos, Scott WeingartThe Future of CPREMCrit 69I got to interview two cutting edge researchers on what CPR will look like in the next decade; their answers were fascinating
Tim Coats, Scott WeingartTranexamic Acid (TXA), Crash 2, & PragmatismEMCrit 68
Scott WeingartSevere Accidental HypothermiaEMCrit 67It is winter and that means cardiac arrests coming in with extremely low body temperatures after environmental exposure. How do you treat these patients? How do you rewarm if you don‰Ûªt have bypass?
Scott WeingartUntil they are warm and dead: Severe Accidental HypothermiaEMCrit 66It is winter and that means cardiac arrests coming in with extremely low body temperatures after environmental exposure. How do you treat these patients? How do you rewarm if you don‰Ûªt have bypass?
Scott Weingart, Reuben StrayerA Primer on BVM VentilationEMCrit 65Today I want to talk about proper ventilation with a Bag-Valve-Mask, aka the BVM. I am joined by my friend Reuben Strayer, MD of EM Updates.
Scott Weingart, Paul MarikFluid ResponsivenessEMCrit 64Today I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Paul Marik, Professor and Division Chief of Pulmonary Critical Care at Eastern Virginia Medical Center. We got to speak on the topic of fluid responsiveness‰ÛÒone of the toughest questions in critical care
Scott WeingartA Pain in the Neck ‰ÛÒ Part IEMCrit 63In this episode, I discuss the diagnosis of c-spine injuries. I argue that we should not send patients to imaging unless we have used the NEXUS rule and then added the Canadian C-spine Rule to the sequence
Scott WeingartNeedle vs. Knife II: Needle Thoracostomy?EMCrit 62I explain why I don‰Ûªt think needle compression is such a clever idea
Scott Weingart, Paul MayoDebate: Paralytics for ICU Intubations?EMCrit 61
Scott WeingartOn Human Bondage and the Art of the Chemical TakedownEMCrit 60The takedown and restraint of the violent, agitated delirium patient
Leon Gussow, Scott WeingartBath Salts with Leon GussowEMCrit 59Bath Salts with Leon Gussow
Cliff Reid, Scott WeingartEMS Physician Part IIEMCrit 58This Part II of an interview with Cliff Reid of the amazing blog, resus.me. Cliff is truly a doc after my own heart as you will hear from the cast. See also Part 1
Joe Bellezzo, Zack Shinar, Scott WeingartResuscitative Extra-Corporeal Life Support (ECMO)EMCrit 57Resuscitative Extra-Corporeal Life Support (ECMO) or more accuratlry Extra-corporeal life support (ECLS)
Emanuel RiversDr. Rivers on Severe Sepsis ‰ÛÒ Part IIIEMCrit 56Dr. Emmanuel Rivers brought the concept of aggressive therapies for sepsis down to the Emergency Department with his seminal article on EGDT published in the NEJM in 2001. We were lucky enough to get an hour of his time to do a conference call with the NYC STOP Sepsis collaborative
Minh le Cong, Casey ParkerAcute agitation management in Retrieval medicinePHARM 013
Minh le Cong, Tim NoonanEpinephrine and OHCA with Paramedic Tim NoonanPHARM 012
Minh le Cong, Darren BraudeRapid Sequence AirwayPHARM 011
Minh le Cong, Jim Du CantoEmergency Airway 101PHARM 010A special treat for those passionate about emergency airway management! Dr James Du Canto is an anaesthesiologist with a keen interest bordering on obsession with management of the difficult airway
Minh le Cong, Brian BurnsPrehospital airway literature updatesPHARM 014
Minh le Cong, Tom PahlEmergency medicine physician assistantsPHARM 07interview Dr Bill Hinckley, an emergency physician in Cincinnati, Ohio who also is a flight physician on the Helicopter Emergency Service(HEMS),Air Care & Mobile Care, UC Health ‰ÛÒ University Hospital
Bill HinckleyHelicopter vs. Ground RetrievalPHARM 06interview Thomas Pahl, PA-C (physician assistant, emergency medicine), Mille Lacs Health System, Onamia, Minnesota.
Minh le Cong, Sean KeoghInterview with Dr. Sean KeoghPHARM 05Dr Sean Keogh, an emergency and retrieval physician from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He is I believe the first prehospital doctor to ever have a reported case of a successful prehospital thoracotomy in which the patient survived in 1993
Minh le Cong,Own the AirwayPHARM 04Airway Registries & Checklists
Minh le Cong, Karel HabigInterview with Dr. Karel HabigPHARM 03Minh interviews Dr. Karel Habig, Medical Director, Greater Sydney Area HEMS, New South Wales, Australia
Minh le Cong,Seeing the LightPHARM 02In the prehospital setting, personal equipment should be light, portable, small, cheap , easily replaceable and serve multiple functions
Minh le Cong, Cliff ReidPHARM 01
Emanuel RiversDr. Rivers on Severe Sepsis ‰ÛÒ Part IIEMCrit 55Dr. Emmanuel Rivers brought the concept of aggressive therapies for sepsis down to the Emergency Department with his seminal article on EGDT published in the NEJM in 2001. We were lucky enough to get an hour of his time to do a conference call with the NYC STOP Sepsis collaborative
Emanuel RiversDr. Rivers on Severe Sepsis ‰ÛÒ Part IEMCrit 54Dr. Emmanuel Rivers brought the concept of aggressive therapies for sepsis down to the Emergency Department with his seminal article on EGDT published in the NEJM in 2001. We were lucky enough to get an hour of his time to do a conference call with the NYC STOP Sepsis collaborative.
Minh le Cong, Scott WeingartNeedle vs. Knife: Part IEMCrit 53In this episode, I debate Minh Le Cong, a retrieval physician from Australia. The question is what technique should we use in the can‰Ûªt intubate/can‰Ûªt oxygenate (CICO) situation.
Scott Weingart, Issac TawilOrgan Donation in the EDEMCrit 52Though it may not seem as important as some of the things we do in ED Critical Care, managing the potential organ donor can lead to many lives saved. In this episode I interview Isaac Tawil, an Emergency Intensivist of University of New Mexico Health Sciences and associate medical director of New Mexico Organ Donor Services.
Jeff Kline, Scott WeingartFibrinolysis in Pulmonary EmbolismEMCrit 51Jeff Kline is the master of all things pulmonary embolism in emergency medicine. This is a lecture he gave on fibrinolysis for pulmonary embolism. He discusses both massive and sub-massive PE.
Scott Weingart, David NewmanA Debate on PE Decision RulesEMCrit 50aThis may be of interest to you EBM Wonks out there. At one of the resident conferences, I debated David Newman of SMARTEM fame on whether a low risk Wells‰Ûª score can be used as a PE rule out criteria
Scott WeingartChoose the Solution Based on the ProblemEMCrit 50This is Part 4 of the Acid Base saga. In this episode, I discuss the acid base effects of fluids and when and how to use sodium bicarbonate.
Richard DuttonHemostatic ResuscitationEMCrit 49aRichard Dutton is a trauma anesthesiologist who was one of the primary formulators of the concept of 1:1:1 resuscitation. Here he is speaking on hemostatic resuscitation.
Scott WeingartMind of a Resus Doc Part IEMCrit 49amateurs discuss strategy; experts discuss logistics
Scott Weingart, Stephen SmithPhD in EKGs Part II: Left Bundle Branch BlockEMCrit 48See also EMCrit 42
Cliff Reid, Scott Weingart, Jonathan Benger,Failure to Plan for Failure: A Discussion of Airway DisastersEMCrit 47Cliff Reid of Resus.Me fame put out an incredible post on NAP4, the audit done on all of the airway complications in Great Britain
Scott WeingartAcid Base: Part IIIEMCrit 462 cases of acid base abnormalities step by step.
Scott WeingartAcid Base: Part IIEMCrit 45This second lecture discusses a quantitative approach to acid base management. I lay out the formula I use to approach an acid-base problem
Scott WeingartAcid Base: Part IEMCrit 44This lecture discusses a quantitative approach to acid base management. This is also known as the Fencl-Stewart approach, the strong-ion approach or the physicochemical approach to Acid Base
Scott WeingartListener Questions ‰ÛÒ Episode 1EMCrit LQ 1Since we had the Kayexalate episode, I did not want to do a full podcast, so I thought I would just air some listener questions
Scott WeingartLaryngeal Airways with Daniel Cook, MD (Part I)EMCrit 43My favorite supraglottic airway is the Cookgas Air-Q; it was created by an anesthesiologist, Dr. Daniel Cook. He just created a new device that allows the placement of an esophageal blocker through the laryngeal airway. I gave him a call to hear about the new product and in the course of that conversation, he gave me a ton of tips on the placement of laryngeal airways. Part II will specifically discuss the new device.
Scott WeingartA phD in ECGEMCrit 42Electrocardiograms can be subtle; but you can‰Ûªt miss them or patients die. Today, I interview, Dr. Steven Smith of the incredible blog: Dr. Smith‰Ûªs EKG Blog.
Scott WeingartPrehospital Critical CareEMCrit 41I was lucky to cajole Cliff Reid of the amazing blog, resus.me on to the EMCrit program. Cliff is truly a doc after my own heart as you will hear from the cast.
Scott WeingartDelayed Sequence Intubation (DSI)EMCrit 40Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI) is a procedural sedation, the procedure in this case being effective preoxygenation. Give ketamine, put them on the mask, and in 3 minutes paralyze and intubate.
Scott WeingartHyponatremiaEMCrit 39In EMCrit Podcast 39, I try to decipher the management of hyponatremia in the ED. After reading countless articles from the nephrology literature‰Û_I can still attest that I have not a friggin‰Ûª clue about renal physiology. But I think I have found a simpler path to the work-up and treatment of low sodium in the ED.
Scott WeingartEMCrit Dirty DozenEMCRIT 38I pick my favorite things from the web 2.0 world.
Scott WeingartLactate in SepsisEMCRIT 37When an ED starts providing advanced care for severe sepsis, lactate testing is an absolute requirement. Lactate use brings up a lot of questions, especially if it is not commonly ordered in your department.
Scott WeingartTraumatic ArrestEMCRIT 36Management of Traumatic Arrest. Specifically, who gets a thoracotomy and what to do when thoracotomy is not indicated.
Scott WeingartExtubation in the EDEMCRIT 35In this podcast, I discuss extubating patients in the ED. Specifically, I deal with patients who have only been intubated for a few hours in distinction to extubation of the patient who has been lingering in your ED for 2-3 days. The best patients for this short-term extubation are those intox folks with a low GCS and signs of trauma, overdoses, or endoscopy cases.
Scott Weingart2010 ACLS GuidelinesEMCRIT 34The brand new ACLS & BCLS guidelines were published last week. Not huge changes, but some good stuff!
Scott WeingartDiagnosis of Posterior StrokeEMCRIT 33What if I told you that I think that patient you just sent home with vertigo may have been a missed cerebellar stroke? Would you be dialing risk management or could you tell me all of the reasons why I'm wrong?
Scott WeingartTreatment of Severe HyperkalemiaEMCRIT 32Treatment of hyperkalemia in the ED
Scott WeingartIntra-Arrest ManagementEMCRIT 31Management of Intra-Arrest
Scott WeingartHemorrhagic Shock ResuscitationEMCRIT 30Hemorrhagic Shock Resuscitation. Induction agent choice does not matter in these patients; what matters is DOSE! Reduce dose to 1/10 of full intubating dose
Scott WeingartProcedural Sedation Part IIEMCRIT 29It seems the government and other specialties are trying hard to make sedation as difficult as possible in the ED. We must persevere to provide the best procedural sedation to allow maximal comfort and safety for our patients. This continues the discussion started in Part I.
Scott WeingartSevere CNS InfectionsEMCRIT 28Severe CNS Infections are time dependent diagnoses! You must have a high index of suspicion, a good plan for your work-up, and rapid provision of treatment. After seeing a severely ill meningitis patient, I figured I would do a podcast on some tips and pearls on this topic.
Scott WeingartCalcium Channel Blocker OverdoseEMCRIT 27Calcium Channel Blocker (CCB) Overdose Management
Scott Weingart, Ed GentilePatient Controlled AnalgesiaEMCRIT 26
Scott WeingartEnd of Life and Palliative Care in the EDEMCRIT 25Palliative and End of Life Care in the Emergency Department (ED)
Scott WeingartThe Cric ShowEMCRIT 24The cric is the last barrier between a failed airway and death
Scott WeingartWho the heck is this awake intubation stuff for anyway?EMCRIT 23Who the heck is this awake intubation stuff for anyway?
Scott WeingartNon-Invasive Severe Sepsis CareEMCRIT 22Severe Sepsis care without the Central Line
Scott WeingartA Bad Sedation Package Leaves your Patient Trapped in a NightmareEMCRIT 21
Scott WeingartThe Crashing Atrial Fibrillation PatientEMCRIT 20Your patient is pale and diaphoretic. Blood pressure is 70/50. Heart rate is 178. EKG shows atrial fibrillation‰Û_ What are you going to do?
Scott WeingartNon-Invasive VentilationEMCRIT 19NIV does not have the glamour; it‰Ûªs not nearly as cinematic. But for the patient, to spend 30 minutes on a NIV mask is preferable to a couple of days on the ventilator.
Scott WeingartThe Infamous Awake Intubation VideoEMCRIT 18Emergency awake intubation in a patient with a difficult airway
Scott WeingartAnti-coagulant and Anti-platelet Reversal with intracerebral bleedEMCRIT 17Anti-coagulant and Anti-platelet Reversal with intracerebral bleed
Scott Weingart, ReubenCoding Asthmatic, DOPES, & Finger ThoracostomyEMCRIT 16Ventilator checklist for the coding asthmatic
Scott WeingartSevere AsthmaticEMCRIT 15Management of the Severe Asthmatic
Scott WeingartEGDT TiradeEMCRIT 14For the most part Emergency Medicine has disappointed me by not doing something about our sick septic patients. Consider Early Goal Directed Therapy...please
Scott WeingartTrauma Resus IIEMCRIT 13Trauma resuscitation of the critically ill hemorrhagic shock patient. The concept of bare minimum normotension and massive transfusion
Scott WeingartTrauma Resus IEMCRIT 12Trauma resuscitation of the critically ill hemorrhagic shock patient
Scott WeingartDelirium TremensEMCRIT 11The management of severe ETOH withdrawal and Delirium Tremens
Scott WeingartCardiogenic ShockEMCRIT 10If the patients have pulmonary edema and low BP from a cardiac cause, then they are in cardiogenic shock. These patients do not fit the SCAPE protocol
Scott WeingartCan you take sick patients to CT?EMCRIT 9Is CT really the donut of death?
Scott WeingartSubarachnoid HemorrhageEMCRIT 8Management of a the patient with SAH
Scott WeingartSedation TiradeEMCRIT 7Rant on my vision of sedation after intubation.
Scott WeingartPush-Dose PressorsEMCRIT 6Bolus dose pressors and inotropes have been used by the anesthesiologists for decades, but they have not penetrated into standard emergency medicine practice. They are the perfect solution to short-lived hypotension, e.g. post-intubation or during sedation.
Scott WeingartIntubating the Critical GI BleederEMCRIT 5top 10 list for Intubating the Critical GI Bleeder
Scott WeingartAwake IntubationEMCRIT 4Awake intubation can save your butt.
Scott WeingartIntubating the patient with Severe Metabolic AcidosisEMCRIT 3Severe metabolic acidosis, obtunded and requiring intubation - no worries
Scott WeingartETCO2EMCRIT 2Of course the most pervasive and potentially dangerous myth is that ETCO2=PaCO2. Long story short, in our patients, it doesn‰Ûªt.
Scott WeingartSympathetic Crashing Acute Pulmonary EdemaEMCRIT 1the topic of Sympathetic Crashing Acute Pulmonary Edema (SCAPE).
Rob Orman, John MandrolaThe Athlete‰Ûªs HeartERCAST 44Electrophysiologist, cyclist, and philosopher Dr. John Mandrola from The Dr. John M blog joins ERcast to discuss the intersection of sports and cardiology.
Rob OrmanExplain it: PreoxygenationERCAST 43Review of the Annals of Emergency Medicine By Weingart and Levitan: Preoxygenation and Prevention of Desaturation during emergency airway management
Rob Orman, Scott WeingartERCAST 42In this episode we talk with Dr. Scott Weingart about new developments in caring for patients in cardiac arrest
Rob OrmanCan Ambien Kill You?ERCAST 41Hypnotics‰Ûª association with mortality or cancer: a matched cohort study
Rob OrmanLife, The Universe and UTIsERCAST 40How do you treat an uncomplicated urinary tract infection? What is your go to agent? There‰Ûªs no best answer because much of it depends on your local resistance and susceptibility patterns
Rob OrmanCT and Subarachnoid HemorrhageERCAST 39Sensitivity of computed tomography performed within six hours of onset of headache for diagnosis of subarachnoid haemorrhage
Rob OrmanThe constipation manifestoERCAST 38There are many paths to laxation...this is my approach.
Rob Orman, Ryan RadeckiDecision Tools: PERC, NEXUS and CURB-65ERCAST 37Is NEXUS dead? Are we admitting too many patients with pneumonia? How useful is the PERC rule? It‰Ûªs all about decision rules on this episode of ERcast. Ryan Radecki from EM LIterature of Note joins us for a review of four papers:
Rob OrmanPediatric feverERCAST 36One of the most important factors driving the medical workup on a well appearing, febrile infant is the prevalence of serious bacterial infection (SBI)
Rob Orman, Mark CrislipWhy You Should Get a Flu ShotERCAST 35As interview with podcast and blogging grandmaster Mark Crislip, MD on vaccinology and influenza.
Rob OrmanRLQ pain in pregnancyERCAST 34The list of potential badness in the pregnant patient with right lower quadrant pain is long and distinguished, but it often comes down to a simple question‰Û_
Rob OrmanWhat is a hyphema, and how can I manage one?ERCAST 33Hyphema is blood in the anterior chamber of the eye. It may appear as a reddish tinge, or it may appear as a small pool of blood at the bottom of the iris or in the cornea.
Rob OrmanSpinal tap following a negative CT in suspected SAHERCAST 32Do we still need spinal tap following a negative CT in worst headache of life?
Rob OrmanSuicide risk assessment in the emergency department: a how to guideERCAST 31A guide to doing suicide risk assessment in the emergency department.
Rob Orman, Cliff Reid, Dave Peaslee, Andy Neill, Dan Gromis, Gerry O‰ÛªMalley, Steve Ayers, Mike JasumbackERCAST Rant-Off 2011ERCAST 30It‰Ûªs open mike time for whatever get‰Ûªs your goat (in medicine, that is). Featured rants‰Û_
Hans Moller, Rob OrmanThe truth about distal radial fracturesERCAST 29It‰Ûªs one of the most common fractures we see in the ED, but how important is it to get a perfect reduction? Is it even worthwhile to try? There are arguments on both sides of that question.
ZDogg, Rob Orman, Cliff ReidHypertension RocksERCAST 28Hypertension Rocks! Zdoggmd returns to ercast to discuss the ins and outs of HTN
Rob Orman, Randy JonesWhat would hippocrates doERCAST 27
Rob Orman, Randy JonesFlutter, Fib, and the mystery of ablationERCAST 26Is there a limit to the number of cardioversions a patient can have in a year?
Scott Weingart, Mel Herbert, Allen Roberts, Chris Nickson, Rob Rogers, Rob Orman, ZdoggMDThe Problem with Salt: How low is too low?ERCAST 25Hyponatremia is all the rage these days, but the question in my mind is: When is a sodium level too low to send someone home? We are joined by some of emergency medicine‰Ûªs greatest minds in our search for the answer.
Rob Orman, Randy JonesA-Fib Unleashed!ERCAST 24Curbside consult with electrophysiologist Randy Jones MD about the fine points of atrial fibrillation managment
Rob Orman, Ray MorenoPediatric SyncopeERCAST 23It‰Ûªs usually nothing serious, but sometimes it can be a harbinger of sudden death. Ercast interviews Ray Moreno, MD about a rational approach to the pediatric patient who presents following a syncopal event.
Rob Orman, Megan CavanaughPerianal AbscessERCAST 22We talk with colorectal surgeon Megan Cavanaugh about the ins and outs of managing perianal abscesses in the ED.
Rob Orman, Scott Weingart, Rob RogersAcademia versus the privatesERCAST 21We take an in depth look at what it‰Ûªs like to work in academia and the private community hospital. The medicine is the same but the day to day of your job is quite different
Rob Orman, V Tach pearls and pitfallsERCAST 20What do you do when you get to the end of the ventricular tachycardia algorithm your patient is still in V-Tach. You are now off the map of ACLS and in the middle of a V Tach Storm.. We go step by step through a case of incessant ventricular tachycardia with pearls, pitfalls and things to think about when the fecus is hitting the fan
Rob Orman, Do cardiac risk factors matter?ERCAST 19do risk factors for chronic coronary artery disease play a role in helping to predict whether or not the emergency department patient presenting with chest pain has an acute coronary syndrome?
Rob Orman, Loop abscess drainage video Q/AERCAST 18Loop abscess drainage video Q/A
Rob Orman, Adam BarmadaColles' fractures, IOERCAST 16What Colles' fractures should go to the OR? Does an IO line create an open fracture?
Rob Orman, Rich OrmanCompetence vs Decision Making CapacityERCAST 15Legal expert Rich Orman joins ercast for a discussion about the distinction between competence and medical decision making capacity.
Rob Orman, Greg MoranMRSA and Abscess Part 1ERCAST 14Dr. Greg Moran, the ultimate Jedi Master of emergency medicine infectious disease, talks with ercast about MRSA, abscesses, decolonization therapy, cellulitis and much, much more.
Rob Orman, Scott Weingart Induced HypothermiaERCAST 13Everything you need to know about the how and why to induce hypothermia in post cardiac arrest patients
Rob Orman, C Diff is never a good thingERCAST 12Do you have a habit of taking a z-pack 3 days into your viral URI? Do you work in a hospital or health care setting? Do you have a colon? If you answered yes to any of these three questions, this episode is for you
Rob Orman, Terry OConnorClimbing EverestERCAST 11Climbing Mt Everest and being an expedition physician
Rob Orman, Tim HoreczkoThe Toxic NeonateERCAST 9How to recognize and manage the crashing neonate
Rob Orman, Scott WeingartAwake intubationERCAST 8An interview with ED Critical Care 7th degree black belt Scott Weingart
Rob Orman, Jeff YoungSuicide risk assessment in the emergency department.ERCAST 7Suicide risk assessment in the emergency department.
Rob Orman, Pediatric Elbow InjuriesERCAST 6Pediatric Elbow Injuries
Rob Orman, Stuart SwadronThe Death TellERCAST 5The Death Tell
Rob Orman, Brian ShafferPriapism and HematuriaERCAST 4Why is a 12 hour erection a bad thing? How should we manage the patient with bloody urine?
Rob Orman, Ted LowenkopfControversies in acute stroke managementERCAST 3Treating acute stroke beyond the 3 hour window.
Rob Orman, Adam BarmadaPediatric LimpERCAST 2How do you workup a child with limp? Decisions rules for distinguishing between toxic synovitis and septic hip.
Rob Orman, Rectal Foreign BodiesERCAST 1Rectal Foreign Bodies
Colin Parker, Rachel RowlandsWell Baby OdditiesEMPEM 45Well babies can cause angst too‰Û_ Except that neither parents nor doctors can be sure that they are well, until they have been properly assessed. From funny breathing to blue lips, baby boobs to milk regurgitation, a range of neonatal and infant oddities can present to our Emergency Departments.
Colin Parker, Rachel RowlandsSick Baby: undifferentiated infant under 3 monthsEMPEM 44Young infants under 3 months can be pretty scary when they get properly sick. It seems quite ‰Û÷veterinary‰Ûª, and in many ways we just have to screen and treat for sepsis ‰ÛÒ and ask questions later‰Û_ But there are a number of other differentials to consider.
Colin Parker, Charlotte ParkerJust AwfulEMPEM 43It‰Ûªs a kid‰Ûªs book, about a boy who hurts his finger at school, and has to see the school nurse. James feels Just Awful ‰ÛÒ until after the 3-part treatment.
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Chris BlytheMeningoCoccal Disease: Pearls and PitfallsEMPEM 42A tiny, frightening little bug: Neisseria meningitidis. The challenge for us in healthcare is to squash this little bug before it wreaks its havoc‰Û_
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Chris BlytheMeningitis: Steroids or not?EMPEM 41The most important thing about treating meningitis is to give antibiotics as soon as possible.
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Chris Blythe, Steve FosterMeningitis Diagnosis and ManagementEMPEM 40The word strikes fear into the heart of parents. You dare not mention the ‰Û÷M‰Ûª word unless you back it up with action, or a whole heap of calming reassurance‰Û_
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, James RippeyUltraSound uses in Pediatric Emergency MedicineEMPEM 39For adult Emergency Medicine, there seems to be a strong following and a reasonable evidence-base. That may be coming to the kiddy world, but maybe it‰Ûªs not all that it‰Ûªs cracked up to be?
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Steve FosterIntussusception-Rotavirus Vaccine RiskEMPEM 38Is there a real link between rotavirus vaccines and this rare cause of abdominal pain in infants.
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Steve FosterIntussusceptionEMPEM 37Intussusception
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Kate BradmanAssessing Self-Harm RiskEMPEM 36Assessing the risk of self harm or suicide in adolescents is a daunting concept for the occassional player. Many Emergency Departments have a qualified Mental Health professional embedded in their clinical workforce‰Û_ which means that we can become de-skilled in the art of risk assessment
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Kate BradmanAdolescent MischiefEMPEM 35A guide to dealing with the adolescent patient in the emergency department.
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Kate BradmanFluid ControversiesEMPEM 34A recent paper about fluid boluses in sick African children has raised a few eyebrows around the world of pediatric emergency medicine, and the world of medicine in general‰Û_
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Kate BradmanMetabolic Kids in your EDEMPEM 33There are individual subtleties in managing these children with Inborn Errors of Metabolism, but a few common principles apply. This short tour of a few commoner conditions should give you a handle on this important group of patients.
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Kate BradmanMetabolic Stuff for DummiesEMPEM 32Inborn Errors of Metabolism‰Û_ OK, calm down, check your own pulse, and resist the urge to run away. Nobody likes biochemistry (OK, maybe one or two do like it), but fortunately we don‰Ûªt need to learn the actual biochemical pathways in order to diagnose or manage these Congenital Metabolic Disorders.
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Kate BradmanTreament Options for Neonatal JaundiceEMPEM 31Phototherapy treatment will be sufficient for the vast majority of infants with unconjugated hyperbilirubinaemia who need treatment. When it gets more serious, we turn to higher-risk treatments like IntraVenous Immunoglobulin or exchange transfusion. What evidence do we have to guide our decisions here?
Colin Parker, Rachel Rowlands, Kate BradmanNeonatal JaundiceEMPEM 30It takes a long time and a lot of exposure to become comfortable with jaundiced newborns. Maybe we just become less cautious or less thorough over time‰Û_ Most of us feel the need to slow down and consider all the possibilities, before jumping to a benign diagnosis.
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanClearing the Paediatric C-SpineEMPEM 29Excluding a broken neck or a spinal cord injury: can be tricky. We know what to do when there is an obvious bony, ligamentous or cord injury‰Û_ but do you want to be the one who takes responsibility to give the ‰Û÷all clear‰Ûª?
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanCervical Spine Assessment in ChildrenEMPEM 28Neck Injuries in kids are fortunately quite uncommon, but the assessment of a child with a potential cervical spine injury remains stressful and challenging.
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanSeptic Arthritis, or Transient Synovitis?EMPEM 27make some sense of the clinical and laboratory factors that help us to risk stratify for Septic Arthritis. We delve into the literature, and give our synopsis of the few papers that address this important clinical dilemma
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanLimping ChildEMPEM 26Watchful waiting or invasive investigations? A limping child may have transient synovitis, or something more serious such as septic arthritis, osteomyelitis, or Perthes Disease
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanCranial CT for Minor Head InjuryEMPEM 25Overview of cranial head CT management
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanMinor Head InjuryEMPEM 24
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanAsthma Medications: where‰Ûªs the evidence?EMPEM 23We like to think we practice evidence-informed medicine‰Û_ but what evidence do we have that these medications work in acute asthma?
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanAsthmaEMPEM 22Asthma in kids is common‰Û_ very common. So we should know how to manage it in our Emergency Departments.
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanAppendicitis: Improving Diagnostic AccuracyEMPEM 20Appendicitis is the most common surgical condition in children, and an important condition not to miss. Can we use clinical features, scoring systems, blood tests or radiological investigations to improve our diagnostic accuracy?
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanAppendicitis: Utility of TestsEMPEM 21For those of you with short attention spans‰Û_ here is the synopsis of our Appendicitis PEMcast
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanAbdominal Pain in ChildrenEMPEM 19Abdominal pain: Common conditions like gastroenteritis and constipation can mimic more significant diagnoses such as appendicitis and intussusception.
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanCroup: the steroid sagaEMPEM 18Dex or Pred? What dose? Grandmaster G helps us navigate the steroid evolution of the last couple of decades
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanCroupEMPEM 17You hear a barking cough, around midnight, and think: easy! But could it be one of the croup mimics? Croup is a potentially life-threatening upper airway obstruction that has a highly successful and satisfying treatment
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanFever: NICE to get guidanceEMPEM 16assessment and initial management of feverish illness in young children
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanFever: Fear and TraditionEMPEM 15Managing fever in the paediatric emergency setting
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanNeonatal HypoglycaemiaEMPEM 14To bolus, or Not to bolus‰Û_ that is the question. Actually, there are a few more questions too‰Û_ How low is too low? What are the causes of neonatal hypoglycaemia?
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanE for Exposure, Don‰Ûªt Ever Forget GlucoseEMPEM 13Exposure: getting a look at the whole patient, while preventing hypothermia. It‰Ûªs just part of being thorough, and thorough is Good.
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanD is for Disability (part 2 of 2)EMPEM 12Severe Head Injury: is any treatment proven to work? Join us as we explore the literature behind currently accepted treatments for serious traumatic brain injury, in particular the role for therapeutic hypothermia.
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanD is for Disability (part 1 of 2)EMPEM 11The assessment of neurologic status in the unwell or injured child, with particular reference to the Glasgow Coma Scale and its children, being various iterations of a Pediatric GCS. What is the validity and utility of these scales? Are they any more useful than ‰ÛÏAVPU‰Û?
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanBronchiolitis (part 2 of 2)EMPEM 10Bronchiolitis is so common, we all need to know about it‰Û_
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanBronchiolitis (part 1 of 2)EMPEM 9Bronchiolitis is so common, we all need to know about it‰Û_
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate Bradman, Meredith BorlandCirculation (part 2 of 2)EMPEM 8IV Maintenance fluids for sick children: what fluid, and how much? This seemingly simple question has a controversial, complex and evolving answer. Long-held traditions of giving hypotonic intravenous fluids to children have been increasingly challenged, due to dangerous adverse effects.
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate Bradman, Meredith BorlandCirculation (part 1 of 2)EMPEM 7Shock, dehydration, fluid management‰Û_ How do we assess and manage the circulation in a paediatric emergency?
Colin Parker, Daniel Alexander, Kate BradmanB is for Breathing (part 4 of 4)EMPEM 6What settings should you use for the ventilator, to avoid causing harm?
Colin Parker, Daniel Alexander, Kate BradmanB is for Breathing (part 3 of 4)EMPEM 5When do you refer a child with breathing difficulty to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit?
Colin Parker, Daniel Alexander, Kate BradmanB is for Breathing (part 2 of 4)EMPEM 4Clinically distinguishing between the various breathing emergencies
Colin Parker, Hanno DavelHeadaches in the EDEMPEM 3.1Headaches in the Emergency Department can be, well, painful. Many traps await the unwary. In this presentation, Dr Hanno Davel reminds us of a few of the pitfalls of diagnosing and treating headache.
Colin Parker, Daniel Alexander, Kate BradmanB is for Breathing (part 1 of 4)EMPEM 3respiratory physiology basics, neonatal breathing and apnoeas, ALTE‰Ûªs, assessing the work of breathing
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanPaediatric Airway (part 2)EMPEM 2Paediatric airway management
Colin Parker, Susan Fairbrother, Kate BradmanPaediatric Airway (part 1)EMPEM 1Paediatric airway management
Colin ParkerLP and SPAEMPEM 0Performing a septic screen in a febrile neonate or young infant requires rapid sampling of CSF and urine. This short clip outlines some of the basics of doing the LP and SPA.
Rob BassettPush Baby PushEMRAP TV 124Rob Bassett shares some of his experience using cardioversion with you...the loyal EMRAP listene
Amal mattu58 Y/O with SyncopeEMRAP TV 123EMRAP contributer and world renowned educator Amal Mattu is back with a case on syncope.
Rob OrmanCunningham TechniqueEMRAP TV 122This episode Rob Orman reviews the Cunningham technique for shoulder relocation
Mel HerbertApneic OxygenationEMRAP TV 121Mel Herbert shares his excitment and insights into pre-oxygenation of patients who need intubation
Amal mattuPalpatationsEMRAP TV 12075 Year old female with heart palpitations..Whats next?
Amal mattuSyncopeEMRAP TV 119Syncope and the ECG
Amal mattuECG blockEMRAP TV 118Amal Mattu is back with insights and pearls into the diagnosis and treatment of blocks.
Amal mattuECG QT intervalEMRAP TV 117This week Amal talks about QT shortening!
Amal mattuST ElevationEMRAP TV 116ST Elevation is on tap this time on EMRAP TV. Amal Mattu is bringing you the info you need.
Amal mattuQT ProlongationEMRAP TV 115Amal Mattu is back with cardiology corner in this episode of emrap.tv. Amal focus his lesson this week on QT Prolongation
Amal mattuRhythm Strip interpretationEMRAP TV 114Amal Mattu and cardiology corner return in the latest EMRAP TV episode. Toursades gets the treatment in this sement.
Mel HerbertAnkle RelocationEMRAP TV 113An ankle relocation showing the 2 key moves!
Mel HerbertXigris is deadEMRAP TV 112Mel Herbert discusses the pulling of Xigris off the market. The latest in a long line of drugs pulled for lack of effectiveness.
Mel HerbertThe Egg-SplosionEMRAP TV 111Sanjay Arora talks about a potentially HORRIBLE airway disaster - a promo for USC essentials 2011
Mel HerbertClinical caseEMRAP TV 110One of our fine residents got a little sick, what is the diagnosis and would be go to work?
Mel HerbertNew LBBB and MIEMRAP TV 109quick review of the new information about the utility of new LBBB and MI..
Sharad Vyas, Billy MallonEM residency in IndiaEMRAP TV 108Billy interviews Sharad Vyas about India first EM residency - AMAZING!
Mel Herbert, Sean NordtToxicology and overdosageEMRAP TV 107The Brady Bunch - A review of the April EMRAP tox section.
Mike StoneRadial Nerve BlockEMRAP TV 106Mike Stone does a SUPER job of showing how to use ultrasound to do nerve blocks.
Mel HerbertPeripheral Vascular CTEMRAP TV 105How to diagnose a vascular injury with CT. Relates to audio from March EMRAP.org
Kenji InadaNeck Vascular TraumaEMRAP TV 104Neck Vascular Trauma
Mel Herbert, Ectopic PregnancyEMRAP TV 104A VERY short case to make ONE point about ruptured ectopic pregnancy.
Rob OrmaAbcess DrainageEMRAP TV 101Dr. Orman walks through minimally invasive incision and loop drainage for abscesses.
Mel Herbert, A case of chest pain in a sick patient - what is the diagnosis?EMRAP TV 100A case of chest pain in a sick patient - what is the diagnosis?
Mel Herbert, How to make iTunes remember playback position and other pearls for EMRAP in iTunes on iPhone/iPodsEMRAP TV 99How to make iTunes remember playback position and other pearls for EMRAP in iTunes on iPhone/iPods
Chris WalkerRectus Muscle BleedEMRAP TV 98case of abdominal pain in a patient on warfarin.
Umbilical CathEMRAP TV 97
Airway 911 preoxygenation video with walkthrough of RSI.EMRAP TV 96Airway 911 preoxygenation video with walkthrough of RSI.
Tony Pedutochest trauma case with mediastinal hematoma.EMRAP TV 95chest trauma case with mediastinal hematoma.
Darren BraudeBougie assisted cricothyrotomyEMRAP TV 94Bougie assisted cricothyrotomy
Mel Herbert, Rick BukataEMRAP TV 93
Mel Herbert, Epi drips and iPadsEMRAP TV 92
Scott WeingartAwake intubationEMRAP TV 91The crazy fellows of Scott Weingart (EMCRIT podcast: www.emcrit.org) do awake intubations on each other!
Mel Herbert, PressorsEMRAP TV 90NEJM paper of March 4 2010 regarding Norepi vs Dopamine
Mel Herbert, Haiti relief effortEMRAP TV 89Docs return from Haiti relief effort lots of pathology, stories, and experience on disaster care management.
Mel Herbert, PneumothoraxEMRAP TV 88recent case of a VERY large pneumothorax and what can happen on re-expansion
Mel Herbert, Marius Tijunelissewing up ears and how to do a good ear dressingEMRAP TV 87sewing up ears and how to do a good ear dressing
Greg Henrydiscussion on health care reform from the lunch time session at Essentials 2009EMRAP TV 86discussion on health care reform from the lunch time session at Essentials 2009
Mel Herbert, Equipment reviewEMRAP TV 84
Mel Herbert, Stuart SwadronStuart and Mel review the in's and out's of the LINTON tube.EMRAP TV 83Stuart and Mel review the in's and out's of the LINTON tube.
Mel Herbert, A case of chest pain and a false positive chest CT for aortic dissectionEMRAP TV 82A case of chest pain and a false positive chest CT for aortic dissection
Mel Herbert, A RANT about tPA and lawyersEMRAP TV 81A RANT about tPA and lawyers
Mel Herbert, A short review of cecal and sigmoid volvulus and CXR vs. CT for pneumothoraxEMRAP TV 78A short review of cecal and sigmoid volvulus and CXR vs. CT for pneumothorax
Lee SlajerLee Slajer reviews a technique for suturing a simple flap lacerationEMRAP TV77 Lee Slajer reviews a technique for suturing a simple flap laceration
Greg MoranInfectious disease guru, Greg Moran, gives an audio update of swine flu as of April 26 2009EMRAP TV 76Infectious disease guru, Greg Moran, gives an audio update of swine flu as of April 26 2009
Mel Herbert, Chalazion vs HordeolumEMRAP TV 75Mel Herbert reviews the differences between a chalazion vs hordeolum and their management.
Mel Herbert, Equipment reviewEMRAP TV 74Equipment review
Dr. Dancz, Dr. KelleherReview of various normal and not-so-normal cervices and IV pacemakers.EMRAP TV 73The visual portion of EMRAP April. Dr. Dancz reviews various normal and not-so-normal cervices and Dr. Kelleher goes over IV pacemakers.
Mel Herbert, patient with altered mental status and intracranial bleeding.EMRAP TV 72patient with altered mental status and intracranial bleeding.
Jeremy PaulsonA man with shortness of breath after a viral syndrome. A rapidly progressive course.EMRAP TV 71A man with shortness of breath after a viral syndrome. A rapidly progressive course.
Mel HerbertA case and update on current head trauma guidelinesEMRAP TV 70A case and update on current head trauma guidelines
Amul MattuA patient with syncope.EMRAP TV 68A patient with syncope - aVR - Gets No Respect!
Stuart SwadronNecrotizing Soft Tissue InfectionsEMRAP TV 67Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections
Andrew Goldberg, Dave WilliamsAsthma or not?EMRAP TV 66Asthma or not?
Amul MattuAmal Mattu goes though Brugada syndrome and HOCM as causes of syncope on the ECG.EMRAP TV 65Amal Mattu goes though Brugada syndrome and HOCM as causes of syncope on the ECG.
Mel Herbertrapid atrial fibrillation. Which drug to use? What defines stable? Ultrasound-guided basilic vein cannulation.EMRAP TV 64rapid atrial fibrillation. Which drug to use? What defines stable? Ultrasound-guided basilic vein cannulation.
Mel Herbertpearls for pediatric resuscitationEMRAP TV 63Dr. Herbert presents useful pearls for pediatric resuscitation at Essentials 2008
Mel Herbertsimplified approach to tachyarrythmia therapyEMRAP TV 62Dr. Herbert presents a simplified approach to tachyarrythmia therapy. This relates to the September 08 EMRAP found at www.emrap.org
Mel Herbert, Intussusception and cerebral venous thrombosis images and moreEMRAP TV 61Intussusception and cerebral venous thrombosis images and more
Mel Herbert, This is a test of using an EMRAP>TV interface to download audio from EMRAP Audio editionEMRAP TV 60This is a test of using an EMRAP>TV interface to download audio from EMRAP Audio edition
Mel Herbert, What to know how to download EMRAP audio for the ipodEMRAP TV 59What to know how to download EMRAP audio for the ipod
Mel HerbertMel goes over a few cases from the recent past and a new iPhone application you might find usefulEMRAP TV 58Mel goes over a few cases from the recent past and a new iPhone application you might find useful
Nick Testatraumatic iritisEMRAP TV 57traumatic iritis, diagnosis and management
A summary of the types of central lines and how not to screw up from USC Grand Rounds.EMRAP TV 56A summary of the types of central lines and how not to screw up from USC Grand Rounds.
Mel HerbertA short review of a simplified approach to bradycardia. Presented as part of a larger talk at USC Grand Rounds.EMRAP TV 55A short review of a simplified approach to bradycardia. Presented as part of a larger talk at USC Grand Rounds.
Tom Mailhotdiscusses the FAST exam and some pitfalls in interpretation. Recorded at USC Grand Rounds.EMRAP TV 54discusses the FAST exam and some pitfalls in interpretation. Recorded at USC Grand Rounds.
Mel Herbert, ST segment elevationEMRAP TV 53Mel goes over 11 causes of ST segment elevation. He describes and shows a ridiculous way of trying to remember them!
Mel Herbert, A quick review of diltiazem dosing in SVT.EMRAP TV 52A quick review of diltiazem dosing in SVT. A quick review of all of Australia. The visual of Meth Update from July EMRAP Audio
Mel Herbert, How to release a penis from a zipperEMRAP TV 51Mel shows how to release a penis from a zipper. Three ways to release the beast! This video relates to The June EMRAP audio series at www.emrap.org
Tina WuEMTALA transfer lawsEMRAP TV 50This is for Amercian docs. Update of EMTALA transfer laws by Tina Wu, EMA/USC Fellow. Recorded at USC Grand Rounds June 2008
Shoma Desaiectopic pregnancyEMRAP TV 49Shoma Desai on ectopic pregnancy
Mel HerbertEMRAP TV 48A few cases from C-Booth in late May 2008. Arryhthmias, perforations, pelvic fractures and more!
Mel HerbertEMRAP tips and tricksEMRAP TV 47A review of the new site as of late May 2008. The video shows all the new features of the ever improving site.
Mel HerbertA very short case: COPD patient with an exacerbationEMRAP TV 46A very short case: COPD patient with an exacerbation
Billy Mallon, Ed Newton, Stuart Swadron, Mel HerbertDiscussion on COPD, BiPAPEMRAP TV 45Round table discussion with Billy Mallon, Ed Newton, Stuart Swadron and Mel Herbert at USC `After Rounds` on COPD, BiPAP and more
Mel Herbert, Michelle Linpelvic fracturesEMRAP TV 44This episode relates to the May EMRAP regarding pelvic fractures
Mel Herbert, Stuart SwadronCT scanning and signs of herniation.EMRAP TV 43Mel Herbert and Stuart Swadron discuss CT scanning and signs of herniation
Nick TestaRadiographic features of aortic dissectionEMRAP TV 42Dr. Nick Testa describes some of the features of aortic dissection on plain films and CT. This episode relates to the April 2008 EMRAP found at www.EMRAP.org
Mel Herbertfour different patient cases (xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis, GBS, massive hemoptysis, and pancreatitis)EMRAP TV 41Four different cases (xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis, GBS, massive hemoptysis, and pancreatitis).
Mel Herbertclinical features of oropharyngeal space infections with drawings and example caseEMRAP TV 40Mel Herbert presents some updates to EMRAP, then discusses the clinical features of oropharyngeal space infections with drawings and example cases.
Mel HerbertECG basics reviewEMRAP TV 39The ECG baseline (T-P segment) and reviews PR depression and J-point elevation.
Mel HerbertHow to download and convert EMRAP and EMRAPTVEMRAP TV 37How to download and convert EMRAP, EMRAPTV and CMEDownload lectures and video.
Mel HerbertDifferentiating characteristics of benign early repolarization as a cause of ST segement elevation.EMRAP TV 36The differentiating characteristics of benign early repolarization as a cause of ST segement elevation.
Mel HerbertReview of the CereTom, a portable head CT scannerEMRAP TV 35The CereTom, a portable head CT scanner
Mel Herbert T waves (AMI, hyperkalemia and benign early repolarization) EMRAP TV34 Three causes of big/elevated T waves with example ECGs
Mel HerbertiPhone and shows how to use the iPhone to view video lectures.EMRAP TV 33Mel Herbert reviews the iPhone and shows how to use the iPhone to view video lectures.
Mel Herbert, Marius TijunelisOld and new school methods of CVP monitoring.EMRAP TV 32Old and new school methods of CVP monitoring.
John Love, Mel Herbert, Marius TijunelisUsing the glidescope for easy intubatingEMRAP TV 31Using the glidescope for easy intubating
Marius TijunelisIndications and complications of intraosseous lines, with demonstration.EMRAP TV 30Indications and complications of intraosseous lines, with demonstration.
Mel HerbertSgarbossa criteria for diagnosing ACS using ST segment changes in patients with LBBB.EMRAP TV 29Sgarbossa criteria for diagnosing ACS using ST segment changes in patients with LBBB.
Marius TijunelisAnatomic and clinical features of luxatio erectaEMRAP TV28 Anatomic and clinical features of luxatio erecta (inferior shoulder dislocation).
Mel Herbert, Marius TijunelisEnergy DrinksEMRAP TV 27review the features of various caffeinated drinks: coffee, tea, pepsi, coke, rockstar, amp, monster, tab energy, full throttle and red bull
Marius TijunelisFlail chest diagnosis and managementEMRAP TV 24flail chest and reviews the anatomy, physiology and management. He also interviews trauma surgeons Demetrios Demetriades and Ali Salim for their opinions.
Amal Matturight bundle branch blocks (RBBB)EMRAP TV 23ECG guru Amal Mattu reviews right bundle branch blocks (RBBB) and how to detect the signs of ischemia in its setting.
Marius TijunelisCentral line placementEMRAP TV 22anatomy, technique and demonstrates placement of a central line using the supraclavicular approach.
Mel Herbert, Marius TijunelisShoulder relocation techniquesEMRAP TV 21anatomy of the shoulder dislocation and demonstrates intra-articular lidocaine injection for analgesia as well as several techniques for reducing anterior shoulder dislocations
Mel Herbert, Jeff Tabas, Amal MattuECG QT interval follow-upEMRAP TV 20ECG QT interval follow-up
Mel Herbertclinical features and ECG interpretation of the QT interval and its prolongation.EMRAP TV 19clinical features and ECG interpretation of the QT interval and its prolongation.
Mel Herbert, Marius TijunelisExtensor tendon repairEMRAP TV 18Lee Slager shows off his skillz at repairing an extensor tendon laceration using the 90-90 suturing technique.
Kelly Katzberg, Marius TijunelisRetinal detachment and ultrasound for diagnosisEMRAP TV 17Retinal detachment and ultrasound for diagnosis
Marius TijunelisPre-hospital needle thoracostomy and ED careEMRAP TV 16prehospital needle thoracostomy, its placement, indications, complications and ED management.
Marius TijunelisRadiographic and neurologic findings of a case of cervical neck fracture.EMRAP TV 14radiographic and neurologic findings of a case of cervical neck fracture.
Mel HerbertEKG findings of Brugada SyndromeEMRAP TV 13EKG findings, and disposition of those with Brugada syndrome.
Scott Brewster, Mel Herbert, Marius Tijunelis, Javier DescalziDistal radius fracturesEMRAP TV 12Distal radius fractures
Mel HerbertPosterior elbow relocation using intra-articular lidocaineEMRAP TV 11Posterior elbow relocation using intra-articular lidocaine
Marius TijunelisAnkle-brachial index (ABI)EMRAP TV 10How to measure and calculate the ankle-brachial index (ABI) and its applications.
Peter JohnsHallpike and Epley maneuversEMRAP TV 9Peter Johns demonstrates the Hallpike and Epley maneuvers for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
Gary AndolfattoNew sedative cocktail Ket-o-pholEMRAP TV 8Gary Andolfatto demonstrates the use and effects of Ketophol for sedation during a painful procedure
Marius TijunelisMyasthenia gravisEMRAP TV 7Marius Tijunelis reviews the clinical features, pathophysiology and management of myasthenia gravis. He then shows some footage of a patient with myasthenic crisis.
Mel Herbert, Marius Tijunelis Epley maneuver, paraphimosis and phimosisEMRAP TV 6Mel Herbert and Marius Tijunelis jam to some tunes, then Mel performs the Epley maneuver on Marius for BPPV (vertigo). Mel next serves as a human model of phimosis and paraphimosis and Marius demonstrates the open book model of detorsing a testicular torsion. They end with a clip of the scapular rotation method of reducing an anteriorly dislocated shoulder.
Mel HerbertKnee arthrocentesis from a superior approachEMRAP TV 5Mel Herbert comments on a video of a knee arthrocentesis from a superior approach of a septic joint.
UAB ERUAB ER Rap VideoEMRAP TV 4UAB ER Rap Video: the nurses of University of Alabama ED demonstrate their skills on the Mic and in the ED
Mel HerbertThe infamous toenail removal episodeEMRAP TV 3Minor procedure god Marius Tijunelis films the PA's of LA County USC removing a Gi-Normous toenail!
Mel Herbert, Marius TijunelisStatus epilepticus and VP shunt accessEMRAP TV 2Mel Herbert and Marius Tijunelis read some letters then discuss the management of a case of status epilepticus. Includes video of draining a VP shunt by neurosurgery resident Azadeh Farin, an EEG, and the haircam!
Mel Herbert, Marius TijunelisAlcohol withdrawal and seizuresEMRAP TV ">EMRAP TV 1The pilot episode! Mel Herbert and Marius Tijunelis discuss management of a case of alcohol withdrawal leading to seizures leading to cardiac arrest. Includes videos of external jugular IV placement and ECGs
Jeffrey GuyRandom Serum Cortisol Levels are misleadingICU Rounds 88A physiological explanation why random cortisol levels are NOT helpful in evaluating adrenal function
Jeffrey GuyNecrotizing Soft Tissue Infection (NTSI)ICU Rounds 88This episode discusses the pathophysiology, presentation, and treatment of NTSI.
Jeffrey GuyDifferent Cardiac Output Monitors & PhysiologyICU Rounds 87This episode will discuss the physiology behind various CO output monitors such as pulmonary artery catheters, PICCO, pulse wave form analysis, and LiDCO
Jeffrey GuyLactic acidemia part 2ICU Rounds 86Now these are the types of lactic acidosis that most people are not familiar. They can be caused by medications, underlying disease, or inborn errors of metabolism.
Jeffrey GuyLactic acidemia part 1ICU Rounds 85description of how lactate is produced and metabolized. I will discuss the role of lactate in the diagnosis and management of shock. This podcast will focus on Type A lactic acidosis.
Jeffrey GuyEndotracheal tube cuff leaks and self-extubationsICU Rounds 83A brief description on what to consider when confronted with a patient with an air leak from the ET tube or a patient that self-extubates.
Jeffrey GuyPulmonary EmbolusICU Rounds 83A description of the risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment of PE.
Jeffrey GuySmoke Inhalation InjuryICU Rounds 82Smoke Inhalation injuries can be deadly. This episode explains why smoke can be so deadly, and how to care for those patients with suspected smoke inhalation injuries.
Jeffrey GuyPropofol Related Infusion SyndromeICU Rounds 81Propofol Related Infusion Syndrome is a potentially fatal complication of propofol. If you use this common ICU drug you need this information
Jeffrey GuyWedge: Everyone elses favorite Swan numberICU Rounds 80Wedge or PAOP is perhaps the most quoted and poorly understood variable generated by a Swan-Ganz.
Jeffrey GuySVO2 My favorite Swan Number">ICU Rounds 79The most helpful number for me on a Swan is the SvO2. This is a brief description of how I use this variable in evaluating critically ill and injured patients.
Jeffrey GuyTherapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac ArrestICU Rounds 78Therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest is part of ACLS and is used by several EMS agencies around the US. Despite good data and improved patient outcomes, many providers fail to used this modality. This podcast will focus on a presentation of the data, methods of cooling, and potential complications.
Jeffrey GuyPancreatitis - Surgical Indications and ProceduresICU Rounds 77This is the third in the series on severe pancreatitis and necrotizing pancreatitis. This episode reviews the indications for surgery, morbidity and mortality of surgery, and what are the surgical options.
Jeffrey GuySevere Acute Pancreatitis: Part 2 ICU ConsiderationsICU Rounds 76A brief discussion of the considerations of ICU care of the patient with severe pancreatitis, fluid resuscitation, respiratory, renal, and nutrition.
Jeffrey GuyPancreatitis - Part 1This is an initial presentation of the causes and diagnosis of acute pancreatitis.
Jeffrey GuyThat peripheral IV can kill you: Suppurative ThrombophlebitisICU Rounds 74All the recent emphasis on venous catheter infections has been on central lines. Those peripheral IVs are also dangerous.
Jeffrey GuyAcute Colonic Pseudoobstruction (Ogilvie's Syndrome)ICU Rounds 73Acute Colonic Pseudoobstruction (ACPO) is commonly called Ogilvies Syndrome. ACPO presents massive dilation in critically ill patients, and might result in invasive procedures to avoid ischemia or perforation of the colon.
Jeffrey GuyHemoglobin Based Oxygen Carriers (a.k.a. Artificial Blood)ICU Rounds 72A brief summary of what are hemoglobin based oxygen carriers (HBOC) and where are they in development.
Jeffrey GuyCatheter-Related Bloodstream Infection: DiagnosisICU Rounds 71Discussion of what is the difference between a CVC infection and a catheter-related blood stream infection. They are treated differently so it is important to know the difference.
Jeffrey GuyVentilator Associated PneumoniaICU Rounds 70A discussion on nosocomial infections and VAP.
Jeffrey GuyComplications of Dwelling Central LinesICU Rounds 69What horrible things can happen with central lines once they have been inserted.
Jeffrey GuyCentral Line Insertion ComplicationsICU Rounds 68A discussion of the potential problems encountered while inserting central venous catheters.
Jeffrey GuyPulmonary Physiology and General AnesthesiaICU Rounds 67This episode discusses the effects and risks of anesthesia on patients with pulmonary disease as well as the effects of anesthesia on pulmonary physiology.
Jeffrey GuyCaustic IngestionsICU Rounds 66Ingestion of caustic materials can be fatal and difficult to evaluate. These patients are often referred to our burn center.
Jeffrey GuyIV Fluids (Part 1)ICU Rounds 65An introduction to the basic science in fluids used to treat hypovolemia.
Jeffrey GuyArterial Blood GasesICU Rounds 64This episode is a discussion about how to approach an arterial blood gas result.
Jeffrey GuyPulse OximeteryICU Rounds 63Discussion of the technology of the pulse oximeter
Jeffrey GuyDiscussion on Fluids: The last Cotton lectureICU Rounds 62This is an interview that I did on www.medtalknetwork.com with Dr. Brian Cotton. Dr. Cotton recently left Vanderbilt to take a new position at UT Houston. He is an excellent teacher and his opinions on fluids resuscitation are cutting edge.
Jeffrey GuyRefeeding SyndromeICU Rounds 61When and how can providing a starving patient nutrition be potentially deadly.
Jeffrey GuyHypoxia: physiological causesICU Rounds 60Understanding the root cause of hypoxia will allow for more appropriate treatment.
Jeffrey GuyHypernatremiaICU Rounds 59Evaluation and treatment of elevated serum sodium is presented.
Jeffrey GuyHyponatremia: common but dangerousICU Rounds 58Hyponatremia or a low serum sodium is a common electrolyte problem that is dangerous if ignored or treated improperly.
Jeffrey GuyPrehospital/Battlefield Tourniquet UseICU Rounds 57Review of a recent publication from Annals of Surgery
Jeffrey GuyEnvironmental HypothermiaICU Rounds 56Following the recent crash of the US Airways in the Hudson River, it is an appropriate time to discuss the clinical manifestations and treatment of hypothermia.
Jeffrey GuyPeak Inspiratory Pressure: Physiological DeterminantsICU Rounds 55Peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) the center of a great deal of discussion of ventilator management. Knowing the factors that increase or decrease PIP are important to those managing critically ill patient. This podcast is steeped in physiology and perhaps more difficult than my typical podcasts. PIP= [Tv/ (Compliance Lung & Thorax)] + (Resistance of airway + flow )
Jeffrey GuyHyperkalemiaICU Rounds 54Hyperkalemia is a very common and potentially dangerous electrolyte disorder that commonly occurs in ICU patients.
Jeffrey GuySome Swan StuffICU Rounds 53A brief discussion regarding some of the commonly used values obtained from a pulmonary artery catheter.
Jeffrey GuyTherapeutic Hypothermia following Cardiac ArrestICU Rounds 52Therapeutic Hypothermia following cardiac arrest has been demonstrated to improve outcomes. Starting Jan 1, 2009 Ney York City EMS will dorect patients to those hospitals able to delivery such care.
Jeffrey GuyRadiation Injury / Nuclear MCIICU Rounds 51The US government last week released a report that the threat of a nuclear device used in an act of terrorism is high in the next couple of years. In this episode we discuss the some concepts of the medical care required to those exposed to radiation as well as blast injuries. I hope this is information that none of you will ever need.
Jeffrey GuyCardiovascular Risk Reduction for SurgeryICU Rounds 50This episode explores what is needed to make surgery safer for the patient with cardiovascular disease.
Jeffrey GuyMeta-analysis of Glucose ControlICU Rounds 49Tight glucose control has been widely introduced into critical care. This meta-analysis, recently published in JAMA, critically evaluates the effects of these trials in reduction of sepsis as well as mortality. The results might surprise you.
Jeffrey GuyMyocardial Infarction: PCI and medicationsICU Rounds 48This is the second installment of this topic. In this episode we talk about the role of angioplasty and role of various medications in the treatment of the patient having an MI.
Jeffrey GuyDisaster ManagementICU Rounds 47It is Sunday 8.31.08 and for hurricane Gustav is bearing down on the city of New Orleans. This podcast will discuss the basic elements of disaster planning and management. (This was reposted due to some technical problems with the server.)
Jeffrey GuyTraumatic Rhabdomyolyisis / Crush SyndromeICU Rounds 46Crush syndrome is a common cause of death following earth quakes, mine and building collapses. Traumatic rhabdomyolysis may also be seen following electrical injury or severe trauma. (This is a reposting due to some previous technical problems with the server.)
Jeffrey GuyMyocardial Infarction: Diagnosis and ThrombolyticsICU Rounds 45Myocardial Infaction (Part 1): This episode will discuss the diagnosis of MI, STEMI, and non-STEMI. We then discuss the indications and types of thrombolytic agents.
Jeffrey GuyPAIN: a four letter wordICU Rounds 44The management of pain is a key element of the care of all patients-- ICU or not. Often providers have little understanding of the concepts and medications of pain management. This episode serves as an introduction.
Jeffrey GuyHypercalcemiaICU Rounds 43A potentiallylife-threatening electrolyte problem that commonly finds its way into the ICU as well as on exams.
Jeffrey GuyPatient-Ventilator Interactions and ventilator discontinuationICU Rounds 42Getting patients comfortable on the ventilator is not an easy task. This podcasts focuses on methods to make patients synchronize with the ventilator as well as a discussion of spontaneous breathing and awake trials
Jeffrey GuyVentilator Update: avoiding shear traumaICU Rounds 41In regards to ventilator care, all the focus has been on low tidal volume and level of peak inspiratory pressure. What level of PEEP shoud we be using to avoid shear trauma and ventilatory induced lung injury.
Jeffrey GuyAbdominal Compartment SyndromeICU Rounds 40A discussion of the physiology and presentation of abdominal compartment syndrome.
Jeffrey GuyExtremity Compartment SyndromeICU Rounds 39A limb-threatening complication that might be overlooked by the inexperienced provider.
Jeffrey GuySurviving Sepsis Campaign (part 2)ICU Rounds 38We continue our discussion of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC). This includes fluids types, steroids, rhAPC (Xigris), and blood sugar control.
Jeffrey GuySurviving Sepsis Campaign (part 1)ICU Rounds 37The Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) is concensus document that attempts to provide the best evidence to assist in the care of the septic patient. All providers who provide care to the septic patient should be aware of the contents of the SSC.
Jeffrey GuyHemoglobin Based Blood Substitutes: Increased Morbidity and MortalityICU Rounds 36In this week's Journal of the American Medical Association a meta-analysis was published that concluded that use of hemoglobin based blood substitutes result in an increased morbidity and mortality. Included in the same journal is an editorial critical of the method the research has been regulated by the US FDA.
Jeffrey GuyGlucometers in the ICU: how accurate are they?ICU Rounds 35There is a large emphasis on intensive control of blood glucose in the ICU, but how accurate are the monitors we use to follow glucose? This episode reviews some of the limitations of deploying an instrument designed for control of outpatient diabetes management to tight control of blood glucose in the ICU.
Jeffrey GuyClostridium difficile ColitisICU Rounds 34Clostridium difficile colitis is a problematic complication of antibiotic therapy in hospitalized and critically ill patients. It is increasing in frequency and can be lethal.
Jeffrey GuyTraumatic Shock and Fluid ResuscitationICU Rounds 33Fluid resuscitation done poorly can result in significant complications to the patient. This episode will present some of the newer considerations in fluid resuscitation in traumatic shock.
Jeffrey GuyPolypharmacy in the ElderlyICU Rounds 32Patients are often admitted to the ICU with an entire list of home medications. In this episode I talk about the implications and dangers of polypharmacy.
Jeffrey GuyDrug-induced QT prolongationICU Rounds 31Prolonged QT is the most common reason why medications are restricted or removed from the US market. This episode will explain what it is and why you should look for it in your ICU patients.
Jeffrey GuyDo Steroid Improve Survivial in Sepsis? CORTICUS TrialICU Rounds 30The results of the CORTICUS trial are discussed.
Jeffrey GuyAtrial FibrillationICU Rounds 29Atrial fibrillation is a common problem in ICU patients, but it is a problem with many potential causes, and not always a well defined treatment.
Jeffrey GuyPediatric BurnsICU Rounds 28Pediatric burns: all burns are serious, both big and small. This episode reviews the objectives of burn care to result in the best functional outcome. Also, burn is a very common method of child abuse and we detail how these children are injured and what to look for to identify possible abuse.
Jeffrey GuyPharmacology of ShockICU Rounds 27This is a basic introduction of some of the drugs used in various forms of shock.
Jeffrey GuySepsis - Part 2ICU Rounds 26In this episode we discuss that ICU care of the patient with sepsis. This includes an introduction to various vasopressors.
Jeffrey GuySepsis - Part 1ICU Rounds 25Sepsis is a common cause of death in the intensive care unit. In this episode I present some of the statistics on septic deaths, introduce the definitions, and present the basic science. Part 2 will cover fluid and drug therapy for septic shock.
Jeffrey GuyHIT: Heparin Induced ThrombocytopeniaICU Rounds 24Large numbers of patients in ICUs are on heparin and what is this complication of heparin induced thrombocytopenia?
Jeffrey GuySmoke Inhalation Injury: CO and Cyanide ToxicityICU Rounds 23The onset of cold weather will bring with it an increase in structure fires. The leading cause of deaths in fires is complications from the inhalation of smoke-- not burns. Learn why smoke is so deadly as well as what are the appropriate methods to treat smoke related asphyxiation.
Jeffrey GuyBlood ProductsICU Rounds 22Blood products: pRBCs, fresh frozen plasma, platelets, cryoprecipitate when and how should we use it? What are the risks? You may order them like IV fluids but do you really know how these potentially deadly products are to be used.
Jeffrey GuyControl of hyperglycemia improves outcomesICU Rounds 21A great deal is being presented and published on control of blood sugar in the ICU as well as the postoperative period. How much control is enough and what is the data?
Jeffrey GuyAntibiotic Considerations in the ICUICU Rounds 20Why do we choose the antibiotics that we do? How long do we continue the course of therapy? Should we use some antibiotics together? These topics are covered in the episode.
Jeffrey GuyCrush SyndromeICU Rounds 19Earthquakes are horrible natural events causing loss of lives in the thousands. Following earthquakes, building collapses, and cave-ins, large number of victims will suffer from renal failure and death following crush syndrome.
Jeffrey GuyThermal InjuriesICU Rounds 18An introduction of the biology of thermal injuries and the initial care of the patient with thermal injuries in critical condition.
Jeffrey GuyMetabolic Acidosis in the ICUICU Rounds 17A common problem in the ill or injured patient is a metabolic acidosis. In this episode we will review the common etiology of a metabolic acidosis as well as some lesser known causes.
Jeffrey GuyBomb and Blast InjuriesICU Rounds 16Bomb and blast injuries: In the past blast injuries were limited to the battlefield of a rare industrial accident. The events of the past week are a reminder that civilian population centers are targets for bombing attacks. Most civilian providers has no to limited knowledge or experience treating patients with such injuries. This episode is dediacated to a discussion of some of the unique properties and injuries associated with blast injuries. In the event of a terrorist attack, like those attempted in London this past week, the injuries will be in the hundreds.
Jeffrey GuyEarly Surgery Improves Outcomes Following Critical BurnsICU Rounds 15Early surgical excision is likely to be the most significant individual variable to imporve the outcome of a patient (adult or child) with a critical burn. Nevertheless, many nonburn physicians still want to apply to 1970 treatment paradigms to this population of injured patients. This episode will hopefull replace these falsehoods with fact supported in the literature.
Jeffrey GuyMetabolism: Starvation versus StressICU Rounds 14Not feeding an injured or ill patient is not that same as a normal individual who is fasting. A pound of weight loss in the stress patient is significantly different than a pound of weight loss in someone on a diet. A basic understanding of stress metabolism is needed prior to a discussion of nutrition.
Jeffrey GuyBlood Conservation in the ICUICU Rounds 13When should a patient receive a transfuse of blood? What is an acceptable hemoglobin concentration in an ICU patient and should we use EPO? Summer is a time when the blood banks often have a single day's worth of blood. Perhaps with more conservative transfusion practices we can avoid or certainly help with some of the blood shortages. Everyone wants to put patients on Epo, but does it increase the hemoglobin concentration enough to off set its high cost?
Jeffrey GuyBurns: Fluid CreepICU Rounds 12Excessive fluid resuscitations lead to horrible complications such as abdominal compartment syndrome. This article takes a critical look and challanges many of our practices in fluid resuscitation of burn patients.
Jeffrey GuyRenal Replacement Therapy: SCUF, SLED, CVVH, CVVHD, IHD--what does it all meanICU Rounds 11Renal replacement therapy (RRT) is rather a confusing topic. What do all those initials mean and why use one therapy over another? This podcast will explain the difference between intermittent and continous. What are the various forms of continuous and how do they differ? What are the concepts of ultrafiltration, diffusion, and convection? These questions will be answered in this introduction to renal replacement.
Jeffrey GuyIntraosseous Vascular Access: not just for the kids anymoreICU Rounds 10Intraosseous vascular access was was developed for use in adult trauma patients over 80 years ago. Only recently has this technique regained popularity for rapid and safe access to the vascular space in patients in extremis.
Jeffrey GuyWeaning (Liberating) from the mechanical ventilatorICU Rounds 9Don't wean people from their ventilators-- liberate them!! When are people ready to come off the ventilator? What are weaning parameters? How does one do a spontaneous weaning trial? What is the role of noninvasive ventilation (NIV)?
Jeffrey GuyAcute Renal FailureICU Rounds 8Acute renal failure is a dreaded complication in the ICU. This podcast will review the various types of acute renal failure, the etiology, as well as acute management.
Jeffrey GuyAirway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV) or BiVent: What the heck is this?ICU Rounds 7Airway pressure release ventilation (APRV) is not a new mode of mechanical ventilation, but it seems to be gaining a great deal of popularity lately. Many people find this mode very complicated and thick that it is reserved only for the very ill. Neither one of these assumptions are corrrect. This mode is very easy to learn and use. Furthermore, this mode is very physiological and tolerated by all types of patients.
Jeffrey GuyComplications of PEEP and Auto-PEEPICU Rounds Virtually all patients on ventilators are on PEEP. PEEP has several interactions with various organ systems and some can result in profound complications. An understanding of PEEP and auto-PEEP are required before we can understand modes of ventilation like APRV (Bi-Vent)
Jeffrey GuyGlutamine In Critical Illness: what's all the fuss about?ICU Rounds 5All surgical residents know that glutamine is the amino acid known as the fuel for the gut. But what is all the fuss about? The episode will look at the data on glutamine. Does glutamine improve outcomes, and if so and in who? How much should we use and what are the hazards? Enteral versus parenteral.
Jeffrey GuyLightning InjuriesICU Rounds 4Lightning injuries are rare, but when you do treat a patient they can have facinating presentations. This lecture follows a patient we treated at Vanderbilt. The patient present to a local ED with stroke like symptoms following the lightning strike. Initially, physicians were confused by the presentation, but in this lecture you will learn that his presentation was near textbook.
Jeffrey GuyOxygenation & PEEPICU Rounds 3A discussion of ventilation, oxygenation, and the role of PEEP.
Jeffrey GuyModes of Mechanical VentilationICU Rounds 2A discussion of the various types of ventilators with a focus on the various ventilator modes and types of ventilator cycles. Also presented is the topic of pressure support ventilation (PSV)
Jeffrey GuyWhat is the role of decadron in preventing post extubation stridor?ICU Rounds 1What is the role of giving an adult steroids to prevent stridor or reintubation following extubation. This epidose looks at the data.
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Brent KingAppendicitis; Chris KingFree EM Talk 996
Brent KingBronchiolitisFree EM Talk 2712
Brent KingCongenital Heart Disease, Part 1Free EM Talk 1503
Brent KingCongenital Heart Disease, Part 2Free EM Talk 1510
Brent KingCroupFree EM Talk 1547
Brent KingDifficult Pediatric Airway, Parts 1 & 2Free EM Talk 2809
Brent KingFebrile SeizuresFree EM Talk 1002
Brent KingJaundice, Part 1Free EM Talk 1527
Brent KingJaundice, Part 2Free EM Talk 1537
Brent KingMononucleosisFree EM Talk 2796
Brent KingOtitis MediaFree EM Talk 2755
Brent KingPediatric Gastrointestinal BleedingFree EM Talk 1029
Brent KingPediatric Vaginal BleedingFree EM Talk 1485
Brent KingSinusitis, Parts 1 & 2Free EM Talk 2825
Brent KingSore Throat, Parts 1 & 2Free EM Talk 2777
Brent KingStatus EpilepticusFree EM Talk 2719
Brent KingThe Crying InfantFree EM Talk 1491
Brent KingThe Septic Appearing InfantFree EM Talk 1047
Brent KingUrinary Tract Infections, Parts 1 & 2Free EM Talk 2767
Bret GintherDifficult Airway TricksFree EM Talk 361
Brian BrowneDermatology UpdatesFree EM Talk 899
Brian BurnsCritical Care Retrieval Systems (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3616
Brian LevineOld Drugs, New BugsFree EM Talk 3334
Brian LevineProcedural SedationFree EM Talk 1961
Brian Walsh (New Jersey)CPAP and NIV in Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema, Part 2Free EM Talk 4713
Bruce HartCovering Your AssetsFree EM Talk 4310
Bruce HartMalpractice Essentials for ResidentsFree EM Talk 565
Bruce HartProtecting Your AssetsFree EM Talk 1972
Bruce HartTricks & Traps of DepositionFree EM Talk 4529
Burns BradyAlcoholism as a DiseaseFree EM Talk 123
Burns BradyHis StoryFree EM Talk 164
Carey ChisholmTransitioning to The Real WorldFree EM Talk 975
Carl ChudnofskyProcedural SedationFree EM Talk 4162
Carl Waldman vs. Peter AndrewsDo All Head-Injured Patients Require Intensive Care?Free EM Talk 3889
Carl WaldmanSedation in ICU and DeliriumFree EM Talk 3880
Carlo LocatelliBotulismFree EM Talk 3146
Carlo LocatelliClinical Features and Management of European Viper-Bitten PatientsFree EM Talk 4831
Carlo RamponiAccreditation of Emergency Medicine Systems in EuropeFree EM Talk 2916
Carlos A. Garcia RosasTraveler's DiarrheaFree EM Talk 3124
Carlos ReyesHypothermia after ResuscitationFree EM Talk 1379
Aaron Lee26 year-old woman who attempted suicideFree EM Talk 4265
Aaron Lee40ish man with mental status changeFree EM Talk 4131
Aaron LeeA Man with Epigastric PainFree EM Talk 3289
Alvin Wang4 Year Old Boy with SomnolenceFree EM Talk 2578
Alvin Wang62 Year Old Man with Side PainFree EM Talk 3325
Amanda Horn45 Year Old Man in Cardiac ArrestFree EM Talk 2524
Angela Meyer23 Month Old Boy with Fever and a RashFree EM Talk 3465
Angela Meyer41 Year Old Woman with Knee PainFree EM Talk 3856
Becky MillerAn Irritable 7 Month Old BoyFree EM Talk 3859
Beth Balazich40 Year Old Man with Altered Mental StatusFree EM Talk 3280
Beth Balazich7 Year Old Boy with Vomiting & DiarrheaFree EM Talk 3286
Bob Rutherford3 Year Old Boy Who Is Breathing FastFree EM Talk 3304
Bob RutherfordA Woman with Sore Throat and CoughFree EM Talk 3313
Bob RutherfordAn Old Guy with TachycardiaFree EM Talk 2581
Dustin Urban40 Year Old Intoxicated WomanFree EM Talk 24
Dustin Urban52 year-old man vomiting bloodFree EM Talk 4134
Dustin UrbanA 47 yo man with abdominal painFree EM Talk 4109
Dylan FlipseMan with Chest PainFree EM Talk 3261
Fidel "Ed" CastroWoman Who Feels TiredFree EM Talk 3458
Harry Goett48 Year Old Man Who Is Weak and DizzyFree EM Talk 1098
Harry Goett86 Year Old Woman with Confusion and BradycardiaFree EM Talk 1123
Harry GoettPost-Ictal Asian WomanFree EM Talk 2553
Jay Cernetich30 Year Old Man with Multiple TraumaFree EM Talk 2514
Jay Cernetich82 Year Old Man with the DwindlesFree EM Talk 3201
Karen Siren35 Year Old Woman with Belly PainFree EM Talk 3461
Karen StevensonInfant with LethargyFree EM Talk 3213
Karl Nibbelink21 Year Old Man Who Ate Rat PoisonFree EM Talk 3362
Karl Nibbelink3 Year Old Boy with Altered Mental StatusFree EM Talk 3384
Kemi Awopetu46 year-old woman with headacheFree EM Talk 4912
Kemi Awopetu75 Year Old Woman Who Is Not Acting RightFree EM Talk 1107
Kemi Awopetu9 year old boy with knee painFree EM Talk 4906
Lakshmi Atri41 Year Old Woman with Bleeding GumsFree EM Talk 3221
Marsha Wainwright EdwardsA 52 year-old man with acute epigastric painFree EM Talk 4030
Marsha Wainwright-EdwardsElderly woman with constipationFree EM Talk 4280
Case ConferenceMatt Buchanan - 32 year-old Vietnamese man with seizuresFree EM Talk 4576
Matt Buchanan52 Year Old Woman Who Can't BreatheFree EM Talk 1159
Matt BuchananAn infant who is not eating wellFree EM Talk 4561
Patrick Cheatle26 Year Old Man Found DownFree EM Talk 3468
Patrick Cheatle5 Year Old Boy Whose Tummy HurtsFree EM Talk 3254
Rebecca MillerYoung Woman Who Fell OutFree EM Talk 3295
Rehab Abdel-Kariem37 year-old woman with abdominal painFree EM Talk 4259
Sujatha SrinivasanYoung Woman with Chest PainFree EM Talk 2541
Todd Alter89 Year Old Man with Right Side PainFree EM Talk 3270
Todd LarsonYoung Man with Sore Throat Who CrashedFree EM Talk 3842
Vicki NortonA 68 Year Old Man with Chest PainFree EM Talk 3397
Wade DehnkampHigh School Boy with Fever and Sore ThroatFree EM Talk 3471
Chad KesslerBehavior Profiling Your ConsultantsFree EM Talk 151
Chandra AubinHigh-Risk and Near MissesFree EM Talk 917
Chandra AubinMedical Error (Wellness Day)Free EM Talk 1137
Chandra AubinShould All STD Patients Get HIV Testing?Free EM Talk 793
Chandra AubinWhat Works in Treating Bronchitis?Free EM Talk 824
Chris DeFlitchCapacity Management in the EDFree EM Talk 2930
Chris GhaemmaghamiCardiology Literature UpdatesFree EM Talk 4190
Chris KabrhelInitial Approach to the Emergency Department Patient with Undifferentiated DyspneaFree EM Talk 3171
Chris King, Bob HickeyPALS Update, Parts 1 & 2 (2001)Free EM Talk 2788
Chris King, Brent KingBest Pediatric Articles from 1998, Part 1Free EM Talk 1063
Chris King, Brent KingBest Pediatric Articles from 1998, Part 2Free EM Talk 1066
Chris King, Brent KingBest Pediatric Articles from 1999, Part 1Free EM Talk 1556
Chris King, Brent KingBest Pediatric Articles from 1999, Part 2Free EM Talk 1559
Chris King, Brent KingCase Scenarios, Part 1Free EM Talk 1521
Chris King, Brent KingCase Scenarios, Part 2Free EM Talk 1524
Chris King, Brent KingInteresting Cases, Part 1 (1998)Free EM Talk 1017
Chris King, Brent KingInteresting Cases, Part 2 (1998)Free EM Talk 1020
Chris King, Brent KingPediatric HeadacheFree EM Talk 1041
Chris King, Brent KingPediatric Literature Update, Parts 1 & 2 (2000)Free EM Talk 2743
Chris King, Brent KingPediatric Literature Update, Parts 1 & 2 (2001)Free EM Talk 2803
Chris King, Brent KingPediatric Literature Update, Parts 3 & 4 (2000)Free EM Talk 2771
Chris King, Brent KingPediatric Literature Update, Parts 3 & 4 (2001)Free EM Talk 2833
Chris King, Fred HenretigPediatric Toxicology, Part 1Free EM Talk 1053
Chris King, Fred HenretigPediatric Toxicology, Part 2Free EM Talk 1056
Chris King, Michael HirschMajor Pediatric Trauma, Part 1Free EM Talk 1011
Chris King, Michael HirschMajor Pediatric Trauma, Part 2Free EM Talk 1014
Chris King, Rich RuddyCardiopulmonary Emergencies, Part 1Free EM Talk 1540
Chris King, Rich RuddyCardiopulmonary Emergencies, Part 2Free EM Talk 1544
Chris King, Steve LudwigChild Physical Abuse, Part 1Free EM Talk 1513
Chris King, Steve LudwigChild Physical Abuse, Part 2Free EM Talk 1516
Chris King Pediatric Rapid Sequence Intubation, Part 1Free EM Talk 1026
Chris King Pediatric Rapid Sequence Intubation, Part 2Free EM Talk 1032
Chris KingAcute ConjunctivitisFree EM Talk 1500
Chris KingAtaxia, Part 2Free EM Talk 999
Chris KingBacterial Meningitis, part 1 Free EM Talk 1481
Chris KingBacterial Meningitis, Part 2Free EM Talk 1488
Chris KingBag Valve Mask Ventilation in ChildrenFree EM Talk 2814
Chris KingBehavioral Emergencies, Parts 1 & 2Free EM Talk 2762
Chris KingCoughFree EM Talk 2748
Chris KingFebrile InfantFree EM Talk 1551
Chris KingLeukemiaFree EM Talk 2781
Chris KingLymphomaFree EM Talk 3625
Chris KingMajor TraumaFree EM Talk 2752
Chris KingMinor Head Trauma in Kids, Part 1Free EM Talk 1530
Chris KingMinor Head Trauma in Kids, Part 2Free EM Talk 1533
Chris KingNitrous OxideFree EM Talk 2734
Chris KingPediatric Chest PainFree EM Talk 1050
Chris KingPediatric Endotracheal Intubation, Parts 1 & 2Free EM Talk 2715
Chris KingPediatric Vascular AccessFree EM Talk 2817
Chris KingRisk Management in Pediatric EM, Parts 1 & 2Free EM Talk 2821
Chris KingSolid TumorsFree EM Talk 2799
Chris KingSports Injuries in ChildrenFree EM Talk 1507
Chris KingSyncope in Children, Part 1Free EM Talk 990
Chris KingSyncope in Children, Part 2; Brent KingFree EM Talk 993
Chris KingThe Child with a LimpFree EM Talk 1008
Chris MacalusoCold-Related InjuriesFree EM Talk 200
Christiaan BoermaManipulating Microcirculation in SepsisFree EM Talk 5007
Christopher SteinDo Prehospital Students Have Time to Learn Airway Management? (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3619
Chuck CairnsOptimizing Retrospective Record ReviewFree EM Talk 2620
Cindy FlowerNon-Traumatic Joint PainFree EM Talk 1282
Claude MartinCombination AntibioticsFree EM Talk 5013
Clayton Stone, Clint ReadheadPitchside Emergency Care - Strapping (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3622
Clyde SnyderComa Evaluation in Altered Mental StatusFree EM Talk 1370
Colin GrahamOxygen and CPR - Good or Bad?Free EM Talk 4613
Colin GrahamTraumatic Aortic Catastrophes - Early and Late PresentationsFree EM Talk 4738
Colleen Guest MarchettaDoes This Child Have Appendicitis?Free EM Talk 4582
Collin GrahamWhat's New in Chest Trauma?Free EM Talk 3032
Corey SlovisElectrolyte Disorders in Five Easy StepsFree EM Talk 902
Corey SlovisKicking the AcidosisFree EM Talk 628
CPCColleen Guest Marchetta & Steve CostalasFree EM Talk 4353
CPCDan del Portal & Harry GoettFree EM Talk 4365
CPCJonathan Romash & Robin NaplesFree EM Talk 4359
CPCKatie Fane & Joe BushraFree EM Talk 4356
CPCKelly Correa & Alvin WangFree EM Talk 4362
CPCMegan Healy & Bob RutherfordFree EM Talk 4348
Craig FeiedComputer Systems That WorkFree EM Talk 4196
Cynthia PriceChild AbuseFree EM Talk 4748
Cynthia PricePrehospital Trauma Care - "Scoop and Run" or "Stay and Play"?Free EM Talk 3035
Dan TraberDifference in Pathophysiology between Gram-Positive and Gram-NegativeFree EM Talk 4997
Daniel del PortalDoes This Patient Have Bacterial SinusitisFree EM Talk 3848
Daniel LugassyHow to Avoid Missing Common Radiographic FindingsFree EM Talk 722
Darryl WoodSnakebites in Northern KwaZulu Natal (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3638
Dave BaileyEverything I Know About EM I Learned in the Fire ServiceFree EM Talk 422
Dave BaileyTotal Care for the Burn PatientFree EM Talk 1403
Dave Karras, Linda KruusReading the LiteratureFree EM Talk 1994
Dave KarrasApproach to HypertensionFree EM Talk 135
Dave KarrasCommunity Acquired-MRSA and Avian FluFree EM Talk 170
Dave KarrasFlu Practice ParametersFree EM Talk 442
Dave KarrasInfectious Disease Updates 12/2009Free EM Talk 41
Dave KarrasRational Use of AntibioticsFree EM Talk 1990
Dave KarrasSkin & Soft Tissue InfectionsFree EM Talk 3873
Dave LevyComplications of Interventional RadiologyFree EM Talk 677
Dave LevyLow Back PainFree EM Talk 554
Dave LevyMental Status ChangeFree EM Talk 1817
Dave LevyObese Patient in the EDFree EM Talk 1850
Dave LevyPoint-of-Care TestingFree EM Talk 775
Dave LevyThe Emergency Patient with an Acute Mental Status ChangeFree EM Talk 578
Dave WaldAirway ManagementFree EM Talk 117
Dave WaldAirway Management (2009)Free EM Talk 3283
Dave WaldHead TraumaFree EM Talk 3331
Dave WaldSpinal Cord TraumaFree EM Talk 3328
David A. TalanCommunity-Associated MRSAFree EM Talk 3127
David A. TalanNew Antibiotics and Resistance ProblemsFree EM Talk 3130
David A. TalanMRSA UpdatesFree EM Talk 1833
David A. TalanMRSA Updates (Temple)Free EM Talk 594
David A. TalanSTOP MRSAFree EM Talk 3496
David BurtTreating STEMI in the CommunityFree EM Talk 979
David ConeHow to Get PublishedFree EM Talk 4903
David CrippenMotorcycle TraumaFree EM Talk 3910
David CrippenMotorcycle TraumaFree EM Talk 763
David CrippenMotorcyle Trauma, What to ExpectFree EM Talk 1830
David GauvinNew Drugs of AbuseFree EM Talk 4230
David HibshmanFinancial Planning for ResidentsFree EM Talk 4024
David HowesPsychiatric Patients with Dual DiagnosesFree EM Talk 3625
David MaritzEmergency Medicine in the Developing World. What Do We Measure? (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3641
David PearsonPost Cardiac Arrest ShockFree EM Talk 4628
David T SchwartzHow to Read a Head CT in a Patient with HeadachesFree EM Talk 4847
David T SchwartzPitfalls in Orthopaedic RadiologyFree EM Talk 4853
David Thomas WilliamsMassive Transfusion - What's the Right Ratio?Free EM Talk 4729
David WilsonThe Role of Mental Health WorkersFree EM Talk 3785
David WoodCocaine-Related Cardiac Toxicity in the EDFree EM Talk 4813
David WrightTerrorism, Parts 1 & 2Free EM Talk 2520
DebateAlan Jones vs Nate Shapiro - Early Goal-Directed Therapy Is the Standard of Care in Acute SepsisFree EM Talk 742
DebateAndrew Perron vs Larry Raney - Ibuprofen vs AcetaminophenFree EM Talk 725
DebateBart Besinger vs Jacob Ufberg - "Triple Rule-Out CT" is the New Standard for Patients with Chest PainFree EM Talk 745
DebateBilly Mallon vs Ed NewtonFree EM Talk 352
DebateDavid Crippen vs Gary Gaddis - Etomidate Should Be AbandonedFree EM Talk 707
DebateDonna Segar vs Lewis NelsonFree EM Talk 94
DebateEric Bruno vs Carey Chisholm - Do Helicopters Save Lives?Free EM Talk 686
DebateHenry Wang vs. David ConeFree EM Talk 1946
DebateKevin Rodgers vs. Ed PanacekFree EM Talk 4435
DebateMike Allswede vs Bob SuterFree EM Talk 671
DebateMike Klevens vs Bob Suter - Low-Volume Resuscitation Is the Standard in Trauma PatientsFree EM Talk 754
DebateMike LeWitt vs. Daniel Lugassy - All Fire Victims Should Be Treated with the Cyanokit(r)Free EM Talk 790
DebateMitch Goldman vs Charles NozickaFree EM Talk 4438
DebatePeter Cameron (Australia) vs C. James Holliman (Maryland)Free EM Talk 3044
DebateRodney Smith vs Carey ChisholmFree EM Talk 4441
Deborah DiercksAHA & ACC GuidelinesFree EM Talk 4696
Deborah DiercksChallenges of Informed Consent in EM ResearchFree EM Talk 2624
Deborah DiercksBiomarkers in Heart FailureFree EM Talk 3798
Deborah DiercksRisk Stratification in NSTEMIFree EM Talk 3817
Deborah KleimanBuilding an International Program in Emergency Medicine (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3645
Demetrios PyrrosTriage TaggingFree EM Talk 2662
Denis AllardPenetrating Cardiac Injuries in South Africa (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3634
Diane BirnbaumerMedical TriviaFree EM Talk 4471
Didier PayenGenetic Signature in Septic ShockFree EM Talk 1692
Didier PayenMicrocirculationFree EM Talk 1707
Didier PayenSugar and Oxidative StressFree EM Talk 1749
Dominic Coletta, Tom Rebbecchi, Anthony MazzarelliMedical Professionalism - What You Need to Flourish in the CommunityFree EM Talk 4897
Dominic CollettaSuccess in a Democratic GroupFree EM Talk 4517
Doug McGeeGeriatric TraumaFree EM Talk 477
Douglas KovatchDealing with Depression During Training and Career (Wellness Day)Free EM Talk 355
Dustin UrbanDeep Neck Infections (Resident Talk)Free EM Talk 1806
Dylan FlipseGastrointestinal ImagingFree EM Talk 2569
Ed BearssA Comparison of (US) Civil War and WWII Medical TreatmentFree EM Talk 3402
Ed ReynoldsThe Opportunities of Point-of-Care TechnologyFree EM Talk 2936
Ed SloanHemorrhagic Resuscitation Using a Hemoglobin SubstituteFree EM Talk 4607
Ed SloanCan We Safely Send Home the Patient with a TIA?Free EM Talk 4187
Eddy LangNew Frontiers in Evidence-Based MedicineFree EM Talk 1391
Eddy LangTaking Knowledge Translation to the BedsideFree EM Talk 1382
Eddy LangTop 10 Cardiology Articles of 2008Free EM Talk 1400
Edgar MullerUltrasound in Cardiac ArrestFree EM Talk 4869
Edward P SloanUsing the Internet to Improve Your Neurology SkillsFree EM Talk 4946
Edward Sloan, Kissoon NiranjanSeizure Recognition and Management in the Emergency Department (Round-table Discussion)Free EM Talk 2943
Eileen QuintanaHeat Illness in ChildrenFree EM Talk 504
Elke PlatzUltrasound to Diagnose Deep Venous Thrombosis in the EDFree EM Talk 3075
Ellen TedaldiHousestaff Guide to Occupational ExposureFree EM Talk 1117
Emmanuel UdezuePotential Model for Acute Care in Developing Countries (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3649
Eric BrunoIs Post-Resuscitation Cooling the Standard of Care?Free EM Talk 778
Eric HodgsonLess Is More...in TraumaFree EM Talk 4985
Ernie YehAbdominal TraumaFree EM Talk 85
Ernie YehAnemia and PolycythemiaFree EM Talk 132
Ernie YehCapnographyFree EM Talk 4283
Ernie YehHernias and Bowel ObstructionsFree EM Talk 516
Ervigio Corral TorresTriage and Organization of Assistance in a DisasterFree EM Talk 4745
Erwan l'HerNoninvasive Ventilation in Hypoxemic Respiratory FailureFree EM Talk 3174
Erwin DhondtAnaphylaxis in the EDFree EM Talk 4810
Esther ChenComplications of American FadsFree EM Talk 324
Evan ResnikoffHAZMAT, Part 1Free EM Talk 4119
Evan ResnikoffHAZMAT, Part 2Free EM Talk 4122
Evan ResnikoffHAZMAT, Part 3Free EM Talk 4125
Evan WeinerPediatric ConcussionFree EM Talk 4573
Evan WeinerPediatric Foreign Body AspirationFree EM Talk 1878
Evan WeinerSpecials Needs Children in the EDFree EM Talk 1110
Evie MarcoliniCritical Care Literature UpdatesFree EM Talk 3556
Evie MarcoliniTherapeutic Hypothermia for Witnessed Cardiac ArrestFree EM Talk 3823
Farhad KapadiaFish Oils in the ICUFree EM Talk 1755
Farhad KapadiaHITS in the ICUFree EM Talk 1734
Farhad KapadiaHypoxaemia Is Not DangerousFree EM Talk 1773
Farhad KapadiaPhysiology of ExerciseFree EM Talk 1719
Fermin Barueto & Louise KaoTough Toxicology CasesFree EM Talk 972
Fernando SilvaUltrasound Primary Survey in Chest TraumaFree EM Talk 1415
Fiona LeckyTrauma Registries for ResearchFree EM Talk 2627
Fiona LeckyZone II Neck InjuriesFree EM Talk 3038
Flavia PetriniFiberoptic Intubation and Its Role in the Emergency DepartmentFree EM Talk 3099
Francesca Rubulotta - PIROTime to ImplementFree EM Talk 5003
Francesco Della CorteSimulators in Hospital PreparednessFree EM Talk 2648
Francesco EnrichensDamage Control SurgeryFree EM Talk 3041
Francisco AramburuIschemic Role - The EM-Neurology InterfaceFree EM Talk 4940
Francisco Javier Martin SanchezCardiac Sudden Death in Sport - Pilot Programme in Emergency MedicineFree EM Talk 4662
Francisco MalagonImpact of Transmitted ECG & Pre-Arrival Activation of Cardiac Catheterization LabFree EM Talk 4687
Francisco Moya TorrecillaThe Role of MRI in the EDFree EM Talk 4844
Franco ApraCPAP and NIV in Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema, Part 1Free EM Talk 4710
Franco ApraIs There a Place for NIPPV in Blunt Chest Trauma?Free EM Talk 4732
Frank dos SantosCan We Safely Use a Cephalosporin in a Patient Who Is Penicillin Allergic?Free EM Talk 606
Frank dos SantosTreating SinusitisFree EM Talk 833
Frank LoVecchioWhat Are the New Drugs of Abuse Around the World?Free EM Talk 3149
Fred FiesselerIs Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Still the Standard for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?Free EM Talk 3152
Fred MirarchiDoes a Living Will Equal DNR?Free EM Talk 692
Frederic BaudTreatment of Cyanide PoisoningFree EM Talk 3155
Frederico OliveriFinal Word on PCIFree EM Talk 2596
Gabor KelenCreating Hospital Surge Capacity by Reverse TriageFree EM Talk 2698
Gary GaddisCommon Medication InteractionsFree EM Talk 1245
Gary GaddisMedication SafetyFree EM Talk 1385
Gary GaddisProper Use of Anti-EmeticsFree EM Talk 1273
Gary GaddisRhabdomyolysis and Compartment SyndromeFree EM Talk 1397
Gary GaddisSexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)Free EM Talk 787
Gaurav TrehanAcute Pain Management (Surgery Rounds)Free EM Talk 4917
Gayle PartridgeAir Rescue Provider - Lessons Learned from Africa (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3652
George MolzenThe Broselow ControversyFree EM Talk 2975
George NewmanHead BleedsFree EM Talk 4171
Georges RamalanjaonaTsunami in Islands of Indian Ocean (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3655
Gerald CarrollChest RadiographyFree EM Talk 4137
Gerald WydroBallistics (2009)Free EM Talk 2584
Gerald WydroBallistics and ForensicsFree EM Talk 148
Gerald WydroCervical Spine InjuryFree EM Talk 185
Gerald WydroSeizures in the EDFree EM Talk 2490
Gerd BodnerImaging Pitfalls in Patients with Abdominal PainFree EM Talk 4856
GFThe Impaired Physician (Wellness Day 2009)Free EM Talk 1674
Ghazala SharieffAdvanced Pediatric Airway ManagementFree EM Talk 107
Ghazala SharieffGenitourinary Emergencies in KidsFree EM Talk 4081
Ghazala SharieffLife-Threatening Dermatoses in ChildrenFree EM Talk 2890
Ghazala SharieffPediatric Abdominal DisastersFree EM Talk 2847
Ghazala SharieffPediatric Literature Updates 2007Free EM Talk 1643
Ghazala SharieffPediatric Literature Updates 2008Free EM Talk 638
Ghazala SharieffPediatric Literature Updates 2009Free EM Talk 2866
Ghazala SharieffPediatric Literature Updates 2010Free EM Talk 4063
Ghazala SharieffPediatric Metabolic EmergenciesFree EM Talk 1432
Ghazala SharieffPediatric Metabolic EmergenciesFree EM Talk 1893
Ghazala SharieffPediatric TraumaFree EM Talk 1640
Ghazala SharieffPediatric TraumaFree EM Talk 1915
Ghazala SharieffPitfalls in Pediatric Airway ManagementFree EM Talk 4304
Ghazala SharieffProcedural Sedation in KidsFree EM Talk 4093
Ghazala SharieffShock in the First Month of LifeFree EM Talk 4514
Ghazala SharieffThe Inconsolable BabyFree EM Talk 2837
Ghazala SharieffWheezing, Coughing, and HackingFree EM Talk 4057
Ghazala SharieffWhen It's Not Just a VirusFree EM Talk 1632
Gian Alfonso CibinelUltrasound in Acute Heart Failure and ShockFree EM Talk 4872
Gian CibinelThe Use of Ultrasound for the Assessment of ShockFree EM Talk 3078
Gil RossMedical Liability Issues in Southeast AsiaFree EM Talk 5032
Giles CattermoleEthical Issues in Trauma ResuscitationFree EM Talk 4751
Giovanni VolpicelliUltrasound for Dyspnea and Respiratory FailureFree EM Talk 4866
Gladys H LopezCommunity Acquired Pneumonia UpdatesFree EM Talk 4977
Glen BandieraWhat's New in Intubating the Trauma Patient?Free EM Talk 3102
Graham BillinghamOperations and Risk ManagementFree EM Talk 931
Greg HenryAfter the Certified Letter ArrivesFree EM Talk 2872
Greg HenryEvaluation of Abnormal VisionÌÊWithout a CTFree EM Talk 2863
Greg HenryPhysician Behaviors that Minimize MalpracticeFree EM Talk 2850
Greg HenryThe Rational Neurological ExamFree EM Talk 2869
Gregory Luke LarkinEthical Challenges in Emergency MedicineFree EM Talk 3562
Gregory MoranInfluenza OverpreparednessFree EM Talk 4625
Guido BertolasoRole of Italian Civil ProtectionFree EM Talk 2701
Gunnar ‰¥Òhlë÷n, Matthew Cooke What Can Your ED Learn From LEAN Production?Free EM Talk 2939
Gunnar ‰¥Òhlë÷nWhat Is a European ED Director Doing in 2008?Free EM Talk 983
Harry GoettAcute PancreatitisFree EM Talk 97
Harry GoettPediatric RadiologyFree EM Talk 1165
Harry GoettRenal UltrasoundFree EM Talk 4145
Harry GoettThiamine and GlucoseFree EM Talk 1791
Harry LawrenceWhat Hospital Pharmacists Wish That ER Docs KnewFree EM Talk 4822
Harsh SulePitfalls in Global Health ProjectsFree EM Talk 4274
Harsh SulePulmonary EmbolismFree EM Talk 4271
Heather McClellandEmergency Nursing in the Developing World (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3659
Heather McClellandRole of Emergency Nurse in Humanitarian Disasters (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3662
Heather TuffinPolicy and Quality - What Can We Manage? (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3665
Heatherlee Bailey5 Minute KillersFree EM Talk 4735
Heatherlee BaileyImmersion & SubmersionFree EM Talk 530
Henry WeismanEvaluating the Psychiatric Patient in the EDFree EM Talk 419
Henry WeissmanPsychosomatic Illness and Munchhausen's Syndrome in the Emergency DepartmentFree EM Talk 2996
Herman DeloozNational and Regional Disaster PreparednessFree EM Talk 2668
Howard Blumstein, Roberta Carroll, Jeff CooperPanel on Risk ManagementFree EM Talk 4489
Howard BlumsteinDealing with the Difficult NurseFree EM Talk 4900
Howard ChangFood and Waterborne DiseasesFree EM Talk 445
Ian HigginsonMERIT of Prehospital Doctors (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3668
Ian HigginsonThe Effect of Targets on Emergency Care (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3671
Ian MaconochiePaediatric Orthopedic Injuries - What Not to Miss!Free EM Talk 4801
Ian SammyPediatric Head TraumaFree EM Talk 1239
Ian SeppeltClinical Trial MethodologyFree EM Talk 5065
Ingrid LimTroubleshooting AICDsFree EM Talk 836
Itai ShavitThe Use of Intraosseous Infusion in Pediatric Emergencies - an UpdateFree EM Talk 4783
J. Christian FoxNew Uses for UltrasoundFree EM Talk 1843
J. Christian FoxUltrasound for PneumothoraxFree EM Talk 3068
J. Christian FoxUltrasound in ResuscitationFree EM Talk 3072
Jack KellyCreating a Culture of Safety in the ERFree EM Talk 340
Jack KellyCultural CompetenciesFree EM Talk 4168
Jack KellyPaACEP Updates 2010Free EM Talk 4159
Jacob UfbergEye Emergencies, Nontrauma (2009)Free EM Talk 3310
Jacob UfbergGenitourinary Trauma (Cancun)Free EM Talk 1376
Jacob UfbergGenitourinary Trauma (Temple Rounds)Free EM Talk 474
Jacob UfbergImaging the Pregnant Patient with Suspected Appendicitis or Pulmonary EmbolismFree EM Talk 736
Jacob UfbergShould We Work Up H. PyloriFree EM Talk 1156
Jacob UfbergStatistics and Bayesian ThinkingFree EM Talk 3493
James MirandaDoes This Patient Have a Pleural Effusion?Free EM Talk 4027
James RohackThe Corporate Practice of MedicineFree EM Talk 621
James ScheulenElectronic Mass Casualty Assessment and Planning (EMCAPS)Free EM Talk 2671
James WebleyTime Sensitive Orthopedic InjuriesFree EM Talk 821
Jan de WaeleRational Use of Antibiotics in Acute PancreatitisFree EM Talk 3934
Jan J De WaelePreventing Abdominal Compartment SyndromeFree EM Talk 3898
Jane Terris (United Arab Emirates)Profile of Poisonings in DubaiFree EM Talk 3158
Jao GarciaTriage in Terroristic AssaultFree EM Talk 2674
Jason HartisHeadache and Face PainFree EM Talk 1797
Jason MorganFeeding TubesFree EM Talk 433
Javier BenitoShort-Term Clinical Outcomes of Acute Treatment of Childhood AsthmaFree EM Talk 2972
Javier Benito FernandezQuality Improvement in the Paediatric EDFree EM Talk 4804
Jay KaplanCommunicating with Co-WorkersFree EM Talk 317
Jay LoveladyAeromedical Transport Systems (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3674
Jean Louis VincentCurrent Guidelines for Trauma ManagementFree EM Talk 3913
Jean Louis VincentICU-Acquired WeaknessFree EM Talk 3883
Jeff KlineFibrinolysis in Acute Pulmonary EmbolismFree EM Talk 4967
Jeff KlinePanel on Venous Thromboembolic DiseaseFree EM Talk 4245
Jeff KlineThromboembolic Disease in the EDFree EM Talk 964
Jeff LippmanWhy Is the ICU Different?Free EM Talk 3922
Jeff TabasACS Risk StratificationFree EM Talk 91
Jeff TabasHigh Risk ProblemsFree EM Talk 631
Jeff TabasPitfalls in CardiologyFree EM Talk 4289
Jeff TabasPulmonary EmbolismFree EM Talk 4510
Jennifer MarinPediatric Upper Airway InfectionsFree EM Talk 3322
Jennifer WalthallPediatric Literature Updates from 2007Free EM Talk 940
Jenny ThomasAnalgesia and Sedation for Children (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3625
Jerry O'NeillSpinal Column & Cord InjuriesFree EM Talk 2587
Jim AdamsPitfalls in Conflict ResolutionFree EM Talk 953
Jim AdamsTough Ethics CasesFree EM Talk 4523
Jim BlakemanBilling and CodingFree EM Talk 889
Jim BlakemanCommon Billing and Coding ErrorsFree EM Talk 674
Jim ConnollyWhat's Beyond the FAST?Free EM Talk 4720
Jim DucharmePediatric Pain Control and SedationFree EM Talk 769
Jim HollimanCrush SyndromeFree EM Talk 344
Jim HollimanFirst Responder Case ScenariosFree EM Talk 1251
Jim HollimanInternational Emergency MedicineFree EM Talk 536
Jim RobertsAICD TroubleshootingFree EM Talk 113
Jim WildeTough Pediatric Infectious Disease CasesFree EM Talk 968
Joanne Williams ("Dr. J")Geriatric TraumaFree EM Talk 1279
Joanne Williams ("Dr. J")How Close Are We to Having Answers for the Use of Recombinant Factor VIIa in Trauma?Free EM Talk 3047
Joanne NaidooDefining the Concept of Evidence-Based Practice (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3680
Joanne NaidooEvidence-Based Practice and Emergency Nursing (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3683
Joanne Williams ("Dr. J")As the World AgesFree EM Talk 4766
Joanne Williams ("Dr. J")Nasotracheal Intubation - Is There a Place in Trauma Airway Management?Free EM Talk 4723
Joanne Williams ("Dr. J")Procedural Sedation in ChildrenFree EM Talk 4789
Joe Lex40 Years on the FrontlineFree EM Talk 60
Joe LexA Skeptic's Guide to the Medical LiteratureFree EM Talk 1743
Joe LexAbdominal CT Controversies (Barbados)Free EM Talk 1267
Joe LexAbdominal CT Controversies (Giant Steps)Free EM Talk 74
Joe LexAdult with ConstipationFree EM Talk 100
Joe LexAdult with FeverFree EM Talk 104
Joe LexAirway TricksFree EM Talk 120
Joe LexAll About ContrastFree EM Talk 1737
Joe LexAll I Know Is What I Read in the JournalsFree EM Talk 4066
Joe LexAssassination of Abraham LincolnFree EM Talk 1568
Joe LexAssassination of James A. GarfieldFree EM Talk 1571
Joe LexAssassination of John F. KennedyFree EM Talk 1574
Joe LexAssassination of William McKinleyFree EM Talk 1577
Joe LexBiomarkers and StatisticsFree EM Talk 1363
Joe LexBNP and CRP in the EDFree EM Talk 157
Joe LexBursitis and TendonitisFree EM Talk 167
Joe LexChambers of HorrorsFree EM Talk 1648
Joe LexChest Trauma BasicsFree EM Talk 191
Joe LexCombat WoundsFree EM Talk 204
Joe LexCommon Aches and PainsFree EM Talk 2887
Joe LexCommon Cutaneous EmergenciesFree EM Talk 303
Joe LexCommon ENT EmergenciesFree EM Talk 308
Joe LexElectrical MisadventuresFree EM Talk 33
Joe LexElectrical MisadventuresFree EM Talk 4072
Joe LexErrors & Near Misses in Emergency MedicineFree EM Talk 2893
Joe LexEverything You Want to Know about Dipsticks (2010)Free EM Talk 4564
Joe LexEye Emergencies, Common and UncommonFree EM Talk 425
Joe LexEye Emergencies, Trauma (2009)Free EM Talk 3307
Joe LexFDA - Watchdog without a Bite (And with No Incentive to Bark)Free EM Talk 430
Joe LexFever and Antipyresis (2010)Free EM Talk 3375
Joe LexFood, Flattery and Friendship - Big Pharma and YouFree EM Talk 449
Joe LexFour QuickiesFree EM Talk 456
Joe LexFour Recent DrugsFree EM Talk 459
Joe LexHanging & Strangulation (Temple Rounds)Free EM Talk 2550
Joe LexHanging and Strangulation InjuriesFree EM Talk 1752
Joe LexHow to Be an ER Doc (2009)Free EM Talk 3258
Joe LexHow to Give a Damn Good Talk (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3686
Joe LexHow to Read the Trauma Patient's Chest X-RayFree EM Talk 1261
Joe LexInfluenza Pandemic (2009)Free EM Talk 3218
Joe LexMaxillofacial Trauma, Part 2Free EM Talk 4106
Joe LexMinimizing Risk in Wound CareFree EM Talk 584
Joe LexNew Drugs & Devices from 2002Free EM Talk 4210
Joe LexNew Drugs & Devices from 2003Free EM Talk 4477
Joe LexNew Drugs & Devices from 2006Free EM Talk 1599
Joe LexNew Drugs & Devices from 2007Free EM Talk 384
Joe LexNew Drugs & Devices from 2008Free EM Talk 2841
Joe LexNew Drugs & Devices from 2009Free EM Talk 1104
Joe LexNew Drugs & Devices from 2010Free EM Talk 4060
Joe LexNontraumatic Oral and Dental EmergenciesFree EM Talk 2860
Joe LexPitfalls in Newer Lab TestsFree EM Talk 1254
Joe LexTake It from the TopÌÊor BottomFree EM Talk 4078
Joe LexTaking It from the Top (or Bottom)Free EM Talk 1101
Joe LexTen Common ComplaintsFree EM Talk 3518
Joe LexTen Common Complaints (2010), Part 1Free EM Talk 3863
Joe LexTen Common Complaints (2010), Part 2Free EM Talk 3869
Joe LexThe Rational Heart ExamFree EM Talk 4570
Joe LexToddler ToxicologyFree EM Talk 1226
Joe LextPA in Stroke - What's All the FussFree EM Talk 1448
Joe LexVital Signs (2010)Free EM Talk 4567
Joe LexWas John Coltrane an Emergency Physician?Free EM Talk 986
Joe LexWho Was Ringer? And Did He Really Lactate?Free EM Talk 1562
Joe LexWound Care, Part 1 (2009)Free EM Talk 3265
Joe LexPitfalls in Cardiac Biomarkers (MEMC 2007)Free EM Talk 2599
Joe TorgUse and Abuse of OpioidsFree EM Talk 1152
Joe WoodPanel Discussion on MalpracticeFree EM Talk 4236
Joe WoodAsset ProtectionFree EM Talk 886
Joe WoodContract NegotiationFree EM Talk 327
Joe WoodContract NegotiationFree EM Talk 4207
Joel KravitzPoint of Care TestingFree EM Talk 1943
John G. YoungerNovel Strategies for the Treatment of SepsisFree EM Talk 4640
John GibsonAvalanche RescueFree EM Talk 138
John HuntPitfalls in Laceration RepairFree EM Talk 4301
John MarxNew Concepts in the Management of Traumatic ShockFree EM Talk 4631
John RossPatient Flow in the Emergency Centre (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3693
John SacklesThe Glidescope as Primary Intubation Device in the Emergency Department and for Resident EducationFree EM Talk 3105
John TowneControversies in Prehospital Trauma ManagementFree EM Talk 3014
Jon-Mark HirshonInjury Prevention in Disasters (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3696
Jonathan DavisGenitourinary EmergenciesFree EM Talk 471
Jonathan KnottDealing with the Family After ResuscitationFree EM Talk 4619
Jonathan RhodesConflicts after Brain InjuryFree EM Talk 1731
Jonathan RhodesCooling After Traumatic Brain InjuryFree EM Talk 1701
Jonathan RomashPediatric FracturesFree EM Talk 4579
Jonathan TragerDoes This Patient Have Otitis Media?Free EM Talk 3381
Jorge MartinezWaiting for the The Joint CommissionFree EM Talk 4334
Joseph EpsteinAre Emergency Medicine and Evidence Based Medicine a Mismatch?Free EM Talk 4184
Josh EpsteinSimulation of Biothreats and Civilian BehaviorFree EM Talk 2651
Joshua GoldsteinControversies in the Diagnosis of Dizziness in the EDFree EM Talk 4936
Judd HollanderCoronary CT Angiography and Other ImagingFree EM Talk 4659
Judd HollanderSummarizing Your Study and Maximizing Information in the AbstractFree EM Talk 2630
Judd HollanderWho Needs Telemetry Monitoring?Free EM Talk 4665
Judith SkonerMaxillofacial TraumaFree EM Talk 571
Julie GorchynskiAir Bag - Friend or FoeFree EM Talk 4717
Julie GorchynskiStabilizing Pelvic FracturesFree EM Talk 3051
Julie MayglothlingSepsisFree EM Talk 3549
Junaid RazzakIs In-Line Capnography Useful, Safe, and Cost Effective?Free EM Talk 3177
Justin DevlinDoes This Patient Have Strep Throat?Free EM Talk 3839
Kang Hyun LeeHow to Avoid Organ & Renal Failure in Shock SyndromesFree EM Talk 4649
Karen SantucciPediatric HematologyFree EM Talk 3210
Karen SantucciPediatric Psychiatric EmergenciesFree EM Talk 772
Karen SantucciPediatric Psychiatric Emergencies (Temple Rounds)Free EM Talk 3207
Karl NibbelinkPhenytoin Loading PO or IVFree EM Talk 1930
Karl NibbelinkThe Impaired Physician (Wellness Day)Free EM Talk 1133
Kate GetzewichRational Treatment of Venous ThromboembolismFree EM Talk 1987
Kate HeilpernEmerging Infections in the New MillenniumFree EM Talk 411
Kate HeilpernHaving a Vibrant Career in EMFree EM Talk 487
Kathryn ChallonerMass Gathering Medicine - Lessons from Ghana (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3699
Kathryn ChuRethinking Surgery in Conflict Settings (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3702
Kathy McCanChild AbuseFree EM Talk 3378
Kelly CorreaCan We Safely Use Opioids in Patients with Abdominal Pain?Free EM Talk 4345
Ken ButlerThe Pharmacology of IntubationFree EM Talk 3528
Ken ButlerThe Trauma AirwayFree EM Talk 3976
Ken IsersonMakeshift MedicineFree EM Talk 924
Kenneth ButlerTeaching Life-Saving Procedures During a Busy Shift (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3706
Kevin Beier, Kathy ReamTips on Lobbying Your LegislatorFree EM Talk 751
Kevin BeierTalking with Your State RepresentativeFree EM Talk 812
Kevin CarpenterNon-Invasive Hemodynamic MonitoringFree EM Talk 2692
Kevin KellyPediatric GI BleedingFree EM Talk 1884
Kevin ReedEmerging Infectious DiseasesFree EM Talk 905
Kevin ReedWhat Really Helps a Sore Throat?Free EM Talk 845
Kevin RodgersCHF Literature UpdateFree EM Talk 4193
Kevin RodgersDoorway DiagnosisFree EM Talk 1264
Kevin RodgersDoorway Diagnosis of the MangledFree EM Talk 381
Kevin RodgersHand InjuriesFree EM Talk 1288
Kevin RodgersOrthopaedic Pearls and PitfallsFree EM Talk 1276
Kevin RodgersOrthopedic Pitfalls, Tips, and TrapsFree EM Talk 936
Kevin RodgersRecombinant Factor VIIaFree EM Talk 2000
Kevin RodgersWhat Can I Do When the Bleeding Won't Stop?Free EM Talk 854
Kevin TerrellHow to Avoid Poisoning GrandmaFree EM Talk 658
Khalid Abu HaimedEmergency Medicine Practice ModelsFree EM Talk 2920
Khalid Abu HaimedVariations in Prehospital Care Delivery Systems (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3709
Khalid Abu-HaimedNew Developments in EM AdministrationFree EM Talk 1388
Knox ToddManaging Pain in the EDFree EM Talk 4224
Knox ToddPain ManagementFree EM Talk 3566
Kris ArnoldENT TraumaFree EM Talk 1258
Kristi KoenigMedical Strategies for Weapons of Mass Destruction at Mass GatheringsFree EM Talk 2677
Kumar AlagappanTetanusFree EM Talk 1285
Lakshmi AtriMesenteric IschemiaFree EM Talk 3224
Larry RaneyMedical FactsFree EM Talk 4465
Larry RaneyRational Use of NSAIDsFree EM Talk 4316
Larry RaneyRational Use of NSAIDs in the EDFree EM Talk 1846
Larry RaneySome Pertinent RelevanciesFree EM Talk 3484
Larry Weiss, Joe WoodMedico-Legal PanelFree EM Talk 760
Larry WeissAvoiding Fraud and AbuseFree EM Talk 144
Larry WeissChanging Lawyer BehaviorFree EM Talk 188
Larry WeissEmergency Physician AdvocacyFree EM Talk 704
Larry WeissHypertensive CrisisFree EM Talk 3832
Larry WeissOpening RemarksFree EM Talk 3546
Larry WeissPitfalls in EMTALA InterpretationFree EM Talk 4298
Larry WeissWeathering the Liability CrisisFree EM Talk 4535
Laura MoryHigh Altitude IllnessFree EM Talk 496
Laurence CookUnintended Consequences - How to Kill without Really TryingFree EM Talk 5059
Lawrence KassRadiation InjuriesFree EM Talk 1981
Lee JenkinsMass Casualty Triage Systems ComparedFree EM Talk 2680
Lee WallisPediatric TraumaFree EM Talk 4000
Leon SanchezBallistics & Blast InjuryFree EM Talk 3985
Les ZunMedical Clearance of Psychiatric PatientsFree EM Talk 4227
Leslie ZunEmergency Department Treatment of AgitationFree EM Talk 3788
Leslie ZunThe Medical Clearance ProcessFree EM Talk 3768
Lewis Goldfrank, Gautam BodiwalaEmergency Medicine as a Model of Public Health (Keynote)Free EM Talk 3011
Lewis GoldfrankEthanolFree EM Talk 3161
Lewis GoldfrankWhose Hospital Is It, Anyway?Free EM Talk 3007
Lex-Cameron-Runyon-Wallis-DarkehTrauma Panel DiscussionFree EM Talk 3994
Lim Swee HanEarly Stress Myocardial Perfusion Imaging in a Chest Pain CenterFree EM Talk 2602
Linda LiebenbergForensic Assessment in Mass Disasters (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3713
Lisa MillsGood Doctors, Bad OutcomesFree EM Talk 484
Lisa RomanoHospital Wide Real Time Capacity ManagementFree EM Talk 2924
Liza LeMedicine in the BushFree EM Talk 575
Lloyd ChristopherEMS Education in Fostering Professional Competence (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3716
Louise RangBlunt Chest and Abdominal TraumaFree EM Talk 4878
Maggie Huff-RousselleOther Drug WarFree EM Talk 1862
Mahesh NirmalanMediators in Myocardial Dysfunction in SepsisFree EM Talk 1695
Manish GargAcid-Base Cases, Parts 1 & 2Free EM Talk 4013
Manish GargAntibiotic ReviewFree EM Talk 3394
Manish GargCPC DemonstrationFree EM Talk 4262
Manish GargCPR Rumors, Myth, and InnuendoFree EM Talk 337
Manish GargDealing with Death (Wellness Day 2009)Free EM Talk 1677
Manish GargDeath TellingFree EM Talk 4036
Manish GargFinancial First Aid (Wellness Day 2010)Free EM Talk 1129
Manish GargFractures and DislocationsFree EM Talk 3231
Manish GargJoint ReductionsFree EM Talk 4018
Manish GargMission to El SalvadorFree EM Talk 3359
Manish GargOrthopedic ProceduresFree EM Talk 1859
Manish GargSelected Obstetric EmergenciesFree EM Talk 1142
Manish GargTeaching Emergency MedicineFree EM Talk 4021
Manish GargWellness (off mike)Free EM Talk 4268
Manny RiversEarly Goal-Directed TherapyFree EM Talk 4448
Marc SabbeNext Steps in Post Resuscitation CareFree EM Talk 4604
Marcelo BustamanteBioethics, The Argentina ViewFree EM Talk 3570
Marcus MartinWhen Does Race MatterFree EM Talk 4538
Marcus OngReducing Door-to-Balloon Times in SingaporeFree EM Talk 4690
Marek NalosImmune Dysfunction in SepsisFree EM Talk 5000
Marianne Nimah MajdalaniPediatric Minor Head TraumaFree EM Talk 2966
Mark BellamyLiver and BrainFree EM Talk 1722
Mark BellamyResearch in UK Critical CareFree EM Talk 1770
Mark BellamyThe Liver in SepsisFree EM Talk 1689
Mark BisanzoPrevalence of Undiagnosed Hypoxia in Under-resourced Zambian Hospital (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3719
Mark CourtneyPathophysiology and Treatment of Severe Pulmonary EmbolismFree EM Talk 3180
Mark LangdorfDiagnosing AMI in a Patient with a LBBBFree EM Talk 2605
Mark LangdorfReversal of Anticoagulation in Head InjuryFree EM Talk 4769
Mark ReiterBreaking Bottlenecks in the EDFree EM Talk 668
Mark ReiterFinding a Job in Emergency MedicineFree EM Talk 914
Mark SaksLooking at Your Patient's FeetFree EM Talk 551
Mark WellsWeight Estimation in Pediatric Emergency Care (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3722
Mark ZonfrilloThe Irritable ChildFree EM Talk 3292
Martin BothaComparison of CCA and NDIP Paramedics in Managing Airways (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3725
Martin BothaManaging the Violent Patient in the EMS Milieu (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3728
Martin Pham DinhSystemwide Implementation of Point-of-Care Decision SupportFree EM Talk 3625
Marvin WayneNew Technologies in EMSFree EM Talk 3625
Massimo ValentinoHow to Use Imaging to Optimize the Care of the Patient with SepsisFree EM Talk 3082
Matthew TrippPsychiatric Evaluation in the EDFree EM Talk 1975
Maureen McColloughLiterature Review Pediatrics for 2003Free EM Talk 4500
Maureen McColloughPediatric Literature UpdateFree EM Talk 1890
Mel HerbertBest Literature from 2003Free EM Talk 4426
Melanie HeniffSpecial Needs Children in the EDFree EM Talk 799
Melanie StanderHospital Disaster Planning in the Western Cape (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3731
Melissa McCarthyAssesment and Measurement of Surge CapacityFree EM Talk 2704
Mercedes CarrascoRenal Colic - CT Imaging in the EDFree EM Talk 4850
Mervyn SingerCatecholamines Should Be BannedFree EM Talk 1758
Mervyn SingerDestressing the StressedFree EM Talk 3943
Mervyn SingerInfection in the ICU - Questions We Ought to AskFree EM Talk 3964
Mervyn SingerIs Critical Illness an Iatrogenic ComplicationFree EM Talk 1725
Mervyn SingerManagement of Septic ShockFree EM Talk 5010
Mervyn SingerMitochondria in Multi-Organ FailureFree EM Talk 1710
Mervyn SingerMorning QuestionsFree EM Talk 3946
Mervyn SingerMulti-Organ Failure = Bioenergetics FailureFree EM Talk 4994
Mervyn SingerThe Misunderstood KidneyFree EM Talk 1740
Michael A. GibbsEmergency Management of the Dying AsthmaticFree EM Talk 4961
Michael ChristThe Emergency Department's View of a Successful Sepsis ManagementFree EM Talk 4643
Michael FitchMeningitisFree EM Talk 3133
Michael GibbsEvidence-Based Treatment of Asthma in the Emergency DepartmentFree EM Talk 3183
Michael GibbsWhat's New in Rapid Sequence Induction Drugs?Free EM Talk 3108
Michael GreenbergBlast InjuriesFree EM Talk 154
Michael GreenbergOccupational Chemical ExposuresFree EM Talk 1853
Michael KellumBury the Chaos in your Codes and Spare the Patients - Improving EMS Code CareFree EM Talk 4598
Michael KuiperDelirium in the ICUFree EM Talk 1698
Michael KuiperEarly Goal Directed TherapyFree EM Talk 1728
Michael KuiperICU-Acquired WeaknessFree EM Talk 1704
Michael KuiperPost Cardiac Arrest ManagementFree EM Talk 1713
Michael KuiperPreventing ICU InfectionsFree EM Talk 5016
Michael S RunyonNew and Emerging Devices in Respiratory MedicineFree EM Talk 4970
Michael SchullConsequences of Leaving without Being Seen (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3735
Michael WhalenDoes This Patient Have Myasthenia Gravis?Free EM Talk 4909
Michael WintersCommon GI EmergenciesFree EM Talk 311
Michael WintersManaging the Intubated Patient in the EDFree EM Talk 757
Michael WintersPitfalls in Caring for the Critically Ill PatientFree EM Talk 892
Michel DeBackerI SEE Project for Disaster ResponseFree EM Talk 2654
Michele TwomeyReliability and Validity of the South African Trage Score (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3738
Michelle BirosGetting PublishedFree EM Talk 1680
Michelle BirosWhen the Doctor Is the PatientFree EM Talk 1232
Michelle LashleyThe Irritable ChildFree EM Talk 1236
Michelle LinDifficult Vascular AccessFree EM Talk 367
Michelle LinPitfalls in Radiographic InterpretationFree EM Talk 4307
Michelle LinTricks of the TradeFree EM Talk 1229
Michelle LinVascular Access TricksFree EM Talk 4532
Michelle NathanMulticulturalism in the EDFree EM Talk 4474
Michelle NathanMulticulturism in the EDFree EM Talk 597
Michelle NathanMulticulturism in the EDFree EM Talk 1837
Miguel Sanchez, Eric RoupieInternational Differences in Guidelines for Community-Acquired PneumoniaFree EM Talk 3136
Mike BoydLactate and Acidosis - The Real StoryFree EM Talk 3955
Mike ChanskyDisorders of Carbohydrate Metabolism (Parts 1 and 2)Free EM Talk 374
Mike DarwinTransactional Research in Critical Care MedicineFree EM Talk 1761
Mike DonninoDiagnosis of SepsisFree EM Talk 4444
Mike EpterShould We Pan-Scan All Trauma Patients?Free EM Talk 689
Mike FioritoPrecipitous DeliveryFree EM Talk 1949
Mike GoodyearFirst Trimester EmergenciesFree EM Talk 439
Mike GrocottCardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and Surgical RiskFree EM Talk 3904
Mike GrocottOptimisation and Beta-BlockadeFree EM Talk 3895
Mike KlevensElder AbuseFree EM Talk 390
Mike KlevensIs Levetiracetam Really the New Standard for Treating Seizures?Free EM Talk 748
Mike LeWittAllergy and AnaphylaxisFree EM Talk 126
Mike LeWittOccupational MedicineFree EM Talk 766
Mike LeWittOrthopedic Decision RulesFree EM Talk 1856
Mike PrastoDoes This Adult Patient Have Septic Arthritis?Free EM Talk 4277
Mike RotondoTop Trauma Papers from 2003Free EM Talk 4520
Mike RunyonNoninvasive Evaluation of DyspneaFree EM Talk 3559
Mike RunyonResuscitative Fluids in TraumaFree EM Talk 3991
Mitch GoldmanPediatric Literature Review for 2003Free EM Talk 4248
Moira DavenportThe Athlete's Heart and Sudden Cardiac DeathFree EM Talk 3968
Mubarak Al MulhimCongestive Heart FailureFree EM Talk 2608
Mubarak Al MulhimIndications for Noninvasive VentilationFree EM Talk 3186
Mubarak Al MulhimManagement of Respiratory Failure in the Emergency DepartmentFree EM Talk 3189
Nadeem QureshiWhat's the Best Way to Treat a Vomiting Infant?Free EM Talk 2954
Nadeem QureshiDKA Management and ControversiesFree EM Talk 4778
Nate ShapiroIntubation of the Head-Injured PatientFree EM Talk 542
Nate ShapiroSepsis - New Look at an Old ProblemFree EM Talk 2493
Ned LaferMedical Necessity Level of CareFree EM Talk 4586
Niamh CollinsCryotherapy in Acute Musculoskeletal InjuryFree EM Talk 1373
Niamh CollinsTraumatic Brain Injury in IrelandFree EM Talk 1406
Niels RathlevAlcohol Withdrawal - Shakes & SnakesFree EM Talk 4010
Niels RathlevOvercrowdingFree EM Talk 4480
Niels RathlevPenetrating Neck TraumaFree EM Talk 3982
Nina GentileGlycemic Control in StrokeFree EM Talk 480
Nina GentileHigh Risk Chest PainFree EM Talk 498
Nina GentileLow Risk Chest PainFree EM Talk 557
Nina GentileStroke Diagnosis and ManagementFree EM Talk 4286
Nina GentileStroke TreatmentFree EM Talk 544
Nina GentileTBI and ProTECT III Study UpdateFree EM Talk 3368
Nina GentileTreating Stroke Beyond tPAFree EM Talk 1409
Niranjan 'Tex' KissoonIs Pediatric Critical Care Relevant to the Developing World?Free EM Talk 4683
Norman McSwainTrauma Updates (2003)Free EM Talk 4325
Nounou TaleghaniStarting an Overseas Medical SchoolFree EM Talk 806
Nounou TaleghaniWhat Works in Treating Conjunctivitis?Free EM Talk 827
Oluwakemi AwopetuCommon Breast DisordersFree EM Talk 2544
Osama KentabThe Difficult Pediatric Airway AlgorithmFree EM Talk 3111
Osama KentabWhat "Minor" Overdoses Require Aggressive Therapies?Free EM Talk 2957
Paolo Donato, Francesco Della Corte The Bonfile Semi-Rigid Scope as a Rescue Airway Device in Unexpected Difficult IntubationsFree EM Talk 3096
Paolo GroffCPAP in the ED - Beyond Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary EdemaFree EM Talk 4958
Paolo GroffHypoxemic Respiratory FailureFree EM Talk 3193
Parker HayesComplex Wound RepairFree EM Talk 3979
Pascual Pinera SalmeronAntibiotics in COPD ExacerbationsFree EM Talk 4964
Patricia LeeRedesigning the Emergency Department to Improve Psychiatric ServicesFree EM Talk 3782
Patrick CheatleChronic Pain in the EDFree EM Talk 197
Patrick CheatleCommon Sports InjuriesFree EM Talk 2575
Patrick CheatleFoot and Ankle RadiographsFree EM Talk 3836
Patrick Croskerry, Colin RobertsonDay 1 PlenaryFree EM Talk 2686
Patrick CroskerryPatient Safety in the Prehospital SettingFree EM Talk 3017
Patrick PlaisanceOut-of-Hospital Treatment of Congestive Heart FailureFree EM Talk 3021
Patrick RayUsing Your PDA in the EDFree EM Talk 4331
Paul DarkDear SIRS - Is It Sepsis?Free EM Talk 3958
Paul MiddletonAdvances in Non-Invasive Cardiac MonitoringFree EM Talk 4693
Paul MiddletonEMS in the Developing World (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3744
Paul MugandaED HIV Care in Resource-Poor Settings (Slides and Sounds)Free EM Talk 3741
Paul R. SierzenskiSoft Tissue UltrasoundFree EM Talk 4890
Paul SierzenskiUltrasound Guided ProceduresFree EM Talk 4328
Penny GoodeAnti-emeticsFree EM Talk 3228
Penny GoodeRadiology of the NeckFree EM Talk 1120
Peter AndrewsARDS and the BrainFree EM Talk 5026
Peter AndrewsEuroTherm 3235 TrialFree EM Talk 5023
Peter AndrewsEurotherm 3235 Trial & SIGNET TrialFree EM Talk 3877
Peter AndrewsShould We Use Hypothermia in Head Trauma?Free EM Talk 3952
Peter Cameron, Judith TintinalliContinuing Medical Education Millstone or Milestone (Keynote)Free EM Talk 3091
Peter CameronChest TraumaFree EM Talk 3988
Peter DeBlieuxPanel on Critical CareFree EM Talk 4233
Peter DeBlieuxBugs Gone Wild! The Impact of Emerging Bacterial Resistance in the EDFree EM Talk 4090
Peter DeBlieuxCommunity-Acquired PneumoniaFree EM Talk 320
Peter DeBlieuxCritical Care Pearls You̠ve Got to Know!Free EM Talk 4099
Peter DeBlieuxEmerging Antibiotic ResistanceFree EM Talk 4214
Peter DeBlieuxLife After ResidencyFree EM Talk 4221
Peter DeBlieuxMechanical VentilationFree EM Talk 4462
Peter DeBlieuxSepsis Updates (2007)Free EM Talk 1606
Peter DeBlieuxTen Common Mistakes We Make in the Critical Care PatientFree EM Talk 815
Peter DeBlieuxTen Ways to Lose an AirwayFree EM Talk 4096
Peter DeBlieuxTo Air Is Human - Ventilator Management (2007)Free EM Talk 1614
Peter DeblieuxTop 10 Mistakes in ResidencyFree EM Talk 4322
Peter DeBlieuxVasopressors in the EDFree EM Talk 1625
Peter DeBlieuxVital Signs for the 21st CenturyFree EM Talk 4084
Peter GreenwaldImplementing Early Goal-Directed Therapy in the CommunityFree EM Talk 698
Peter HodkinsonEmergency Medicine in the Developing World (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3747
Peter RosenBeginnings of Emergency MedicineFree EM Talk 1788
Peter RosenDealing with the Difficult PatientFree EM Talk 364
Peter RosenEmergency Medicine Past and FutureFree EM Talk 408
Peter RosenTroll TamingFree EM Talk 1785
Petra BrycewiczEvidence-Based Practice and Decision Support (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3750
Petra BrysiewiczEmergency Nursing in South Africa (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3753
Petra BrysiewiczFamily-Centered Care in the ED (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3756
Phil LevyEmerging Concepts in Acute Heart FailureFree EM Talk 3795
Phil LevyHigh Sensitivity Troponins in ACSFree EM Talk 3820
Philippe HantsonIs Activated Charcoal Obsolete?Free EM Talk 3164
Philippe HantsonToxic Hepatic Failure in the EDFree EM Talk 4807
Pinchas HalpernA National System for Mass Mechanical Ventilation in DisastersFree EM Talk 2665
PowerPointBursitis & Tendonitis (English)Free EM Talk 4045
PowerPointMaxillofacial Trauma (English)Free EM Talk 4042
PowerPointTopics for SlideshowsFree EM Talk 4048
Prinitha PillayEvaluation of Migrants and Refugees in South Africa (Slides and Sound)Free EM Talk 3759
Priya MammenEM and Public HealthFree EM Talk 393
Priya MammenHealth Concerns of ImmigrantsFree EM Talk 494
Rachel HarozPerformance Enhancing DrugsFree EM Talk 1924
Raed ArafatWhat's New in Abdominal Trauma?Free EM Talk 3054
Raemma LuckCommon Winter Illnesses (RIP Raemma, we will miss you)Free EM Talk 314
Rakesh MistryThe Cyanotic ChildFree EM Talk 36
Ramon JohnsonHigh-Risk PediatricsFree EM Talk 513
Ramon Nogue BouUltrasound for Vascular AccessFree EM Talk 4884
Randy CordleEnd Tidal CO2 Monitoring in the Pediatric ED - Why It Is EssentialFree EM Talk 4792
Randy CordlePediatric Nerve blocksFree EM Talk 2960
Randy CordlePediatric Nerve BlocksFree EM Talk 944
Raquel MoraPediatric EKGFree EM Talk 1875
Raquel MoraPediatric VomitingFree EM Talk 1794
Raymond MassayUpdates on ACS Management (off mike)Free EM Talk 1213
Rebecca MillerFeeding Tube Replacements and ImagingFree EM Talk 2564
Rebecca MillerFibrinolytics and Anti-Platelet AgentsFree EM Talk 2547
Reginald KingCases You Cannot Afford to MissFree EM Talk 1220
Rehab Abdel-KariemCongenital Heart DiseaseFree EM Talk 3204
Renee Y. Hsia10 Things Not to Miss in TraumaFree EM Talk 4760
Reuben OlmedoDrugs of Abuse in the USFree EM Talk 4006
Reza DaughertyPediatric Head TraumaFree EM Talk 1887
Rich HamiltonOvercrowdingFree EM Talk 1865
Rich HarriganAcute ST Elevation MI on EKGFree EM Talk 4552
Rich HarriganBradydysrhythmias and BlocksFree EM Talk 161
Rich HarriganEKG PotpourriFree EM Talk 4140
Rich HarriganIntraventricular Conduction DelaysFree EM Talk 539
Rich HarriganNon-ACS Cardiovascular EmergenciesFree EM Talk 2532
Rich HarriganTachydysrhythmiasFree EM Talk 3506
Rich HarriganTroubleshooting ECG LeadsFree EM Talk 1412
Rich ScarfonePediatric Procedural SedationFree EM Talk 1912
Rich ScarfoneThe Febrile InfantFree EM Talk 1148
Richard BrousilPediatric Psychiatric IssuesFree EM Talk 3775
Richard CarmonaAAEM 2006 Keynote TalkFree EM Talk 548
Richard GriffithsICU RehabilitationFree EM Talk 3886
Richard RothmanHIV Screening in the EDFree EM Talk 3139
Richard RothmanRapid Diagnostics for Emerging BiothreatsFree EM Talk 2683
Richard ShihTherapeutic Toxicology DisastersFree EM Talk 3167
Richard ShihUse of Intralipids as an AntidoteFree EM Talk 4828
Richard ShihHerbal CatastrophesFree EM Talk 511
Richard WolfeDoes Goal Directed Therapy Work?Free EM Talk 3552
Rick BukataLiterature Updates from 2008Free EM Talk 644
Rick BukataLiterature Updates from 2009Free EM Talk 3341
Rick MartinCognitive ErrorFree EM Talk 3301
Rick MartinGeriatric Trauma in the CommunityFree EM Talk 2538
Rick MartinGoing from Community to AcademiaFree EM Talk 716
Rick MartinKids and Old Folks as Trauma PatientsFree EM Talk 683
Rick MartinMedical ProfessionalismFree EM Talk 4033
Rick MartinMODs after TraumaFree EM Talk 1827
Rick MartinMulti-Organ Dysfunction After TraumaFree EM Talk 587
Rick MartinPelvic Pain in the Nonpregnant PatientFree EM Talk 1169
Rick MartinPneumonia and the ElderlyFree EM Talk 1940
Rick MartinSmall Bowel ObstructionFree EM Talk 1813
Rick MartinWorking as a Community ER Doc (off mike)Free EM Talk 3274
Rick MartinWound Care, Part 2 (2009)Free EM Talk 3267
Ridvan AttillaUpdates in "Point of Care" Cardiac BiomarkersFree EM Talk 4671
Rifat RehmaniChallenges for Emergency Medicine Research in Low Income CountriesFree EM Talk 2633
Rob BettikerHIV Prevalence in the EDFree EM Talk 521
Rob RogersAortic DissectionFree EM Talk 4656
Rob RogersAsymptomatic HypertensionFree EM Talk 4707
Rob RogersAcute Aortic DissectionFree EM Talk 3829
Rob RogersAdverse Drug ReactionsFree EM Talk 4181
Rob RogersAortic DisastersFree EM Talk 882
Rob RogersAsymptomatic Hypertension in the EDFree EM Talk 655
Rob RogersNew Cardiac DrugsFree EM Talk 3814
Rob RogersTransplant Patients in the EDFree EM Talk 4526
Rob VissersThe Difficult AirwayFree EM Talk 3531
Rob WelchStatus EpilepticusFree EM Talk 3811
Robert GerhardtHemoglobin SubstitutesFree EM Talk 509
Robert KinnerDoes This Diabetic Patient Have Foot OsteomyelitisFree EM Talk 4128
Robert LutenDemystifying the Pediatric AirwayFree EM Talk 896
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