PK SMACC-talks

The FOAMy goodness of next year’s SMACC conference just keeps on getting bubblier.

The newest, and seriously cool, aspect of SMACC to emerge is the concept of the PK SMACC-talk. Here is the lowdown from the SMACC website:

Introducing the pre-conference Pecha Kucha SMACC-talk competition!

Pecha Kucha is Japanese for ‘chit chat’ — to get an idea of where this concept came from, look here, here or here, or check out any of the numerous examples out there.

The objective of this competition is to encourage anyone involved in critical care to become a contributor to FOAM (Free Online Access Meducation).

Here’s how it works:

  • you create a talk
  • the talk has to be 6 minutes 40 seconds long
  • the talk has to have 20 slides
  • that means you average 20 seconds per slide
  • you create a video of the talk
  • you submit it below, stating the title, subject area (e.g. toxicology) and target audience (e.g. medical student, nurse, intern, resident/ registrar, attending/ consultant).
  • we post the videos on the SMACC vimeo/youtube channel
  • we judge the videos and give out prizes!

The best 3 PK SMACCtalks, according to our judges, will receive an awesome prize (iPad mini) and be invited to give their performance live!

Entries close on 15th January 2013.

Winners will be announced on 31st January 2013.

The SMACC organisers would like to acknowledge Lars Lomberg (@nofame4u) for suggesting this exciting concept!

Registrations open soon.

So, don’t dilly dally, get you colleagues and trainees — whatever your area of critical care — to start making the hardest hitting, ‘stickiest‘, most lucid 6 minutes 40 seconds of video meducation possible and make the world a better place through FOAM!

Oh, and remember bullets are for killing people… no bullet points, no death by Power Point.

Image by @squartadoc

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  1. [...] Moses used the earliest version of PowerPoint to present his (or in actual fact His) commandments. Despite not having the endless online resources (no WiFi on the mountaintop) to help him with his presentation and his skills, he managed to make his message clear and concise. If only all presentations were like this. He did however use bullet points….naughty Moses! The good people behind SMACC have just launched their plans for a Pecha Kucha SMACC-talk competition. [...]