Is the Peer Reviewed Journal Dead?

Tony Brown, one of LITFL’s great heroes and until recently Editor of Emergency Medicine Australasia, got landed with the topic of ‘Is the Peer Reviewed Journal Dead?’ at smaccGOLD. Tony gives a remarkably insightful talk examining what the purpose of the peer reviewed journal is and what the problems are. I loved listening to this.

His surprising conclusions:

  • peer reviewed journals are not there to serve the reader!
  • peer review does not work!
  • most papers are rubbish!
  • medical publishing has been hijacked by Big Pharma!
  • publishers restrict access!

He suggests some solutions that may resurrect the peer-reviewed journal:

  • publish everything
  • publish then filter
  • publish articles focused on the reader: education and translation
  • do less research, that is higher quality, and taken away from the drug the companies
  • publish open access

Here is the audio (download the mp3 directly here):

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Here are some recommended links (recommended by me, not necessarily Tony!):

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  1. Ciaran says

    Chris, as always controversial, persuasive and worst of all you are right. Dogmalysis, or in my more boring version “if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got………”