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Hey LITFLers, the FOAMers took center stage at Essentials of Emergency Medicine in Las Vegas today, and they’ve been the highlight of the conference so far.

EMCrit‘s Scott Weingart was as expected — simply awesome, and in front of 1,700 people didn’t even get close to breaking a sweat. On one of his pet subjects, post-intubation sedation, his call for everyone to raise two fingers in the air — which the entire audience duly did — then shove them down their own throats was legendary. Such is Scott’s hypnotic power, I’m sure at least a few people followed through.

ERCAST‘s Rob Orman brought his conversational style to the big stage, and I really liked the informed interviewer format of his section that involved Sean Nordt, Scott Weingart, Amal Mattu and Ian Stiehl sharing their knowledge of a wide range of topics. Of course there was also the legendary ZDoggMD who’s wit and skewed view of the world epitomises F.UCEM ideals. But it was Resus.ME‘s Cliff Reid that went closest to stealing the show with his superb resuscitation talks.

Cliff Reid, Scott Weingart and ZDoggMD (with Professor of FOAM Michelle Lin trying to hide in the background)

Even better, Chris Cresswell has posted Cliff’s talks (with permission) on his Emergency Medicine Tutorials website:

Meanwhile we were pretty stoked to see Scott Weingart seriously wavering when he saw this notice:

Photo by Cliff Reid

What’s even better, of course, is that Weingart and Reid will be among similarly awesome company as speakers at next year’s SMACC conference in Sydney…

And, finally, there is a rare and much coveted UCEM Fellowship up for grabs for whoever suggests the best caption for this photo of ZDoggMD with Rob Orman… Leave your caption in the comments section below.

Caption needed

It turns out what goes on in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas after all.


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  1. Ben Smedley says

    Orman: I told you I didn’t need to poo-poo

    ZDogg: Come on Robbie, we’ve a long lecture ahead and you’ll only want to stop half way through…

    Orman: NO!

  2. says

    ZDOGG: Between friends this is truly no infraction, can’t I help with the fecal disimpaction?

    Orman: I did NOT bring enough granola here to Vegas.