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Andre is a young blogger from New Zealand @keeweedoc and KeeWeeDoc Blog
He is a lovely chap and in many ways the epitomy of SMACC and the whole SoMe medical interaction.
He is NOT an ICU, ED or Retrieval doctor but a Remote or Rural Generalist, working in the beautiful west coast of the South Island of New Zealand in Greymouth.This is the front line.

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  1. Doug Lynch @TheTopEnd says

    Hats off to all the Front line providers.
    Youve got to love the type of person that is uncomfortable in a comfort zone.
    If anyone works out on their own or with minimal support be it in Uluru or Ulan Bator, Uganda or your remote clinic, three cheers for you.
    Get in touch!
    There are a whole lot of emergencies out in remote areas.