Notification of Reconsideration

Thank you so much to the medical blogging community for your support since our falling out of favour with Google. We greatly appreciate all your blogging advice, article links, blogroll support of Life in the Fast Lane to demonstrate that this medical blog is in fact a blog and not webspam. Thank you to all those bloggers (especially @bitethedust) who have taken the time to change blogroll and article links from to the new domain at

This has resulted in a strange traffic graph for entry to the website with less than 2% of visits arriving from search engines!

Life in the Fast Lane Google Analytics

As a result, Google is reconsidering returning Life in the Fast Lane to its search algorithm and hopefully internet users will be able to find articles and information from the blog on Google once again.

Google reconsideration

Email from Google

In particular we would like to thank

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  1. Aaron says

    Sounds like you’ve been having a bit of trouble with the giant. Glad to see things are on the mend, and hopefully it doesn’t take as long as they predicted to get back on track.

    • says

      Cheers mate
      Thanks for the support
      Just taking things one step at a time…the good news is, that it has made me re-examine the whole blog and hopefully lots of changes made will make it more useful in the future