Pimp my iPad 003

In what seems like a universe full of apps, it can be hard to find the exact one you’re after. Even once you’ve found the app you’re after it, it can lost in the sea of apps on your iPad (depending on your app downloading passion).

In this episode we take a look at how to find the apps we are after quickly (especially good quality medical apps), how we can launch apps, how we can delete them and how we can update them.


Finding Apps

There are several places which health professionals can find apps. The Appstore is the obvious place to start. Make sure you use the featured apps, top charts and search features to find that app you’re after. Discovr Apps: is a graphically based way of finding apps on your iPad or iPhone. It allows you to see related apps in a spider-web like structure.

There are several online options available that are useful for finding good medical apps;

  • iMedical apps
  • Lifeinthefastlane.com (See Tech Thursdays)
  • Appolicious

Getting Free Apps

  • It can be useful to find an app (e.g. AppsGoneFree) or online service which show you when apps are on sale or free in the appstore.
  • Even if you do not think you would necessarily need the app at the time, if you download it and the need arises, you will have a free app to use.

Moving & Deleting Apps

  • Simply hold down on it an app until it starts to wriggle. This will allow you to move or delete it (click the cross icon).

Next Episode: Folders and Sharing

  • In the next episode we look at ways of organising your apps and webclips into folders, sharing your music and video library around the house, and sharing your iPad with family members.

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