Intensive Care Network

A new intensive care educational and networking website is being launched this week, and I invite you all to check it out:

The website is aimed at Australasian trainees, but is also relevant to the global intensive care community. There’s some industry sponsorship (see the disclaimer below) which won’t influence site content but will allow the site to remain free to access.

We are putting up lots of our own material for the primary and fellowship exams of the College of Intensive Care Medicine, as well as for the paediatric fellowship exam.

We also have resources to help with research, training, clinical and non-clinical areas of our practice, and much more, which we will continue to update. We will have regular podcasts on a variety of topics later in the year.

We will also post vodcasts of our bi-monthly meetings, when we host guest speakers on useful topics such as burns, ECMO, rural ICU, and exam technique. Currently these meetings are held in Sydney — the first one by Dr Hergen Buescher on ECMO is being held today at St. Vincent’s — but later this year they will be held throughout Australia.

The forum will allow open discussions on a variety of topics, and encourage interaction from intensivists and critical care trainees from all over the world in a password-protected environment.

There is also a links section on the site on which we’ve tried to collate the best of what’s out there to save you trawling the net. And finally, there’s a calendar of events, with links to ICU courses and conferences in Australasia and overseas.

Please join up (the site has even been specially adapted for smart phones!), have a look, follow us on Twitter (@I_C_N) and befriend us on Facebook.

Oliver Flower FCICM
Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney


  • I am a co-contributor to the design and maintenance of this website and its content.
  • The current sponsors of this website are CSL Biotherapies and Edwards Lifesciences. The sponsors do not determine the content of the website.
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