MedCalc Magic

I’ve been using many MedCalc on the iPhone for many years now and have almost come to consider it part of the phone itself.

Version 2.7 is now out and the authors, Pascal Pfiffner and Mathias Tschopp, generously offered up 14 promo codes for the Pro version that runs on the iPad and 10 promo codes for the standard version. The standard calculator is $1.99 and the pro version is $4.99.

Find out all about the app here, follow @medcalc on Twitter, and check out the reviews on Precious Bodily Fluids.

To get a free promo code you’ll have to be fast — leave a comment below including your full name and email (email address will not be shown) and state what your favourite medical calculation is and I will email you a promo code (also state whether you’d like the Pro, the standard or either version).

13th May 2013 — all the free PROMO codes have been snapped up – that’s to everyone who shared their favourite medical calculations, and apologies to those who missed out.

Get calculating!

Disclosure: I have no conflicts of interest other than being a user of MedCalc and occasionally having to reply to challenging queries from Matthias on my blogposts…


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  1. Clint Kalan says

    Love the water deficit and storing decision rules, well, the easy stuff that I really should remember

  2. Sam Jones says

    Wells score for PE is the one I use most often, the eye chart is really useful too. (Pro version please!)

  3. Adam says

    ABG interpretation, dermatone map and ottowa ankle rule criteria look like the ones I’d use the most. Pro version please. Thanks.

  4. Brian Holowecky says

    I use the TIMI all the time.! And the NIH stroke scale. Pro version please! You guys are the best

  5. Jess Nash says

    Med student = continual difficulties remembering the components of GCS = use this app all the time. Would love the pro version, please -- and thank you!

  6. Robin Plumer says

    I use it for the pregnancy wheel, PERC and Wells’ scores and abcde scores. Would love the Pro, thanks!