Multilingual keywords

#FOAMed has gone global

Despite numerous negative comments that FOAM is platitudinous and  ‘chest-beating’ I think it is making the difference it intended to make. It is drawing together like-minded healthcare professionals globally to collaborate efforts to amalgamate medical education altruists…

As such a roadmap is being developed to assist in producing a structure to the community efforts. As a starting point we have a means of sharing information by using the #FOAMed on Google PlusTwitter and Symplur and we can follow and support #FOAMed supporters on Twitter.

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Multilingual keywords

Reviewing the lists it is apparent that the community is a global one.

  • Katarzyna Hampton pointed out that the concept was difficult to trasnlate into other languages and so set about organising native language writers to develop their own blogs with #FOAM assistance. Katarzyna was instrumental in setting up the first Polish FOAM blog
  • Carlo D’Apuzzo has commented through numerous forums that the Italian translation for medical terms in Italian is not very useful
  • Bertalan Meskó through Webicina has already been addressing the issue of translation for a number of years and doing a great job of providing high level medical search for blogs and resources in over 20 different languages
  • EMChatter has created a multilingual RSS feed page FOAMEM for emergency medicine and critical care which will help to find all global EM blogs
So we thought we make a small contribution by collating the keywords for emergency medicine and medical blogs across the languages most used to translate LITFL. If you are a native speaker of any of the languages it would be great to have your contribution to a small database that can be used to tag and collate medical education resources through the FOAMed world. We are currently struggling with Slovenian, Russian and Pirate.



vive la FOAM
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  1. says

    many thanks for this post ; as you mentioned having a good translation free tool for non English blog/website is a crucial issue in my opinion.
    Even though I think the problem is more to have an accurate general good translation than to put a single medical term into another language, it would be fantastic gaining a free access to international EM web resources published in their mother tongue.
    Obvioulsy available for the contribution to the Multilingual Keyword project for the Italian language.

  2. says

    Hi I would like to follow the example of Katarzyna Hampton and set up a FOAM blog in Czech republic. What exactly should I do to do it right? I already have a blog that´s focusing mainly on EKG´s but I have no problem with expanding my field :-) Thanks!

  3. Alexander Sammel says

    Nice to see the community grow,
    I’ll collaborate as I can…

    I see I still have to work up some more the local peer-pressure, a fellow 17 in Spain still leaves lots of space to fill.

    Where do the numbers come from?

  4. says

    What are the 3 league tables at the bottom? Number of #FOAMed supporters on twitter? Or number of #FOAMed tweets from those countries? Disappointed Ireland not on there. Must get on to my colleagues and agitate them.
    PS We’re not incorporated into the UK numbers are we???