New Blog Shout-Outs

There have been some great new additions to the medical blogosphere recently. Two of my favourite new blogs add a lighthearted and humorous twist to the presentation of medical information and struck a chord with my satirical streak…Red Dirt Nurse and DocCartoon

Red Dirt Nurse

I’m a registered nurse (RN) working in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Blogging health and medical stuff for your enlightenment; but mostly just weird and obtuse stuff for your titillation.

Check out Red Dirt Nurse as he struggles to come to terms with technology, red dust and remote healthcare at

The Red Dirt Nurse iPad - with one free app

A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor

I’m a physician who is at long last nearing the end of my grueling medical training, and finally I have enough time to publish the wealth of cartoons I’ve created over the years.

Growing collection of some very amusing cartoons relaying the struggles and stressors involved in the busy life of a health care professional! Check it out at

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