Medgadget Medical Blog Awards 2010

Medgadget have whittled down the list of Medical Blog Nominees…and after much deliberation have released the list of finalists for this years prestigious Medical Weblog awards.

Voting commences on Thursday, February 3, 2011 through to Sunday, February 13, 2011 over at

We encourage you to explore the great range of medical weblog’s presented as finalists, follow the authors on Twitter, Like them on Facebook and then cast your vote for your favourite medical blogs of 2010…AND THE WINNERS ARE…

The 2010 Medical Blog Awards

Best Medical Weblog [Vote Here…]

Best New Medical Weblog (established in 2010) [Vote here…]

Best Literary Medical Weblog [Vote here…]

Best Clinical Sciences Weblog [Vote here…]

Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog [Vote here…]

Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog [Vote here…]

Best Patient’s Blog [Vote here…]

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    • says

      Thanks mate
      Still not classified as a blog according to Google, so not really sure what we are.
      I think we are a nomadic series of eclectic medical writers with a penchant for the bizarre…though I am happy to be corrected on this!

    • says

      Thanks Michelle, and congratulations on your finalist status!
      It certainly is an eclectic selection of blogs which demonstrates the diversity of writing in the medical blogosphere.
      I do not agree with many of the selections, (with some great academic medical blogs being conspicuous by their absence)…but these are the Medgadget awards and a well-read panel of experts have made the final shortlist decision.
      I look forward to voting and watching the outcome, and there is always next year!

    • says

      Thanks Scott
      I guarantee it is a hard job to make a shortlist of finalists that everybody agrees with after such a worthy series of nominations were put forward.
      I think the guys have done well to produce a list which demonstrates diversity rather than concentrating on academia. Makes for fun reading within the medical community.
      Congratulations on your double finalist status…looking forward to voting
      …and thanks for the Toxicology Handbook giveaway…hope it generates some interest

      • says

        I am not worthy to be on the list. I may have to pull a Kanye and get all pro-LITFL during the awards ceremony and make an ass of myself. Just so long as Taylor Swift is involved.

        By comparison to Life in the Fast Lane, most other medical blogs are about as cool as Life in the Carpool Lane. Keep keepin’ it x-treeeeme guys!

        • says

          ZDoggMD -- Don’t go using us as an excuse for you making an ass of yourself mate… We all know that its gonna happen regardless ;-). Fingers crossed you crush those celebrities and take out the title bro!

    • says

      Mike -- I told you we should have said we were withdrawing our nomination to give the other blogs a chance… Now what’s our excuse? 😉
      Michelle and Scott -- all power to you for flying the EM flag. Also great to see Cliff Reid’s Resus.ME get the recognition it (and he) deserves (I’ll happily take the credit for that nomination, thank you!).
      The big travesty is Leon Gussow’s Poison Review being overlooked. How the hell did that happen?

  1. says

    It’s impressive that three of the five finalists in the category “Best Clinical Sciences Weblog” — and two of the five finalists for “Best Medical Weblog” — are blogs related to emergency medicine and critical care. The specialty rocks the blogosphere! Congratulations to all finalists.

  2. says

    No nomination for Life in the Fast lane?
    Just as well. I think the success of your blog was starting to go to your heads.

    Well, not really.

    You are of the best and most eclectic medical blogs out there with a huge range of resources sitting behind the blog. Always next year as you lot are always aiming upwards and onwards.

  3. says

    Interesting list, with some fresh and old faces. Weird not to see you guys get a nomination this year, but I guess you must be lost in cyberspace courtesy of the Google Giant.

    Keep up the fantastic work, as I need something to keep me entertained each day.

  4. says

    Aaron and Libyamedcast -- never fear, as long as there are people to read, we’ll write. Actually, even if nobody reads, we’ll probably still write…
    Thanks for the support people!