New Dutch Emergency Medicine Blog

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the inaugural pilot ‘Masterclass’ for Emergency Physicians in Holland this week.

A group of 20-ish Emergency Physicians have been working through Cardiovascular and Respiratory Emergencies over the last 3 months and this culminated in an intensive 3 day residential course where we’ve been having case based discussions on esoteric ECG findings (De Winter t waves = another Dutch cardiology invention coming our way), forcing the candidates to adopt Pro/Con positions in hot topic debates and torturing them needlessly with ACEM exam SCE’s

I’ve been really struck by everyone’s enthusiasm and by the level of the discussions we’ve been having. Emergency medicine is either non-existant or in its infancy in most of mainland Europe, but from what I’ve seen Holland is now leading the way in specialty development.

The final night of the masterclasss culminated with votes on what to call their new blog – Many possibilities were debated with my suggestions of ‘Dutch Oven EM’ and ‘Double Dutch EM’ being unfairly rejected without real consideration.

Tragically ‘Drop EM’ (apparently liquorice - ‘Drop’ in dutch - is a national obsession) and ‘red light EM’ were also rejected.

But it is with great pleasure that I can announce the winner and point you in the direction of -I suspect there’s going to be some great posts appearing here in the very near future.

Definitely one to keep an eye on.


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