TechTool Thursday 043 OrthoKeys

TechTool review OrthoKeys by Orthplus Spa on iOS

OrthoKeys aims to provide everything you need when you encounter an orthopaedic patient. It offers guidance on management and the ability to search external resources. They’ve also thrown in some innovative extra features

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  • Orthokeys is a nice-looking app and it all runs smoothly.  The skeleton graphics allow you to choose an area of the body – this is a lovely addition.
  • There is something difficult about using the app though – it’s not immediately intuitive and it takes a while to learn how to navigate through all the features

User Interface

OrthoKeys 3

OrthoKeys 1

OrthoKeys 2

Clinical Content

  • The classification library has a wealth of information on recognition and management of ortho conditions. These are presented in handy note format and are easy to read.
  • There is a function to upload photos of x-rays and annotate them. The features included in this are potentially quite useful – measuring angles and being able to change the brightness of the x-ray. Although I’m not clear what the ‘layer’ function does.
  • A special search function allowing you to easily search ortho journals and other ortho resources (think GoogleFoam but for ortho)
  • The note taking features lets you upload an x-ray and add some notes.


  • The classification library and surgical implants info sections are FREE.
  • It’s then $5.49 to upgrade to include: the x-ray analysis function; the customised search that searches specific orthopaedic resources; and the note-taking facility.
  • It’s not an unreasonable price and will be better value once some small improvements have been made.

Room for Improvement

  • Some clearer instructions for the user on how to use the app. The short video isn’t adequate to explain the features.
  • If adding your own x-rays to the app is going to be useful, it would need to be possible to save the annotations/edited x-ray.
  • Photos taken in the app should be automatically saved to you camera roll (at the moment they just disappear after looking at them)
  • Not all the PDF’s are there/open in the classification library


  • It does have useful orthopaedic information in here and the developers have really worked hard to make the app look great too. At the moment some of the extra features don’t quite achieve their goals but this could be easily improved.
  • One to watch.

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  1. says

    There’s one feature, which is actually the most innovative about this app, that unfortunately was not mentioned in the above review. The x-ray analysis feature allows to over impose fracture classification drawings over a given x-ray, facilitating the diagnosis and communication of fractures. The “layers” function shifts between the x-ray (layer) and the selected classification drawing (layer) over it, to manipulate size, position and orientation of both images.