If Shakespeare read LITFL…

As we learned in FFFF 85, the works of Shakespeare are plentifully populated with medical musings. Tis unfortunate, however, that poor Bill did not have the benefit of accessing LITFL through some form of Elizabethan difference engine precursor. Sadly, the Bard only had access to stale tomes such as Pliny the Elder’s Natural History, Dr. William Clowes’s treatises on treatment of wounds and perhaps an early edition of Tintinalli…

Things may well have been easier for the bard, and LITFL may well have in turn read quite differently, if things were otherwise:

Thou Extant Covenant inst the Fleeting Road, dot com

A site of great learning and merriment
By The Gentleman Physician Mike Cadogan and his worthy aside, the knave Oslerphile Chris Nickson

This week featuring:

Master Le Cong – espousing the parley’s admixal of potassium
Sir Kane Guthrie – with a bounteous sonnet of all that cometh from the web
The gallant Cliff Reid – who cometh forth so stridently with tales of breath lost
The honey-tongued minstrel Scott Weingart – who diveth to thon depths
Thou flowering young-eyed Ed Burns – to persuade thee that all truth lies within flutterd lines
AND the King’s Men – a cast of many players o! so true of heart yet crafty in their wooing of their art
And perchance, to answer, What piece of work, is man?

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