Instant Anatomy Instantly

Instant Anatomy

Working on some anatomy teaching sessions today, and I stumbled across the online version of Instant Anatomy – a fantastic website with great illustrations to aid the learning of Human Anatomy with diagrams, podcasts and revision questions.

The material is presented by Dr Robert Whitaker who spent his clinical career as a paediatric urological surgeon. Since retiring 20 years ago he now teaches clinically applied topographical anatomy to first-year medical students at Cambridge University, in the UK. He also teaches clinically applied anatomy to surgical, radiological and other speciality trainees and is an examiner for the MRCS at the English and Edinburgh Colleges of Surgeons.

I already own the Instant Anatomy book and CDROM, but this was the first time I had seen the podcasts and Audio-visual lectures and was impressed. The style is simple, the diagrams highly efficient and the learning experience enjoyable.

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    Just found my way to your site via Bleetbox to WOT (appreciated your insight into the purpose of Bleetbox, I was mystified) then to lifeinthefastlane. It is wonderful here! I do healthcare informatics (was public health, epidemiologist) and my father was cardiologist, uncle is ER physician. They will enjoy this site as much as I do, I am certain!

    Thank you!