Pimp my iPad 001

Welcome to first of many Pimp my iPad episodes for clinicians and medical students. Each episode in the series will focus on one of;

  • practical tips/tricks
  • app reviews
  • accessory sneak peeks
  • clinician experiences with the iPad in healthcare settings
  • and much more

In this first episode we will run through the basics of getting your iPad up and running (I’m currently using the ‘New iPad or iPad 3 and I’ve just installed iOS6).

iPad Controls
Understanding some basic iPad controls, is useful for getting the most out of our iPad. Some controls that we will cover today are;

  • Adjusting Brightness
  • Changing Volume
  • Muting
  • Rotation lock
  • Playing/Pausing, selecting next/previous songs or videos
  • Adjusting the side button function

Aside from the using the side button, the majority of these features can be accessed via the multibar or taskbar at the bottom of the homescreen. This can be accessed by double clicking the home button (though I’ll show you a quicker way of accessing the task bar in a future episode). The side button can be used to either mute your iPad, or lock it in a fixed rotation (e.g. landscape).

Hard Reset
Though not common sometimes your iPad or apple mobile device can lock up. What do you if this happens?
The easiest way of getting your device to work again is by doing something called a hard reset. To reset an iPad or iPhone simply press and hold the power and home buttons.
This will cause the device to turn off and reset usually to a working state, much like restarting a computer.

iOS6 Replacement Apps
Since the release of iOS6 a lot people have been less then happy with Apple’s new offering of key apps. Most notable their Maps app. Even Apple has realised this by adding a new maps section to the iTunes store. In light of this, below is a list of viable alternatives to Apple’s core apps for the iPad user new to iOS6.

    1. Open up Safari on your iPhone and head to https://maps.google.com/.
    2. Tap the export button in the bottom menu bar.
    3. Tap “Add to Home Screen.
    4. Name the icon, and tap “Add.”

  • Smartr Contacts

In the next episode we will take a look at Using Gestures to quickly navigate around the iPad.

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