Pimp my iPad 002

One the best features of the iPad (and in fact a lot apple devices) is how easy it is to use from the beginning. Anyone, from the technophiles, children through to Orangutans can get use to simply navigating around the iPad.

Aside from the simple and obvious controls Apple has built into the iPad, there are also some hidden features and shortcuts that are great for power users. In this episode will demonstrate how to use multitasking gestures and shortcuts to be able to quickly navigate around your iPad.

Enable Multitasking Gestures

The first step to being able to use most of the time-saving gestures is to enable Multitasking Gestures in Settings (under general). Some examples of multitasking gestures will also be provided here.

Below is a list of the gestures and shortcuts (with brief instructions), that will be covered.

  • Pinch to Home Screen: Use 4 fingers and pinch inwards when using an app to return to the homescreen.
  • Access to Multitasking Bar: Access your multitasking bar by dragging upwards on your docked taskbar.
  • Thumb Typing: When the keyboard is displayed, click on the keyboard icon in the bottom right-hand corner and select split.
  • Go to top of a page/list: Simply click in the time/power bar at the top of the iPad to automatically scroll to the top of a page.
  • Shake to undo: Simply shaking your Apple Device will cause it to undo the last thing you typed.
  • Gesture Assistance:Can be useful if you’re disabled (e.g. patients), not getting the hang of a certain gesture or just plain lazy. It allows you to easily access common gestures (e.g. pinch to zoom), device properties (e.g. rotate device, change volume, take a screenshot) and custom gestures as well.
    • To turn gesture assistance on go to; Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch.
    • Once gesture assistance is turned on a white circle will appear on your iPad which will allow you to access these features. Importantly, gesture assistance can be a life-saver for those with a faulty home button.
  • Custom Gestures:Custom gestures are about taking your iPad once step further. Here you can create multitouch gestures that will only require one finger to use upon completion. For example you could create the four-finger home screen pinch as a custom gesture, so that it only requires the use of one finger.
    • Custom Gestures are accessed under the Assistive Touch menu.

In the next episode we will take a look at how you can find, delete and manage apps.

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