LITFL Image DATABASE collection

It has been eerily quiet on the blogging front of late…

Most of the author gang are caught up in the ‘winter rush’. Chris (@precordialthump) is studying for his fellowship exams; Kane (@antidoped) is working on a research project and I have been getting a couple of books ready for publication and working on the backend of the blog to incorporate some new ideas…

I always envisioned LITFL as a blog first and foremost, and an educational repository of clinical cases, images and EBM as a bonus. Finally we have been recognised as a blog by Google and so we have just started the long process of cataloguing the LITFL image collection – currently standing at 120,000 prospectively consented images from the last 15 years.

This sounds like an arduous and never-ending task…and quite frankly, it will be. But hopefully this labour of love will provide free, high quality images covering the gamut of medical conditions experienced in clinical practice and assist with presentations, revision and continued online education for health professionals.

We have created an Image database section on the blog and are currently entering the final phase of the database process. Click on the Database Images below to be taken to the relevant section…and watch them grow!

Stage 1

Find all the images!

Stage 2

Create a series of databases to collate the uploaded images from the site (currently 5000)

Final stage

Catalogue, upload and tag the remaining 115,000 images…

In this database section we will add associated links, post links and references and will be searchable as per the podcast database.

…this will be a long process, so bear with us – but it will be worth it in the end

Clinical Image database Normal XRay Database Radiology database
ECG database Clinical MULTIMEDIA database
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