Palpable Excitement


A 76 year-old man presents with a florid spreading violaceous rash over most of his body…what is your differential diagnosis?

A Pox on your Eye

zoster eye exam

An elderly woman from a nursing home presents to the emergency department with a 3 to 4 day history of a painful rash on her face, in the region of her right eye. What’s the diagnosis? How is this condition managed?

Quiz Clinical 015


This 24 year old female presented to the emergency department complaining of painful lumps and redness confined to her lower legs which had developed over the last two weeks.

Quiz Clinical 011


A 70 year old man with past history of COAD presents with two days of rash and fever. His only medications are metered aerosol inhaler of salmeterol

Off to see the Wizard…?


Unless you’re planning to audition for your local production of “The Wizard of Oz” don’t use Coldargan (0·85 mg silver protein, 0·68 mg ephedrine levulinate, 0·24 mg sodium levulinate, and 0·075 mg calcium levulinate per drop) topical vascoconstrictor for your runny nose! This unfortunate chap developed generalized argyrosis due to the formation of silver deposits […]