Lunchbox War on Disease

UCEM‘s Demographically Impartial Public & Social Health Improvement Taskforce have released the first in a series of lunchboxes designed to raise awareness of the importance of gas masks in preventing a range of miasmatic diseases such as syphilis and shame. Each lunchbox will feature the distinguished likeness of the Taskforce’s fearless leader, Egerton Y. Davis IV.

Syphilis lunchbox

The lunchbox war against disease

Remember, ‘shame may be fatal’.

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  1. says

    The devil’s in the details. Syphilis is clearly transmitted by inhalation so can be stopped by barrier protection viz the gas mask. But the subliminal message is that shame is OK as long as it’s real. It’s false shame we should be scared of.

    Whoo hoo! We can all go out and get a dose of REAL shame by breathing deeply and inhaling enemy odours.