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Elsevier Australia has long been associated with publishing textbooks and journals for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Until recently, the Australasian arm of the Elsevier publishing giant had been content with their role as ‘hard copy’ publishers of high quality health related literature, leaving the internet and software based platforms to their US counterparts.

However this week Elsevier Australia launched a content-rich and interactive web-based platform which has been entirely designed and managed in Australia, specifically for the Australasian market.

Medconnect [] is an innovative health portal for Australasian practitioners and provides locally relevant, high quality and up-to-date information. Although still in its fledgling stages, this site looks clean, crisp and resource-rich. It certainly has the potential to be the standard gateway through which Australasian practitioners source local and international medical news, perform research and imbibe educational content.

Registration is a free, one-off process and the resources provided include

  • Daily news feeds – local and international health news
  • MD Consult [US] sourced articles, reviews and text references
  • Conference Reviews – Keynote presentations from local/international events
  • Specialty SpotlightsOncology/Haematology Psychiatry Cardiology Endocrinology
  • MedBlogs – Aussie bloggers stimulate virtual debate
  • Patient handouts – covering over 500 diseases and conditions
  • Australasian Clinical Guidelines
  • Journal scans – weekly summaries of the world’s leading medical research and findings
  • Therapeutics Bulletin – Local drug news
  • Email alerts – consumable news for your inbox

This foray into the electronic milieu has great potential and should herald the independent rise of Elsevier Australia as it strives to cut the apron strings from its parent US company. Hopefully this will lead to the production of a locally developed version of MD Consult and First Consult

Hopefully the medical practitioners at which this innovative platform has been aimed, will embrace the technological advancement and tiptoe to the ‘dark side’ of the education/information equinox. No longer armed with the ‘Mighty sword of pages’, will they be able to defend themselves against the perilous pixelated warriors and navigate through the paperless jungle to the dynamic and disambiguated heartland of the knowledge tree? I for one hope so…

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