Imagining the future

The ACEM conference in Hobart 2012 was an excellent event which juxtaposed art and science with inspiration and education in the setting of stimulation and entertainment.

Thankfully many of the talks and presentations are now being released for general consumption, and we will highlight some of the key speakers and talks on LITFL.

One session I was fortunate to be involved with was on ‘Imagining the future of e-learning and education’ with Prof Kendall Ho and Mr Stephen Atherton. Although this is a long 90 minute session and the slides appear intermittently – there are some great thoughts and learning points raised.

00:00 – 00:34 Prof Kendall Ho – Using technologies to change practice: 3 near-trends that cannot be missed

00:34 – 01:00 Stephen Atherton – National Development Executive, Higher Education, at Apple Australia. Some fantastic innovations…just around the corner

01:02 – 01:30 Mike Cadogan – Imagining the future – jumping around the stage and having some technical difficulties

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