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The first five minutes holds the key to survival in OOHCA – how can we build a community system to maximise positive survival outcomes?

Cricoid pressure… time to change?

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A storm raged following a recent discussion of cricoid pressure. Cliff Reid and Chris Nickson give their perspectives on why not performing cricoid pressure is acceptable and on the sequelae of the discussion.

FOAM Critical Care Community

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Introducing FOAMcc on Google Plus – the FOAM Critical Care Community – the place where people into FOAM and into critical care can share ideas, interact and create awesome FOAMcc!

RAGE is coming…

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Finally, the launch of the RAGE podcast is almost a reality… Recording is underway, featuring a core team of ‘FOAM all stars’ from the prehospital, emergency medicine and intensive care arenas. It will feature no-holds-barred panel discussions on topics we — and, more importantly, you — think are worth talking about in critical care. There […]


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JAMM IT aims to inspire educational creativity among health professionals working in rural and remote settings facing the challenges of remote professional learning and skills maintenance. Enter STAT!