ICEM 2012

Conference season is upon us…only a week to go until #ICEM2012

Really looking forward to being able to meet all my virtual buddies in person in Dublin, Ireland

Flushed with the success of #EssentialsofEM and #WAACEM2012 we are strongly advocating/encouraging the use of social media during the ICEM2012 conference with the likes of @AndyNeill, @dreapadoirtas, @icem2012, @croninjj, @ERMentor and @RonanOSull leading the charge…

First up is registering the official hashtag with @Symplur.

The Symplur website will house all the twitter analytics for the peri-conference hype and start to show some really useful comments, photos and videos – to make you feel like you are really there…(sort of)

Next…we are working through the list of speakers for the conference (and there are a lot!) in order to provide more than the standard smiling prfoile pic and synoptic biography. We want to create a social media profile of…everybody

Going to be a tough ask…but apparently @AndyNeill is just the man for dreary data entry job, so buckle up – Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V city here we come!

Social media, in particular twitter and blogs have helped transform the conference experience for those attending – and those unable to attend. However this transmogrification is not always positive. Lisa Harris and Nicole Beale from the University of Southampton investigated how social networking changed the conversation at an academic conference. They analysed over 13,000 tweets, 430 photos and videos to understand the   role of social media in supporting live events (SMiLE), with some very interesting results

From the specific comments delegates made about the value of social media at the event, we observed that tweeting during sessions allowed people to make connections and curate what was going on in different rooms, in real time. Some of these discussions could even be considered as defining new online ‘sessions’ or themes


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  1. says

    Hi Chris ( and Andy and Domhnaill and the rest)

    Looking forward to the Twitter barrage from #ICEM2012 and being a virtual delegate by proxy. I certainly found it usefully reinforcing to be tweeting during the recent CICM ASM, but I have a general social media for education question. What do people think is the risk that only the gonad-entertaining topics get represented, while the more mundane but equally important stuff is left playing with itself in the corner and nobody talking about it?

    Have fun in Dublin. Wish I was there.


    • says

      Hoping to get a little seat in the Dunces corner in each lecture theatre -- that way I can maximise the tweet stream -- and I LOVE the boring and mundane -- so watch out for a flurry of activity when it comes to discussing statistical evaluation, bias and cohort studies -- will be all over it like some kind of non-fungating, non-purpuric, totally innocuous rash…

  2. Andy neill says

    Totally agree -- you might ge the impression that all we see is airway trauma every day!

    There’s a lot of important stuff on crowding health policy and training that doesn’t get much attention. I suppose it’s our responsibility as curators of Internet medicine that everything gets a representation. I suppose the more people who get involved in blogging twitter then the broader the conversation will become.

  3. says

    Hey Mike,

    Thoroughly enjoyed the ICEM conference last week. Especially the “Textbook is dead debate”. Hope you enjoyed the whiskey :)

    I am due to give a talk next week, on the highlights of what I learnt in Dublin. Was wondering what you and others thought were the biggest things they have taken away from the conference.

    Also wondered if there is an online collection of the powerpoint presentations given? Have looked through symplur, but there are such a large volume of tweets etc. would help in preparing my talk.

    Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

    • says

      Excellent conference
      Busily looking at all the analytics to determine how the social media (#FOAM) integration worked
      Will put together some of the information in a series of posts (hopefully this week)
      Working with Joe lex to get the mp3 talks online asap and on GMEP
      Glad you had a great time!