The Uncertainty of Truth

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LITFL highlights the ‘Uncertainty of Truth’ from the ‘Dispatches from the FOAM Frontier’ series published by Emergency Medicine Australasia.

Research and Reviews in the Fastlane 086

Research and Reviews in the Fastlane

Welcome to the 86th edition of Research and Reviews in the Fastlane. R&R in the Fastlane is a free resource that harnesses the power of social media to allow some of the best and brightest emergency medicine and critical care clinicians from all over the world tell us what they think is worth reading from the published literature. […]

Interested in Toxicology? APAMT and TAPNA

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You took WHAT??? The more you know, the less you know about a poison…. just look at paracetamol! And if your patient took something you knew a little bit about…. it is always combined with a new chemical name that you have never heard about! Not to mention the forever changing and amazing routes to […]