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Hopefully you’re as enthused about SMACC 2013 as we are after reading SMACC DownUnder!

Here’s some more info on this exciting event.

First up, get you submissions in for free papers and abstracts ASAP! All free papers will be podcasted and the posters will be digitally displayed at the meeting and then they will also be featured on relevant FOAM websites. The SMACC crew are currently getting approval for presentations by trainees to be credited for ACEM 4:10:70 and the CICM formal project. You can submit abstracts here.

On another note, Mike Jasumback MD — R&R contributor, EMRAP heckler and FOAM Devil’s Advocate — left us this message:

Anyway, I went back to look at the agenda to find out if anyone is speaking from the perspective of the End User. It’s all well and good to get all the podcaster, blogger folk together to slap each other on the back and congratulate themselves. What of the end user? People like me.

Given the ethic of FOAM there is no clear feedback loop. I can’t vote with my dollars by going elsewhere. Sure you might get one less Twitter follower, but how do YOU, the provider of FOAM knwo that what you are doing is helpful? Generally, I suspect, you don’t.

Someone needs to speak on behalf of the End User. There needs to be serious discussions of the ethics of FOAM and the responsibilities of the providers of FOAM. Otherwise this is all a bunch of self congratulatory bloviating.

Mike Jasumback, MD

Mike has a point — after all FOAM should be about the users more so than the content creators.

Here is how SMACC’s head honcho organiser, Roger Harris, responded:

Hi Mike

I think your initial thoughts are correct and in fact what you are wanting is exactly what we are trying to do at smacc! I suspect that because of the server failure on the weekend you weren’t able to read through the site properly but in short..

To start, the feedback like this blog and your comments and others on twitter etc are already shaping the program before the meeting has already started… I have never seen this before. You guys get a say on what you want and we are listening!

Additionally to some extent every session will have a feedback loop via twitter, FB, Google+ etc. For instance in the am plenary session on SM and in the afternoon debate on the future of medical education and FOAM there will be the live twitter feed broadcast into those sessions via a twitter moderator. This will mean that we can all tweet our opinions on what is being discussed and at regular intervals the chairperson of that session will cross to the Twitter Moderator for an update. The Moderator will project the feed live and highlight a couple of Tweets which sum up the collective discussion at that point… This will then directly impact the keynote discussion and hopefully interrupt the back-slapping Mike is worried about.

Of course the discussion on Twitter and FB etc will continue long after the session has finished so there should be a chance for all to have their say.

In my view the whole conference will be the best open-mic session ever as rather than one crazy person hogging the mic as happens at most big meetings, the whole community can connect via twitter and have their say. The challenge for us is channeling the twitter into the meeting to improve the connectivity.

I hope this explains things better and look forward to everyone’s input.

Roger Harris

So folks, if SMACC 2013 sounds like your thing… be sure to tell us what you’d like to happen so we can make it even better, and make it even more ‘your thing’.

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  1. says

    With respect to Mike’s comment, two points.
    1) as per Nancy Duarte’s approach to presenting, which I think can be invoked here too, the creators and generators of FOAMed must be the mentors who take our heroes (the users/audience) on a journey from what is to what could be!
    2) Secondly, I for one actually consider myself primarily an end user -- using FOAMed before the term was coined is what opened my eyes to the learning potential and encouraged me to see that most users have knowledge and expertise worth sharing in the FOAMed world, and if we/they embrace the potential, user and creator meld into one…