Molluscum palmaris

Having great fun diving back in time with the image collection and uploading to media to GMEP

Trawling the case archives I came upon this old image from 20 years ago.

These are the notes I attached to the X-ray files

30 year old male fall onto outstretched hand whilst rockpool fishing
Sustained 4cm laceration to palm of hand
Wound apposed with sutures
Returns for review after 4 weeks with ‘solid lump’ palpable over hypothenar eminence.
3cm mollusk removed intra-operatively

Despite research I have yet to find another case report of a living, growing mollusk found a month after the original traumatic inoculation – would love to know if anybody thinks this is possible, or whether I am finally beginning to lose the plot…

AP view of hand


Lateral view of hand

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  1. says

    well i guess we can just palm this one off to the doc not going at a snails pace and thoroughly exploring the wound… @Ian, I was shell shocked at first too! But then i thought to myself “well hey, at leech im not spiraling outa control!’
    i can just imagine the doc saying ‘just slug him with some antibiotics for good measure.’

    im probably going to hell for these puns :/