Isbister at SMACC: Does Antivenom Work?


Geoff Isbister towers over the field of toxinology as a research colossus. Geoff has played a huge role in bringing the study of envenoming in Australia kicking and screaming into the age of evidence-based medicine. So, who better to ask the question, ‘Does Antivenom Work?’ at SMACC?

Listen to the audio by clicking here.

Unfortunately I don’t have the slides for this talk to share, but as this is a topic close to my heart, I can direct you to my LITFL CCC entry on Does Antivenom Work?, which is largely based on Isbister’s fantastic work. If all of this seems a bit too hardcore, check out my 10 minute overview of snakebite envenoming ICN Podcast 48 — Nickson on Snakebite.

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