JellyBean 005 with St Emlyns

St. Emlyn’s.
I want to work there.
I hear the building is a masterpiece of low impact design with almost no carbon footprint.
They tell me the canteen is beyond your wildest dreams.
And Natalie may works there.
(Nuff said.)
However Natalie reveals her love for Professor Joe Lex and a million hearts are broken, not least her husbands.
Romance aside these St. Emlyn’s folks are at the forefront of the #FOAMed wave.
Continuous innovation.
Even during this talk Natalie reveals to the world the new and wonderful concept; FOAM-aoke.
(You heard it here first and it was rather special. I shall leave it to my colleagues at The Sun to tap the phones of the participants to find out what really happened; Go Rupert, Go!)

…and then this man

JellyBean Large

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